NR 16-52 Sheriff’s Office Unveils Aviation Rescue Team

September 15, 2016 - 9:00 pm Author: Category:

16-52The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Rescue Unit is designed to enhance the level of response to calls for service during critical incidents and to perform searches, rescues, and other life-saving related duties when called upon.

This function is an additional asset to the community with added resources and capabilities.

The Sheriff’s Aviation Rescue Team can be called upon to respond to critical incidents in remote areas of the county where traditional methods of rescue such as boats, cars, or ambulances are not accessible in a timely manner. Members of the Sheriff’s Aviation Rescue Team consist of specially trained pilots, co-pilots (crew chief), and rescue swimmers. These members are able to deploy in a variety of adverse conditions to access and rescue survivors in water or on land.

The highly specialized training and equipment has been accomplished with very little cost to the operational budget to the Aviation Unit, yet providing an extremely valuable life-saving tool to the community. The Sheriff’s Aviation Rescue Team has been called upon by the Brevard County Fire Rescue to help mitigate the recent wild-fires throughout Brevard County.

The Sheriff’s Aviation Rescue Unit works closely with numerous outside federal and state agencies, to include Customs and Border Patrol, ICE, US Coast Guard, Florida Wildlife Commission and the individuals from Environmental and Natural Resources.

Sheriff Ivey stated “I am extremely proud to announce the addition of the Sheriff’s Aviation Rescue component to our agency. These team members have been training extremely hard to pilot and deliver an amazing and unique level of life-saving service to our community that is not really being done in too many other places.”

If you have any question regarding this incident, please contact Corporal Dave Jacobs at (321)747-9780, or by email at