NR 15-115 Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Releases New Crime Prevention “Home Inventory” Program

December 23, 2015 - 11:15 pm Author: Category:

home-inventroy-web-slider-newThe Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce yet another incredible crime prevention tool as a part of the continuing effort to arm citizens with knowledge and skills to help protect from being a victim.

The new “Home Inventory Program” has been created by many extremely talented members of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Information Technology Team. The members of this team have been able to create a downloadable program which allows citizens to have an organized way to inventory and document their valuables and other possessions. Unfortunate events occur where items may become lost, stolen, or damaged during a natural disaster, and this program will give users immediate access to any identifying marks, numbers, descriptions, values and even photographs of the actual item to easily identify the item.

By downloading this new and innovative program, users are taking the first step toward protecting your personal possessions. This completely FREE program helps make sure that law enforcement has the best possible chance to recover potentially stolen items from your home such as televisions, firearms, jewelry, appliances, furniture, and any other household valuable.

Practically any and all personal items can be easily recorded and stored for various purposes to include insurance claims, stolen property reports, financial affidavits, and much more.

The latest crime fighting tool is immediately available for citizens and can be found on the Brevard County Sheriff website ( and is completely safe to use. The information is NOT shared in any capacity and is downloaded directly to a computer and maintained exclusively in the format chosen by the user.

We hope you will take advantage of this FREE “Home Inventory” program and crime prevention tool and do your part in helping to prevent being the next victim.

For more information regarding Brevard County’s crime prevention efforts, please call your local law enforcement agency or visit us at or call our Crime Prevention Unit at (321) 264-7755.

For additional information regarding this media release, please contact Corporal Dave Jacobs at (321) 636-4665.