NR 14-67 Sheriff Announces New Media Relations Liaison

August 29, 2014 - 2:57 pm Author: Category:

SMJacobs David_4319The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office would like to introduce you to our new Media Relations Liaison, Corporal Dave Jacobs. Corporal Jacobs will be replacing Deputy Maria Fernez who has accepted an opportunity to pursue a career goal as an agent. Corporal Jacobs will be the point of contact for all Media inquiries. We are confident and excited in Corporal Jacobs’ ability to interact with our many valued Media partners to help keep our citizens informed with the most current and accurate information possible.

Please join me in congratulating both Agent Fernez for a job well done and Corporal Jacobs as our new Media liaison.

Corporal Jacobs can be contacted through the same Media contact number, 321-636-4665 or by email,