Adoptable Dogs

The cost to adopt is the normal adoptive fees, on average $80.00. Fees are paid to the appropriate animal agency. No additional fees are charged by the Sheriff’s Office and no tax dollars are used to support the program.

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Breed: PitMix
Age: 1 years
Adoption Location: South Brevard Animal Care Center

Comments: The exact details of Dante’s past are uncertain, but one can be sure that it was predominantly brutal.  He is a product of the despicable sport of dog fighting.  When Dante was found, he was shy and emaciated, and his face and arms bore the scars of countless attacks.  Because most of his teeth had been broken or filed down, it is likely that he was used as a “bait dog” rather than one expected to fight back.  Fortunately for him, his hard-luck tale drew the attention of the Paws & Stripes® recruiters and he was taken to the Brevard County Jail for obedience training and behavior modification.  Dante made remarkable progress over the eight weeks there, having no problems training next to his canine classmates.  He learned all of the basic commands and even learned to play like a dog (he loves his Jolly Ball).  Now he is ready for a home of his own.  Dante is in need of someone who is familiar with the breed that can spoil him rotten and help him complete his transformation from pauper to prince.  Could you be the one?


Breed: Hound Mix
Age: 9 years
Adoption Location: SPCA of North Brevard

Comments:  Don’t let the droopy face and white muzzle lead you to false assumptions – Bernie is as spry as a 2-year-old! He has no problems keeping up with his four-legged friends on the play yard, and he proved that older dogs can learn new tricks by recently earning his Canine Good Citizenship. In addition to having brains and brawn, Bernie’s got a soft side, too. He’s a great kisser who enjoys lazy days and belly rubs. Bernie may look like an old geezer, but he has years of life ahead of him, and he would love nothing more than to spend those years by your side.


Breed: Shepherd / Cattle Dog mix
Age: 2 years
Adoption Location: Central Brevard Humane Society

Comments:  Meet Ginger, a brazen beauty who is back up for grabs after a recent failed adoption.  The family, unfortunately, was unable to care for her anymore, but they did say that she was a very good girl while they had her in their home.  Because she previously completed the Paws & Stripes® Program, she already knows all of her obedience commands.  However, she does not like the company of other dogs and would have to be the only pet in the household.  If you think Ginger could be your forever friend, she is available to go home with you today!



Sex: Female
Age: 5 years
Breed: Black Mouth Cur mix
Date Available: September 2014
Adoption Location: Central Brevard Humane Society

Comments: Howdy, folks! This ol’ gal is Sunny, a Black Mouth Cur appropriately named for her sunny disposition. She is a retired hunting dog who is looking for a loving family to call her own. Although Sunny is as sweet as a sugar plum, old habits die hard, so she needs to live in a home without any small animals (those pesky, little critters are so darn fun to chase!). Instead, she will gladly settle for a runaway tennis ball as her quarry. Sunny will be ready to ride off into the sunset with you after her September graduation.



Sex: Male
Age: 1 year
Breed: Plott Hound mix
Date Available: September 2014
Adoption Location: South Animal Care Center

Comments: If I had to describe Nathan in one word, I would have to say he is carefree, energetic, dapper, intelligent, friendly, and comical. Was that over the limit? Anyway, Nathan is all those and much, much more! He has an infectious grin and an unmatched charisma that will brighten even the darkest day. Whether he is chasing bubbles during play time or showing off his exceptional obedience skills, Nathan is sure to make you a forever fan!


RubySex: Female
Age: 1 year
Breed: Cur Mix
Date Available: September 2014
Adoption Location: North Brevard Animal Care Center

Comments:  When Ruby was selected to participate in the Paws & Stripes® Program, she was meek and unrefined.  However, like most gems, all Ruby needed was a little polishing.  In just a few short weeks, her confidence has blossomed and her inner radiance has emerged.  Ruby now looks forward to a bright future in which she will be a treasured member of a deserving forever family.