Adoptable Dogs

The cost to adopt is the normal adoptive fees, on average $80.00. Fees are paid to the appropriate animal agency. No additional fees are charged by the Sheriff’s Office and no tax dollars are used to support the program.

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Breed: PitMix
Age: 1 years
Available: December 2014
Adoption Location: South Brevard Animal Care Center

Comments: Dante has made excellent progress in his recovery from being a “bait dog”.  He is personable and polite (maybe even a bit lazy).  While training at the Paws & Stripes® Program, he has no problems working alongside his canine classmates.  However, Dante would probably be happiest as an only pet.  He has more than enough love to share with a forever family.  Dante is still learning a thing or two at the program, but he will be ready to go home this December, just in time to enjoy the holidays with you.



Breed: Hound Mix
Age: 9 years
Available: Now
Adoption Location: SPCA of North Brevard

Comments:  Don’t let Bernie’s droopy, old face mislead you – he’s as spry as a two-year-old.  He recently graduated from the Paws & Stripes® Program, where he completed all of his Basic Obedience and even earned his Canine Good Citizenship.  Bernie plays well with most other dogs, and he is a glutton for tummy rubs and good conversation.  If you have room in your heart and your home for this Canine Casanova, you can adopt Bernie today!


Breed: Shepherd / Cattle Dog mix
Age: 2 years
Available: Now
Adoption Location: Central Brevard Humane Society

Comments:  Meet Ginger, a brazen beauty who is back up for grabs after a recent failed adoption.  The family, unfortunately, was unable to care for her anymore, but they did say that she was a very good girl while they had her in their home.  Because she previously completed the Paws & Stripes® Program, she already knows all of her obedience commands.  However, she does not like the company of other dogs and would have to be the only pet in the household.  If you think Ginger could be your forever friend, she is available to go home with you today!



Sex: Male
Age: 1 year
Breed: Plott Hound mix
Date Available: Now
Adoption Location: South Animal Care Center

Comments: Nathan is playful and energetic.  He can spring like a kangaroo when he’s chasing his favorite rope toy.  However, Nathan can also be a bit fearful, especially toward other dogs and small children.  In the right home, though, Nathan’s true loving charm will shine through!  Because he already graduated from the training program, he is currently available for adoption.  He is waiting with bells on (jingle bells, that is) for a forever family of his own.  You can arrange to meet Nathan by calling the folks at Paws & Stripes®.


RubySex: Female
Age: 1 year
Breed: Cur Mix
Date Available: December 2014
Adoption Location: North Brevard Animal Care Center

Comments:  This little firecracker is Ruby.  She is attending a second Paws & Stripes® class while she waits for an adopter.  Meanwhile, her obedience training is going well and she hopes to pass her Canine Good Citizen test next month.  The only area of her behavior that still needs fine-tuning is her excitability – everything just makes her so darn happy, she can’t control herself!  Luckily, Ruby has discovered that the treadmill is a great way to burn off some energy (sometimes we can’t get her off).  If you need a jogging partner, or if you simply want a happy-go-lucky companion to spend your days with, Ruby is definitely the girl for you!



JasonSex: Male
Age: 2 years
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Date Available: Now
Adoption Location: Central Brevard Humane Society

Comments:  Jason is an active boy who loves to learn new things.  He has already mastered his Basic Obedience, he’s housebroken, and he doesn’t seem to have any destructive behaviors.  However, Jason can be protective, so a chaotic house with constant visitors would not be an ideal place for him.  Jason fancies himself to be more of a “ladies man” and can be quite a flirt, so get ready to have your heart stolen!  He can go home with you today!


Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Breed: Boxer/Hound Mix
Date Available: December 2014
Adoption Location: South Brevard Animal Care Center

Comments:  Who could resist this face?!  Rascal is a big, gentle boy who is making many fans at the Paws & Stripes® Program.  He already walks politely on a leash and has quickly mastered most of his other obedience commands as well.  He even knows a few cute tricks!  With his calm demeanor and inviting looks, Rascal would be a prime candidate for therapy work.  He will be available for adoption in December.  Don’t miss out on adding Rascal to your family!


Sex: Female
Age: 1 year
Breed: Cur Mix
Date Available: Now
Adoption Location: South Brevard Animal Care Center

Comments:  Luna is a delightful addition to the Paws & Stripes® family.  She was originally named “Luna” because it was short for lunatic, but she has since overcome her troubled past and won us all over with her sweet personality.   Luna loves to cuddle and be held like a baby, she’s great with other dogs, and she passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test with confidence.  However, during her brief adoption in October, she was slow to warm up to the man of the house, and the family reluctantly gave her back for a better fit.  Luna already has her wish list written to Santa and it only includes one gift – a family to love forever.  Can you make her wish come true?




Sex: Female
Age: 5 years
Breed: Black Mouth Cur Mix
Date Available: Now
Adoption Location: Central Brevard Humane Soceity

Comments:  Sunny is a glutton for tennis balls and toys of all kinds.  She hoards them all in her treasure trove and always comes back looking for more.  While she does tolerate most other dogs, she has to live in a feline-free home.  Some children to play with might be fun, though – especially if they have toys she can steal.  Sunny is patiently waiting at the Central Brevard Humane Society for a family like yours.