Inmate Healthcare

jail medical trayMedical Healthcare

The Brevard County Jail has a Contract Medical provider who provides 24 hour a day medical coverage and has a Medical Doctor (MD) and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner on duty and/or on call for emergency situations. Any questions concerning medical issues should be addressed to the medical unit at (321) 690-1547.

Mental Healthcare

The primary function of the Mental Health Unit is to provide the evaluation and treatment of inmates with emotional or mental health problems and to assist inmates to effectively cope with incarceration. The staff is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both individual and group counseling is provided. Group counseling focuses on helping inmates learn and improve on social communication and other coping skills.

At the time of release from jail, steps are taken to assist inmates who received mental health care while in the jail to continue with care in the community. Inmates are provided with a three-day supply of psychotropic medications and are provided with information on how to access the local mental health provider and related agencies. The mental health unit also makes available, upon identification of need or upon request, a listing of Brevard County housing and social service resources that may be accessed by inmates having such needs. Finally, there is an established system here at the Jail Complex to initiate Baker Acts on inmates who are being released but continue to meet the criteria for involuntary placement and examination in a psychiatric facility.

Meals and Nutrition

The Brevard County Jail has a Contract Food Services provider who prepares three meals daily for the inmate population. A State Certified Dietician, who verifies the menu provides the daily caloric intake as specified by State Law, approves the menu. Should the inmates desire additional items they may be purchased through the Inmate commissary Department.