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Residents of Brevard County are being targeted with a Telephone Scam where the caller alleges to be a member of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Warrant’s Unit. As part of the scam the caller tells the citizen that they are a Lieutenant with the Sheriff’s Office and then discusses that the person or a family member has an active warrant for their arrest that can be resolved by paying the required bond amount on a Pre-Paid Credit Card. The caller will also leave a voice mail that tells the citizen to contact them at a number (321) area code concerning a warrant for their arrest. The caller is utilizing a “drop” style cellular telephone with a (321) area code but could be making the call from anywhere in the world.

Please be advised that this is a Major Scam Technique that takes place across the country and comes in various forms to include being called about service for Jury Duty. Law Enforcement Agencies do not contact citizens in this capacity and ask for money or to resolve a warrant issue. If you receive a call of this nature please hang up the call immediately and not engage in conversation with the caller in any capacity. Do not under any circumstances try to call the number back that is provided by the caller or discuss with them the merits of the call. If you have been a victim of this type of scam please contact the nearest Sheriff’s Office Precinct in the unincorporated area where you live or your local Police Department.