NR 14-41 Sheriff’s Office To Assist County Commission By Providing Inmate Labor For Animal Shelter Support

May 29, 2014 - 7:47 pm Author: Category:

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey is proud to announce that the Sheriff’s Office will be enhancing current Inmate Labor services to support the health and welfare of Animal Shelter dogs. The Animal Services Department, which is currently maintained by the Board of County Commissioners, recently encountered a volunteer issue where there was a decrease in the support needed to walk the Shelter dogs.

The Sheriff’s Office will assume the Animal Service Department on October 1st, and started providing Inmate Labor to support property maintenance and shelter cleaning services earlier this year. This new effort will use inmates to walk the dogs.

Sheriff Ivey stated, “Several Commissioners contacted me week after the issue was raised seeking assistance and support to enhance the current Shelter volunteer efforts. I think this is an exceptional solution that will not financially impact our citizens, while benefiting our Shelter pets. By volunteering my Chain Gang and Inmate Labor, we provide a very valuable resource and help the animals by making them more adoptable. Our Paws and Stripes Program has been an absolute success by giving neglected and abused animals the friendly and positive interaction needed, so we can provide a healthy happy animal to a loving family.”

For additional information concerning this investigation, please contact Major Susan Jeter by pager through the Sheriff’s Office Communications (321) 633-7162.