B.A.M – Brevard Attitude Modification

Brevard Attitude Modification
Sheriff Wayne Ivey and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office proudly present the B.A.M. program, which is designed to take youth (ages 10 and up) into a jail-like setting to give them a realistic look in terms of where they could end up if they abuse drugs and alcohol. The program lastsjail cell for approximately 12 hours.

This phenomenal program was designed to encompass the consequences of poor attitudes, bad decisions, and committing crimes. In this program, we hold nothing back. The program is designed to give youth a healthy dose of realism and educate them about the dangers of using drugs and alcohol.

cuffs and gavelWe also educate them on making smart decisions when dealing with peer pressure from friends. We will not only teach them what not to do, but offer them instruction and guidance in a new direction for the future. Positive choices are presented through life skills training and even a career fair.

The kids will see the consequences of poor choices and what jail is like. They will eat the same meals that inmates eat. We are even planning to show them the ultimate consequence for their behavior – a trip to the morgue (ages 14 and up).

To register, download the Registration and Waiver Form Fax to 321-225-3041 or mail to Community Services Unit – 700 S. Park Ave. Titusville, Fl 32780. For more information, please call 321-264-7755.