Edwards Investigative File

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Report to State Attorney’s Office-Redacted
Cover Letter to SAO Phil Archer
Investigation Report
Autopsy Report
Case Report + Wagner Proffer
West Melbourne PD Incident Report
Brevard County Fire Rescue Run Sheet
BCSO Jail Incident Reports + Walmart Photos
Edwards Medical Records
2017 Battery Charge
Medical Journal Articles
BCSO Training

Picture of Mask; Picture of Restraint Chair

Inmate Interviews
Inmate Lamar
Inmate Ramond
Inmate Bloodworth
Inmate Moffitt

State Attorney’s Office Findings

State of Florida Medical Examiners Commission Findings

FDLE Final Report

Attempt to Contact
Neighbor Interview
Social Media Post
Call to Communications
Transcript of Sheriff’s conversation with Kathleen Edwards


Staff Services Administrative Report

Real Time Redacted Jail Security Video