Crime Prevention Presentations

4 A’s of Survival (Active Shooter Response)

Violent criminals target our society each and every day and have the ability to instantly change our lives forever.  Some of the best law enforcement agencies in the country have response times in minutes, yet violent criminals can take our lives in seconds.  That is why the best tool in protecting our citizens is making sure that they have the knowledge and awareness to help insulate themselves against criminals.  Awareness, Avoidance, Arm, Attack.

Current Crime Trends

Whether its theft, fraud, or a sudden violent attack, most crimes are crimes of opportunity and can be minimized or even prevented in some cases.  Sharing information about current crime trends and best practices to prevent them can be a powerful tool in protecting our citizens and making sure our community is safe.

Domestic Violence

This course gives our citizens the tools that they can use every day not only in their home environments but in their home lives as well. Domestic Violence comes in many forms and our citizens should have the information on how to protect themselves as well.

Drug Awareness

Drugs are chemicals that can affect the body in different ways.  Some drugs can change a person’s body and brain in ways that last long after the person has stopped using drugs, and can even cause irreversible damage.  Sharing information about substance abuse as well as establishing a positive role model for children are both important parts of drug abuse prevention.

Human Trafficking

This course walks our citizens through exactly what Human Trafficking is and what our citizens need to watch for when they are out in the community that can be warning signs of this crime. This also goes through the statistics of Human Trafficking in Florida and across the nation.

Identity Theft

Theft of identity is fast becoming the most prevalent and costly financial crime in the nation. It is estimated that more than 40,000 people have their identity stolen each year, costing consumers and the financial industry billions of dollars. This presentation explains how criminals can obtain your personal information. It also gives tips on how to protect yourself and what to do if you think you may be a victim.

Frauds and Scams

This presentation explains the different types of frauds and how they work. It also identifies ways to prevent becoming a victim of a con artist.

Internet Safety

With more than 4 billion internet users worldwide, cybercrime rates continue to grow at alarming pace.  Whether its bullying, theft, fraud, extortion, or sexual solicitation, cybercrimes occur daily and can impact anyone at any time.  Being informed about the latest cyber trends, and arming yourself with a practical approach to internet safety can help lower your risk of becoming a cybercrime victim.

Personal Safety

This program discusses steps individuals can take to avoid becoming crime victims.

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