Adoptable Dogs

The cost to adopt is the normal adoptive fees, on average $80.00. Fees are paid to the appropriate animal agency. No additional fees are charged by the Sheriff’s Office and no tax dollars are used to support the program.

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Breed: Labrador/Ridgeback Mix
Age: 5 years
Adoption Location: South Brevard Animal Care Center

Comments: Tiny may not be tiny, but that just means there is more of him to love.  He’s the perfect size to snuggle up to when you need a friend, and he’s a great listener (he can keep a secret like no other).  In class, Tiny made quick work of his lessons, proving that older dogs can learn just as easily as the young whippersnappers.  In fact, he was the first canine cadet in his class to pass AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test!  In addition, Tiny is housebroken and gets along well with most other dogs (even cats).  He is the kind of pup that will follow you endlessly and devote every ounce of his being to making you happy.  Tiny is waiting patiently at the South Animal Care Center for a chance to do just that!


Breed: PitMix
Age: 1 years
Adoption Location: South Brevard Animal Care Center

Comments: The exact details of Dante’s past are uncertain, but one can be sure that it was predominantly brutal.  He is a product of the despicable sport of dog fighting.  When Dante was found, he was shy and emaciated, and his face and arms bore the scars of countless attacks.  Because most of his teeth had been broken or filed down, it is likely that he was used as a “bait dog” rather than one expected to fight back.  Fortunately for him, his hard-luck tale drew the attention of the Paws & Stripes® recruiters and he was taken to the Brevard County Jail for obedience training and behavior modification.  Dante made remarkable progress over the eight weeks there, having no problems training next to his canine classmates.  He learned all of the basic commands and even learned to play like a dog (he loves his Jolly Ball).  Now he is ready for a home of his own.  Dante is in need of someone who is familiar with the breed that can spoil him rotten and help him complete his transformation from pauper to prince.  Could you be the one?


Breed: Hound Mix
Age: 1 years
Adoption Location: North Brevard Animal Care Center

Comments: Matilda is a young, beautiful hound mix who was a shining star at the Paws & Stripes® Program.  She easily passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test and literally jumped through hoops at her graduation to attract an adopter.  Matilda is fully housebroken, she gets along with other dogs, and she doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety.  She has enough energy for agility work, yet has the even-keel personality of a therapy dog (and she loves to give hugs and kisses).   Although Matilda would be a perfect fit for almost any family, her hound instincts cause her to find cats very interesting – so she should probably be in a feline-free home.  Don’t  miss out on the opportunity to make Matilda your forever friend!


Breed: Terrier / Shepherd mix
Age: 1 years
Adoption Location: SPCA of North Brevard

Comments: This little charmer is Bently.  At only 40 pounds, he is the perfect size to settle in your lap and snuggle (his favorite pastime).  Bentley has never met a stranger and gets along with most other dogs.  However, he thinks a cat might be a fun squeaky toy, so a feline-free home is a must.  If you are looking for a lifetime of unconditional love, Bentley is more than willing to fill the position (especially if that position is nestled next to you).  He is waiting patiently at the SPCA of North Brevard.