Visiting Information

The purpose of offering a jail visitation privilege is to maintain and strengthen family ties during obvious periods of stress, and to assist in maintaining appropriate ties to the community. Visitation can be on-site or you may conduct a remote website visit from your personal computer to the inmate visitation station at the Jail Complex.  To schedule a visit you may access the Jail Visitation link on this website at  To schedule an on-site visit at the Jail Complex Visitation Building you may dial 321-690-1518.  If all telephone lines are busy you will be transferred to a voicemail access which will record your contact information. Our staff will re-contact you in the order that your call was received. Three attempts will be made to schedule your appointment. If contact is not made, you must call our visitation extension again to make another appointment. On-site appointments may be scheduled via telephone daily.

Special Visits can be approved by the Jail Command Staff.  Generally these visitors include employers, sponsors, welfare agents, probation officers, lawyers, clergy, or relatives visiting from out of county or state.

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours are daily 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM – by appointment only.

General Visiting Information

For on-site visitation, visitors are to come to the Visitation Building located at the front of the main facility. Visitation is accomplished using a Video Visitation System, which allows for visual and audible contact. The inmate visits from within their assigned housing unit. Visits will last no longer than 45 minutes and may be lessened depending upon circumstances



  1. Inmates may receive a maximum of 3 visits per week.
  2. Visitors will receive a maximum of 3 visits per inmate per week with no more than 3 visits per week.
  3. Visits will be scheduled no more than two weeks in advance. To Schedule Call: (321) 690-1518 during visitation hours 8:00 am – 7:30 pm.
  4. Visits will start at the top of each hour and last up to but no more than 45 minutes. (At: 45 after the hour all stations will disconnect.)
  5. Visitors will be required to sign in 15 minutes in advance.
  6. Photo ID is required (Driver’s license, local, state or government ID card, Military ID, Passport U.S. Immigration identification including Visas). You must be registered as a visitor prior to the visitation date and time. You may also contact inmates via mail. Correspondence to include pre-postage paid postcards only.  You must address the correspondence in the following format with proper name and date of birth: John M. Doe, 01-01-11, 860 Camp Road, Cocoa, Florida 32927.
  7. If less than 18 years old you MUST be accompanied by a registered parent or legal guardian (with proof of guardianship) at all times. The parent or legal guardian will be responsible for the conduct of the child.
  8. There will be only 1 child per adult. Children will not be allowed to sit on the visitation booth ledge. They will sit on the stool provided or will sit on the lap of the adult. Children are to be supervised at all times and not to be left unattended in any area at anytime or the adult responsible for the child will be asked to leave and their visitation terminated.
  9. Anyone noted as the victim, has a no contact order or an injunction with the inmate will not be allowed to visit.
  10. All personal property except your ID will be secured in your vehicle, this includes cell-phones.
  11. The Visitation clerk must approve pictures before showing them to inmate.
  12. Visitors must be dressed appropriately. Visits will not be permitted if the visitor is dressed in a manner considered inappropriate or emotionally enticing to the inmate population by the on-duty Deputy/Visitation Clerk. Shoes are to be worn at all times, including children. Males and Females: The following will not be permitted: hot pants, short shorts (must be no shorter than 3 TO 4 inches above the knee), frayed shorts, swim suits, spandex, tank tops, see-thru blouses/ shirts, low-cut necklines, shirt/blouses with spaghetti straps, skirts or dresses more than 1 1/2 inches above the knee, bare feet, or any attire which maybe emotionally enticing to the inmate population or is deemed inappropriate by the on duty Deputy/Visitation Clerk. IF ASKED TO COVER UP, YOU MUST DO SO.
  14. Any destruction or defacing of county property by inmates or visitors is subject to temporary or permanent suspension of visitation privileges. Do not bang the phones or pull the cords. If you need assistance ask the Visitation Clerk.
  15. Persons under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotic, or other drugs, or exhibiting irrational behavior for any reason will not be allowed to visit or remain on county property.
  16. There will be no smoking or eating allowed. Drinking (non-alcoholic beverages) allowed only in waiting area.
  17. Any disturbances or emotional disruptive behavior exhibited at any time will result in your visitation being canceled, and you will not be allowed to remain on county property.
  18. Visitation may be audio and/or video recorded.
  19. Any violation of these rules will result in temporary or permanent suspension of visitation privileges. The Officer-in-Charge may terminate a visit at anytime: a rule violation warrants such action.


Tips for visitors:

  • Be sure you are properly registered as a visitor before visiting.
  • Arrive prior to scheduled visitation hours and check in with the Visitation Clerk.
  • Bring a photo ID, you will be asked for it prior to your visit.
  • Dress appropriately. See Rule #12 above. Wear shirts and shoes at all times.
  • Obey all directions given to you by the Visitation Clerk.
  • Any problems or questions should be addressed to the Visitation Clerk.
  • If you need special accommodations, please notify the Visitation Clerk.

Prohibited Visitors

Persons prohibited from visitation:

  • Persons under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by a registered legal guardian.
  • Persons who previously have had harmful effects on the inmate.
  • Persons who have demonstrated a threat to the security and /or order at the Visitation Center. In the event a visitor is not approved for a visit, the inmate will be notified along with the reason of denial.
  • Persons having a No-Contact Order or involvement in an inmate’s current case will not be allowed to visit that inmate.