2015 Honored Employees

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lucy rossIn 2004, Sergeant Lucy Ross was taken from us as she was responding to a crime scene. Lucy was very special to all of us. One of the ways we celebrate her life is through the recognition of a very special person in the Sheriff’s Office who demonstrates the same qualities as Lucy – qualities such as dedication to the community and the love of children. Beginning in 2005, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office established a very special annual award known as the “Sgt. Lucy Ross Award”.

This year’s recipient has been a Deputy Sheriff with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office since 2003. During that period of time, this deputy has served in a number of capacities.

While working Patrol, this deputy felt the need to better serve the victims of domestic violence, having witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of domestic violence on the victim. This deputy envisioned an opportunity to improve services to those specific individuals in need. Without self-promotion, this deputy began formal and informal training to expand her knowledge. She began to share the information she had learned and her passion with others so they, too, could better serve those who are most vulnerable. This deputy began to garner recognition and accolades from her leaders and peers as someone who cared for victims of crime and truly took honest concern for her fellow employees.

In July 2005, this deputy achieved the rank of Field Training Officer, which afforded her the opportunity to directly teach others about their duties as a deputy sheriff and also the importance of a thorough and complete investigation of domestic violence related crimes. For these efforts and others she was promoted to Corporal in November of 2006.

She continued to broaden her knowledge and was able to impart her expectations and knowledge to subordinates and supervisors alike until she began an assignment as an agent with a newly created Domestic Violence Unit in January of 2009.

She again seized the opportunity to begin holding training sessions during patrol squad meetings. She did these trainings while still investigating cases that were gaining the attention of others outside of this agency. She was invited to participate in the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board. The purpose of this review board is to help determine the means in which the criminal justice system and social services community can better serve the public to prevent domestic violence deaths and domestic violence in general. Because of her efforts, she was asked to chair the board and has done so for the past three years.

While assigned as an agent, she has been formally recognized for her efforts in child abuse investigations, sexual assault investigations and ultimately as the chair of the Domestic Violence Task Force.

As she was actively participating on these boards, she realized that there was an area of investigations concerning strangulation crimes as it pertained to domestic violence. She quickly deduced that the issue was not with the willingness to investigate and prosecute the crimes, but rather the recognition and how to investigate this type of crime. Essentially, this program involved a collaborative effort

between law enforcement and learning institutions to create an innovative program to implement and track the success of various law enforcement projects. She saw this as the perfect vehicle to implement a new program for victims of domestic violence strangulation. She invited various disciplines ranging from criminal justice, social service, and medical practitioners into a work group setting to discuss and formulate a program to help identify and address the problem of domestic violence strangulation.

This workgroupcindy young set about a procedure to help capture physical evidence needed for a successful prosecution, but more importantly, address the adverse, and potentially, fatal accumulative effects of strangulation. She designed a law enforcement response, which was achieved through a change in departmental policy. She also realized the need for this project to be financially self-sustaining and successfully sought private funds to begin the project.

She then focused on the education portion of the program and conducted more in depth training for her law enforcement peers. The training consisted of a more standardized handling of strangulation cases as well as improved techniques in capturing time sensitive physical evidence. In doing this, she has tirelessly worked in creating a program that only a handful of agencies nationwide have used.

At the present time, the new program has successfully launched and additional cases are being recognized and more thoroughly investigated. All of this was completed while performing her daily investigative responsibilities and mentoring those around her. In fact, she is currently participating in the therapy dog program. This is a program in which handlers utilize therapy dogs to assist children with the effects of physical and sexual abuse, while providing a mechanism for improved disclosures during a forensic interview of the victim.

Her care and compassion is highly regarded not only in the law enforcement community, but also in the community in which she serves.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2015 recipient of the Lucy Ross Award – Agent Cyndi Young.

The Lucy Ross Award signifies the recipient has consistently, throughout their career, exemplified the same qualities as Sgt. Lucille Ross herself. Agent Cyndi Young has embodied a similar self-less example of care and compassion. The evidence of such is her dedication to our community, its children, the victims of crime, families of those victims, and the members of her profession.


Each year the Sheriff’s Office recognizes a citizen who has rendered extraordinary assistance to law enforcement. This year’s recipient is a life-long resident whose philanthropy and community involvement often has gone unrecognized.

This year’s recipient has been an incredible friend to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and to our community in many incredible ways.

He and his company, Community Champions, are focused on partnering with communities across the country to provide programs to support financial health and safety.

Here are just a few of the incredible things this year’s recipient did for all of us in 2015:

  • He donated supplies for the Animal Shelter Makeover and provided staffing who volunteered for 2 days to renovate the South Animal Care Center.
  • He personally donated $12,000 to outfit the Animal Services mobile adoption trailer.
  • He donated 500 life-saving tourniquets so that every deputy could be issued with this life-saving equipment and be better prepared for a critical incident.
  • He donated over $15,000 for the Dancing for the Space Coast event. (The proceeds from this event benefit the Brevard Public Safety Charity, the Scott Center for Autism Treatment and the Brevard Symphony Orchestra).
  • He personally prepared and provided holiday meals for every deputy sheriff working during Thanksgiving & Christmas.
    Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present to you, your 2015 Citizen of the Year, Mr. Tom Darnell.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDThis award recognizes a team member who has consistently demonstrated a commitment to strengthening the relationship of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office with the community it serves through dedication, professionalism and community involvement.This year’s recipient of the Special Recognition Award is Corporal John “Jay” Martinez.Jay MartinezCpl. Martinez is assigned to the Community Services and Crime Prevention Unit, and during his tenure he has played an integral part in fulfilling the mission of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office through his involvement and leadership in programs such as:

    • He is an instructor in our B.A.M., Brevard Attitude Modification, program, which teaches consequences and alternatives to at-risk youth.
    • He teaches Self Defense training for men, women, children and seniors.
    • He is the supervisor of the Sheriff’s Office Explorers Program, attending Meetings, Trainings, Special Events, and Out of County Competitions.
    • He is an Advisory Board member for Rockledge High School Criminal Justice Program
    • He assists with our Public Safety Videos and presentations such as It’s Time to be a Parent Again, Self Defense Through Mental Preparedness and Tactical Shooting.
    • He conducts Neighborhood Watch Meetings and Presentations.
    • He assists with Operation Shred, a program designed to provide free document shredding services to our citizens.
    • He participates in the Summer Reading Program, reading books to children .
    • He is a member of the Crime Prevention Task Force.
    • He volunteers for many Special Events, such as Tip a Cop, National Night Out, Breast Cancer Awareness, the Jail Break Adventure Race, the Super Hero Run, Shop with Cop, Holiday Parades, and wrapping presents for needy children.
    • He conducts presentations for Brevard County Schools – such as Bullying, Cyber Safety, and Career Day at our elementary schools, Cyber Bullying, Social Media Safety and Drug Awareness at our middle schools, Social Media Safety and College Bound Safety to our high schools, Parent night at School (Cyber Safety for Parents), and Cyber Safety and Awareness for School Board Faculty.

Corporal Jay Martinez is an invaluable member of our team, embracing and embodying our mission to serve the citizens of Brevard County and I am incredibly proud to present to him the Sheriff’s Special Recognition Award.


larry cosmaThis individual has been actively involved in our agency for several years. He has progressively asked and become more and more involved in many aspects of the organization. During this past year he donated over 900 hours of hard work to our community.

Here are only a few highlights of his efforts this past year:

  • Served as lead COP to West Precinct coordinating precinct events and coordinating activities with our Agency Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Worked extended hours at the West Precinct desk assisting citizens and fielding phone calls into the precinct.
  • Assisted Animal Services Volunteer Program with the application process, background process and volunteer interviews. He has also assisted in the Viera Animal Services office and shelters.
  • Assisted for the third year in the Jailbreak Adventure Race raising money for local charities.

This individual is always asking to do more. He avails himself to assist in any way he can for any event or task that presents itself. He recently coordinated the logistics for our volunteers to receive Presidential Service Awards for 92 of our agency volunteers.

He is truly a valued asset to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. His can do attitude, coupled with his spirit of service is truly an example to all.

It is my pleasure to announce your 2015 Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer of the Year – COP Larry Cosma.


The Reserve Unit is an integral part of our agency’s ability to maintain efficiency and effectiveness while supporting not only the needs of the agency but the community as well with no additional cost to the taxpayers. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit is comprised of 85 Civilian, Auxiliary and fully certified Reserve Deputies. The members are all volunteers who unselfishly devote literally thousands of hours each year to assist our agency with its overall mission. Each certified Deputy has attended the Law Enforcement Academy at their own expense and are a major component of our ability to provide so many valued services.

Specifically, the Unit provided over 26,500 hours in support of Patrol, Investigations, Special Event Security, Traffic Control, Aviation, Agriculture/Marine, Mounted Posse activities and DUI Enforcement. All of the services were provided at no cost to the taxpayers and provide an estimated value to the community of

I could not be more proud of such an incredible group who are absolutely committed to the safety of Brevard County. The Reserve Unit consists of retired law enforcement and military, lawyers, doctors, dentists, business owners and other professionals. We greatly appreciate everything they do for our agency and community!

Fran CirlloThis year’s recipient for Reserve Deputy of the Year has been a member of the Reserve Unit for almost 30 years.

He was elected to the Board of Directors for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Police Athletic League, where he has helped to secure over $85,000 in grants for PAL programs. He also helped to secure a

$50,000 grant for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs for use at two PAL facilities.

Over the past year, he has assumed the responsibilities of Assistant Reserve Unit Supervisor. In this role, he has helped with the continued advancement and improvement of the BCSO Mounted Unit, which volunteered over 4,400 hours last year. Additionally, the Reserve Unit had a record year last year, and delivered over 26,500 hours to the citizens of Brevard County.

He has personally demonstrated his dedication and commitment to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Brevard County by volunteering over 700 hours last year.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present your 2015 Reserve Deputy of the Year, Lieutenant Francis Cirillo.


20 Years of Service (Recognized throughout the year)

David C. Altman, Edward C. Becht, Todd W. Beuer, Clyde D. Caskey, Robert L. Edwards, Leigh A. Fielding, Patrick Ford, Angela R. Harris, Yolanda M. Hester, Karen K. Hicks, Kevin J. Hughes, Mark R. James, Brandon F. Lanza, Julie A. McDonough, Jerry Patterson, Mary O. Proctor, Sandra D. Roblin, Lyndale C. Smith, Lori K. Threlkeld, Terry R. Turner, Samuel L. Walton, Alvin Wells

25 Years of Service

Scott G. Asbury, Bruce L. Barnett, John M. Bradshaw, Virginia M. Casey, John T. Caulfield, Tsechu Chou, Michael G. Doyle, Louis C. Heyn IV, Cletis A. Jones, Melissa L. Knight, Larry T. Maddox, Angela J. Matthews, Sherry E. Pope, Brandy L. Torquato, Andrew M. Walters, Troy H. Wilson

30 Years of Service

Scott A. Armstrong, Paul B. Chalko, Robert T. Cullen, Brian K. Earles, Christopher L. Hendrix, Lana E. West, Mary L. Young

35 Years of Service

Gloria J. Brinson, Dana M. Doucette, Terry L. Worthy

Lifesaving Awards

This award recognizes those employees, who act to prevent loss of life either by exercising appropriate first aid procedures or by direct intervention. It is awarded to an employee for competent and expedient action that is directly accountable for sustaining or saving a human life.

Deputy Kayla Durr

Deputy Durr provided a two-finger Heimlich maneuver that cleared the airway of an infant baby who was choking.

Deputy John Hanigan and Deputy Mike Matteson

Deputies Hanigan and Matteson performed life saving techniques to prolong the life of an 85-year-old female who eventually succumbed to her medical condition.

Corporal John Mason and Deputy Sean Mulvaney

Deputy Mulvaney and Corporal Mason successfully saved an elderly woman whose life was in danger after suffering a fall and had been lying on her floor for several days.

Deputy John Whigham

Deputy Whigham provided emergency life-saving care for an unresponsive female.

Deputy Mike Utsler

Deputy Utsler provided emergency lifesaving techniques to help open the airway of an infant baby who was choking.

Deputy Matt Simpson

Deputy Simpson saved a woman from drowning after she jumped into a deep water canal and suffered a seizure.

Deputy Lauren Donaldson

Deputy Donaldson administered emergency life- saving care to an unresponsive 8 year-old child who suffered from a heart condition enabling the child to make a full recovery.

Deputy Brent Haptonstall, Deputy David Lawless and FTO Justin Hope

Deputy Haptonstall, Deputy Lawless and FTO Hope saved a woman who was attempting to commit suicide by breathing carbon monoxide from her vehicle.


The Meritorious Service Award signifies that the recipient displayed unusual thoroughness, determination, and/or initiative while carrying out their duties. This award recognizes service rendered in the line of duty where the employee, because of their diligence and perseverance, performs a difficult task in which a serious crime is prevented, significant property is protected, human life is protected, or causes the successful closure of a significant criminal case.

Corporal Kelly Dobson and Deputy David Turbeville

Following Corporal Dobson and Deputy Turbeville’s contact with an occupied suspicious vehicle, they arrested a convicted felon with a violent criminal history on possession of multiple felony drug and weapon possession charges.

Agent Blake Underhill

FTO Underhill demonstrated his determination and initiative in conducting a follow-up investigation in a residential fire after he observed items consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine inside the residence. FTO Underhill was able to not only locate the suspect in this case and obtain a full confession, but also gathered additional store surveillance video and text message evidence, as well as charged him with the crime.

Agent Ethan Kersey

Special Victims Unit Agent Ethan Kersey is awarded a Bar of Merit for his exceptional job in conducting a very thorough and detailed investigation into the neglect and death of an elderly woman which led to the arrest of her two caregivers for Aggravated Manslaughter and Neglect of an Elderly Person.

Corrections Deputy Jared Conaway & Corporal Chris Spencer

Field Training Officer Jared Conaway and Corporal Chris Spencer, along with their K-9 partners, did an outstanding job in assisting the Rockledge Police Department in a successful track to the residence of a juvenile suspect who was wanted for the arson of a Rockledge Police Department Officers vehicle and residence. Corporal Spencer and his K9 also alerted on the juvenile suspect who was among multiple occupants who exited the residence at the conclusion of the track.

Agent Jayne Lytle

Agent Lytle’s actions resulted in the recovery of a significant amount of stolen jewelry providing closure of a dozen felony cases. Agent Lytle and Support Specialist Scott’s initiative, thoroughness and perseverance in these self-initiated cases resulted in the apprehension of a felon that had been victimizing elderly customers of a trusted pest control business. Their actions should be commended in keeping the community safe from any further victimization by this suspect.

Deputy William Yearty

Deputy William Yearty responded to a senior living facility to assist the Cocoa Police Department with an in-progress aggravated battery call. While on-scene, Deputy Yearty assisted in stopping an extremely violent assault by a male suspect on a female victim.

Deputy James Starr

Deputy James Starr conducted a boat rescue of three fishermen from the ocean during a dangerous storm after their boat capsized leaving them afloat without any life jackets.

FTO Robert Fischer

FTO Fischer is to be commended for his thoroughness and determination in the successful investigation and arrest of a suspect for the exploitation of a vulnerable adult and grand theft. He was additionally able to recover all of the victim’s stolen property.

Corporal Daniel Genova

Corporal Daniel Genova successfully identified a burglary suspect, coordinated efforts to locate and arrest the suspect, as well as obtained a confession in a residential burglary/grand theft investigation which had just occurred in the City of Cape Canaveral.

Junior Systems Engineer Steve Anderson, Systems Engineer Eddy Buckhalt, IT Specialist II Chris Dees, IT Specialist Candice Hammond, Records Manager Debra Holt, Senior Application/Program Analyst Praveena Kandavelu, Agent James Kirby, Softwar e Application Support Specialist Julie McDonough, IT Specialist II Steve McGovern, Lieutenant Linda Moros, Systems Engineer William Morrison, Communications Manager Terry Myers, CFO Greg Pelham, Corporal Karl Pischinger, IT Specialist Kevin Rose, IT Specialist Dean Rosser, IT Manager Robert Urie, IT Specialist Scot Votava

The successful planning, transition and implementation of the New World Records Management, Jail Management and CAD system for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office was an extremely large and complex project which required the support and involvement of virtually every Command within the agency. Although the success of this project involved the efforts of numerous agency personnel, the following employees are receiving a Bar of Merit for their tremendous work both as a member of the New World Agency Build Team and their individual contributions during the implementation process.

Agent Brian Guilford & Agent Aja Stake

Agent Brian Guilford and Agent Aja Stake coordinated efforts to locate and apprehend a wanted violent sexual offender who absconded from Iowa and was hiding out in Brevard County. Their dedication and perseverance should be commended in keeping the community safe from any further victimization by this suspect.


Commander Alan Moros CFO Greg Pelham Major Paul Ring Lieutenant Byron Keck Lieutenant Linda Moros Director Steve Salvo Manager Bob Urie Manager Ron Spangler Manager John Brady Manager Mike Wimberly Manager Lisa Gillis Charlie Nash Security Communications Supervisor Dennis Roberts Security Communications Supervisor Chris Doss Corporal Jerry Shealey Administrative Assistant Amy Moody Administrative Assistant Pauline Collins Media Specialist Katrina Wilson Badging Supervisor Nancy Hudson Maritime Security Officers Wayne Courtney, David McDermott, Travis Cooper, Octavian Marshall, Anthony Jicha, Joe George, and Ewell Gann

Beginning in early 2014, the Canaveral Port Authority met with the Sheriff and requested the BCSO’s consideration in assuming all Law Enforcement and Seaport Security services. This was both a time consuming and challenging task. The initial contract was executed with less than 2 weeks prior to the effective date. Those involved created a very effective transition plan and operations commenced on October 1, 2014.

As with all partnerships, the personnel involved were tested and challenged to maintain professionalism and ensure the services rendered were flawless. Throughout 2015, as the challenges increased, the personnel addressed each and every concern, refusing to allow the challenges to impact services or operations. As the new fiscal year approached, a new agreement was negotiated and the obstacles to a successful partnership were removed.

With the close of 2015, the partnership with the CPA is now both exceptional and a true model for open communication. We would like to commend the Canaveral Port Authority Commissioners, CPA Deputy Executive Director Jim Dubea, the City of Cape Canaveral Mayor and Council Members and Cape Canaveral City Manager David Green for their leadership, support and vision for this incredible endeavor.

These employees are being recognized with a Unit Citation for their exemplary actions. Commander Moros, CFO Pelham, Major Ring, Lieutenant Keck and Lieutenant Moros are receiving a Bar of Merit and the remaining personnel are receiving Commendable Service Bars for their outstanding efforts to look past the challenges and create one of the most cost efficient and operationally effective Port security operations in the world.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey Major James Woolsey Director Steve Salvo Lieutenant Don Barker Lieutenant Joe Jenkins Sergeant Darryl Osborne Sergeant Domenick Prisco Sergeant Quincy Hines Corporal James Stimmell Corporal Jason Holloman Corporal James Culver Corporal Larry Plotkin Agent Chris Neel BCFR Chief Mark Schollmeyer BCFR Assistant Chief EMS Orlando Dominguez BCFR Medical Director John McPherson BCFR District Chief Geanine Dotson BCFR Lieutenant Mike Cogswell BCFR Firemedic Steve King BCFR Firemedic Mark Weiss BCFR Firemedic Patrick Murphy BCFR Firemedic Kevin Faulk BCFR Firefighter Brad Balavander BCFR Firefighter Brian King BCFR Health First Supervisor and Healthfirst Lead EMS Instructor David Schmitt BCFR Lieutenant Dale Little BCFR Firefighter Justin Holmes BCFR Firefighter Charles Lemmon BCFR Firemedic Cheryl Hecky BCFR Firefightermedic Ryan Hammett

During 2014, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office began training all Patrol Deputies in an effort to prepare and equip our deputies with real world knowledge and experience when faced with critical incidents and mass casualties. This training came after an incredible partnership with Tom Darnell, founder and President of Community Champions, Health First, and Supervising Medic David Schmitt who all joined together to create a Critical Incident Response and Active Shooter training for all Brevard County Deputy Sheriffs. In addition to the training, Mr. Darnell graciously donated over 500 “Combat Action Tourniquets” to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office for use by our patrol members in the performance of their duties.

The training and threat assessment concept coincides with Active Shooter (Run, Hide and Fight) training the BCSO is providing throughout the county related to Brevard Public Schools, Eastern Florida State College, Churches, and Daycares.

Sheriff Ivey determined the training to be top-notch for both responding and neutralizing threats, but recognized a dramatic void in the process. Based on a 2014 study published by the Department of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement’s efforts to stopping the threat is only one phase of responding to these types of critical incidents. Being able to quickly and efficiently care for the victims of mass shootings was another high priority, yet there wasn’t any current training or procedures in place for this critical component.

Sheriff Ivey and Major James Woolsey created a lesson plan and Major Woolsey initiated the leadership role and implementation of the training program. He then began coordinating a mutual effort with the incredible professionals of the Brevard County Fire Rescue to develop training and procedures for a combined response to these critical incidents.

In early 2015, Major Woolsey began working with Brevard County Fire Rescue Chief Mark Schollmeyer and their training division to develop custom tailored training and standards for our needs here in Brevard County. Our county is full of Professional Instructors and training representatives highly qualified in these types of topics and by custom building standardized training and procedures this saved the tax payers several hundred thousand dollars to train and prepare our first responders and not out-sourcing these efforts.

The goal was to use a multi-agency concept to combine a law enforcement (security) element and an emergency medical service (medical) element to rapidly assess, treat and extract casualties at incidents involving an active shooter(s). By February of 2015, the training was developed and the teams began identifying and training the trainers for each of the agencies. And by April 2015, a 6 week initiative was underway to get all emergency personnel through the specialized training.

This didn’t stop with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and Brevard County Fire Rescue. The Chiefs of both law enforcement and emergency services in the various Municipalities also paired up to train their own trainers within the respective Municipalities to adopt the standardized training across the board in Brevard County. This level of standardization equates to any law enforcement officer or emergency responder being able to seamlessly work together during a critical incident to immediately enhance the survival of the victims of these terrible events.

For their efforts, each will be receiving a Bar of Merit.

The value of this training program was truly realized in August 2015, when a BCSO agent was critically wounded after being shot. I would also like to recognize Lieutenant Dale Little, Firefighter Justin Holmes, Firefighter Charles Lemmon, Firemedic Ryan Hammett and Firemedic Cheryl Hecky for the courageous job they did attending to Agent Smith’s injuries. They responded into the active and unsecure scene without hesitation, and while the deputies provided cover, they triaged the critical injuries and were able to transport Casey safely to the hospital for further medical care. There is no doubt that without the actions of these heroes, Casey may not be here with us today. They put their own safety aside in order to rescue a fellow first responder who was in need of immediate medical attention. For the ir actions they are each receiving a Life Saving Bar.


Our 911 Communications Officers are usually the first contact for our citizens in an emergency. They are trained to gather critical information as quickly as possible. They must be able to communicate with strength, clarity and compassion. They are the voice of help, direction and relief for those with questions, concerns and fear.

Communications Officers are evaluated based on the manner they handle emergency situations and the level of compassion and professionalism they demonstrate. We will now recognize our Communications Officers of the month for 2015.

January: Communications Officer Nicole Hall

Officer Hall answered an emergency 911 call from a 22 year -old male advising his girlfriend’s 17 year-old brother had just accidentally shot himself. She was able to keep the caller calm and obtain the necessary information while at the same time working a busy radio channel.

February: Communications Officer Nicole Bernhard

A West Melbourne Officer advised he observed several reckless drivers racing. Officer Bernhard did an excellent job handling the call by coordinating efforts between multiple agencies and several specialty units that were called to assist.

March: Communications Officer Nicole Hall

Officer Hall received a call involving an unknown male shooting into an occupied dwelling with children present. After the first unit arrived on scene, he quickly advised “shots fired.” Nicole immediately initiated emergency traffic and professionally handled and recorded all ensuing radio traffic.

April: Deputy Trainee Michelle Pace

Officer Pace received a call regarding a vehicle crashing into a house and then leaving the scene. As the vehicle approached the precinct boundaries, Michelle quickly created a patch between the two channels and supplied both precincts with seamless updates.

May: Communications Officer Andrew Polk

Officer Polk received a 911 call advising a bank robbery had just occurred in the same precinct he was dispatching. Keeping the caller on the line, he proficiently coordinated the multi-unit response as well as notified Star and Canine units while at the same time getting real time updates from the caller.

June: Communications Officer Sara Ouellette

Officer Ouellette received a radio transmission from a Deputy working an off-duty work detail advising he witnessed what he believed to be a subject walking through the mall with a grenade. Officer Ouellette did an excellent job in coordinating communications on the OPS channel while continuing to handle the normal radio traffic on her primary channel.

July: Communications Officer Andrew Polk

Officer Polk answered an emergency 911 call involving a female climbing on top of a moving car. He quickly dispatched the call and notified surrounding agencies and specialty units. Officer Polk also did an excellent job keeping the caller on the phone and updating responding units with current information.

August: Communications Officer Peggy Human

Officer Human was working the radio when “Shots fired, Officers been hit” came across the radio. Peggy immediately initiated emergency traffic and began ascertaining the unit’s location to have backup and medical units respond.

September: Communications Officer Jody Bennett

Officer Bennett coordinated efforts with a family member to try and locate her 70 year-old grandmother that did not know where she was and had low blood sugar. After getting deputies and an ambulance in the general area, Officer Bennett was able to contact the grandmother and get her to dial 911 to send responders directly to her.

October: Communications Officer Peggy Human

Officer Human handled a call from a distraught suicidal mother that wanted someone to come take her three small children so she could cut her wrists. Peggy was empathetic with the mother and was able to talk her down while responding units arrived and located everyone safe.

November: Communications Officer Sara Ouellette

Officer Ouellette is being recognized for coordinating a multiple agency response to a battery and foot pursuit. During the call, she also patched Cocoa PD and BCSO primary radio channels to provide inter-agency communications.

December: Shift Supervisor Cheryl Pelletier

Officer Pelletier received a call from a phone that did not provide its GPS coordinates and the caller’s location could not be determined. The caller was crying into the phone and not providing information. After exhausting local resources, Cheryl thought outside the box and queried the phone number through Facebook. She then confirmed the information through DAVID and sent the caller the help she needed.

Communications Officer of the Year

Andrew PolkThis year’s Communications Officer of the Year received Communications Officer of the Month honors for both May and July of 2015. In May, he was recognized for his outstanding handling of a bank robbery. In July, this Communications Officer did an excellent job in answering and providing a response to an emergency 911 call involving a female climbing on top of a moving car.

The actions described are a sample of the dedication and commitment this Communications Officer regularly brings to the position he holds. He frequently is looked upon as a source of information to his peers and strives to be an expert in the scope of his duties. He stands out

as a role model to both seasoned and novice colleagues alike. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is very proud to select Andrew Polk as Communications Officer of the Year for 2015.


Employees of the Month

Our civilians are the lifeblood of the organization, the employees who make our incredible agency so efficient and effective!

January: Crime Scene Investigator Stephanie Cooper

CSI Cooper’s meticulous processing and attention to detail during the latent processing of a homicide scene was exceptional and provided the necessary physical evidence to assist in the arrest and prosecution of the suspect. CSI Cooper has also been awarded a Community Service Bar for her participation in the Field of Dreams Community Build.

February: Fleet Maintenance Unit Manager Mike Wimberly

Manager Wimberly has consistently looked for ways to save money while providing the best service for the Sheriff’s Fleet. By outfitting vehicles internally he has cut labor outsourcing costs by 60 percent. During 2015 fleet maintenance took on the calibration for all vehicles, which will provide an annual savings of $14,000 dollars to the taxpayers of Brevard County. Manager Wimberly consistently researches and evaluates every vehicle, vessel and piece of attached equipment to ensure our employees have the most effective resources available to complete their mission.

March: Media Specialist Katrina Wilson

Media Specialist Katrina Wilson plays an essential role in the coordination of our agency efforts to provide recognition of employees. She has served on the Awards Committee since 2010, processing each recommendation. Katrina also can be counted on to “get the job done” on a variety of other assignments such as overseeing the preparation of our BCSO Florida Today insert and assisting with all of the monthly promotional efforts of Animal Services. Katrina was also instrumental in the time consuming editing review of several important service agreements.

April: Registration Specialist Heather Bailey

Sex Offender Registration and Tracking (SORT) Unit Specialist Heather Bailey did an outstanding job in balancing the task of registering 800 plus offenders and predators in Brevard County, while also identifying processes to assist in bringing sexual offenders into greater compliance with the county ordinance and state statutes.

May: Inmate Program Specialist Louann Creasy

Specialist Creasy assisted in the creation of many innovative projects that has improved the effectiveness of the Inmate Programs Unit. She was an essential part of the Annual Reentry Community Network Conference that promotes our agency reentry efforts to the community. Specialist Creasy has also worked diligently on the GED testing project, becoming certified as a GED Proctor.

June: Investigative Analyst Missy Knight and Crime Scene Investigator Lisa Connors

The investigative assistance provided by Analyst Knight and CSI Connors in the areas of evidence analysis and historical research led to the closure of a decades old cold case homicide. CSI Connors assisted in reviewing and documenting evidence, preparing crime scene photographs and submitting evidence to FDLE while Analyst Knight worked tirelessly in creating a historical analysis of the suspect. In April 2015, the suspect was adjudicated guilty and sentenced to his natural life in DOC, not eligible for parole.

July: Investigative Support Specialist Beth Scott

Support Specialist Beth Scott’s initiative, thoroughness, and perseverance led to the arrest of a felon that had been victimizing numerous elderly customers by stealing the jewelry from their homes. Support Specialist Scott has been awarded a Merit Bar for her efforts in preventing future victims.

August: Fleet Maintenance Technician Matthew Barber

Technician Barber implemented many unique and inventive ideas during the installation of surveillance equipment for GAMEOVER and the Special Investigations Unit that upgraded their abilities to apprehend violent criminals.

September: Software Application Support Specialist Julie McDonough

Specialist McDonough was an instrumental team member in the successful planning, transition and implementation of the New World Records Management, Jail Management and CAD system for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Specialist McDonough is being recognized with a Merit Bar for her efforts with the New World transition and awarded a Community Service Bar for her participation in the Field of Dreams Community Build.

October: Inmate Records Manager Jessica Vanatta and Food Service Manager Teresa Revel

Managers Vanatta and Revel spearheaded a campaign to collect donated shoes from the competitors of the 2015 Jailbreak Adventure Race and were able to provide 250 pairs of shoes to homeless veterans in Brevard County. They will also receive a Community Service Bar for their efforts.

November: Media Production Manager Cheryl Sink

Manager Sink has been instrumental in developing and managing our very successful Media Production Unit. She is the driving force behind the production of public service announcements, agency special events promotions, actively monitors and pushes out social media posts and crime information as well assists in the development of our weekly news program such as “On the Go with BCSO.” Her dedication and performance is to be commended.

December: Training Coordinator Diane Giordano

There has recently been a significant increase in citizens wishing to participate in the BCSO Self Defense through Tactical Shooting course. All of these calls and emails were funneled through Training Coordinator Diane Giordano. She has worked tirelessly to accommodate the requests by scheduling additional classes and coordinating the attendance of both participants and instructors. Coordinator Giordano has fielded hundreds of phone calls and emails regarding the training and to date has successful registered over 500 citizens for the training. Diane has done an exceptional job at handling this task and maintaining her daily work as well.

Employee of the Year

Over the past few years this year’s recipient has been an integral part of developing the Media Production Unit. This move was a gradual transition as the needs of our agency and communication with our community became important. Law enforcement agencies across the country have had to rethink how information is shared and how they communicate with a tech savvy public.

Cheryl SinkOur recipient was tasked with developing a team to work as a full- time media production unit. Over several months, this year’s winner and her staff were able to identify equipment needs and build a state of the art studio and editing facility at the Parkway Complex. Her first programs “On The Go with BCSO” were a hit with the community as the sheriff’s office realized amazing growth and feedback on these programs. Since that time our recipient has directed and produced “On Scene” for our Community Relations Coordinator and recently “Fugitive of the Week” and “Wheel of Fugitive”. To say her programs have had a positive impact is an understatement. Her work on these programs alone has been remarkable.

This year marks the third Jailbreak Adventure Race BCSO has presented. Each race is marketed heavily in social media with video production. The video promotions for Jailbreak have had an amazing response from the community and have even reached outside Brevard County. As recently as last month, the Media Production Unit worked on and produced a promotional video for a local charity run benefiting animal rescues in the community.

Aside from her responsibilities as the unit manager, this year’s winner is intimately involved in other events within the agency, always volunteering her services and reflecting a positive image of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. The Jailbreak Adventure Race, Law Enforcement Torch Run and The Making Strides Against Cancer Walk just to name a few.

Manager Cheryl Sink is recognized as the 2015 Civilian Employee of the Year.


The many men and women who are charged with inmate population control rarely get the recognition they deserve for their thankless and dangerous efforts and invaluable contribution to this agency

January: Corrections Corporal Ryan Futch and Corrections Deputy Michael Holt

Due to the diligence and persistence of Corporal Futch and Corrections Deputy Holt, the possible introduction of contraband into the cellblock was prevented as well as a potential means for an inmate to attempt an escape.

February: Corrections Deputy Kelly Caporizzo and Corrections Deputy William Mick

Corrections Deputies Caporizzo and Mick initiated an investigation from a note that was discovered in a cell during a routine search that uncovered additional evidence associated with the inmate’s current charges.

March: Corrections Deputy Jessica Bradford

In March 2015, due to Corrections Deputy Bradford’s attentiveness, she discovered and stopped an inmates attempt to escape from the Jail Complex when one inmate assumed the identity of another inmate, who was due to be released, by wearing her armband and glasses. Due to her excellent attention to detail, Corrections Deputy Bradford thwarted the inmate’s plan. Correction’s Deputy Bradford is has also been awarded a Merit Bar.

April: Corrections Deputy Michelle Knight

Corrections Deputy Knight’s professionalism and attention to detail helped maintain a safe and secure work environment by preventing contraband narcotics from being introduced into the Jail Complex.

May: Corrections Deputy Marcos Allende-Villafane

While off-duty, Corrections Deputy Allende-Villafane observed a submerged vehicle in a water filled ditch along the roadway. He pulled the sole female occupant from the vehicle and saved her life. For his actions, he has been awarded Corrections Deputy of the month and a Life Saving Bar.

June: Corrections Deputy Michael Romer

Corrections Deputy Michael Romer did an excellent job in seizing 14 small bags containing heroin which were taped to the body of a male inmate and discovered during the booking process.

July: Corrections Deputy Jesse Doucette

Corrections Deputy Doucette consistently performs his duties in an outstanding manner. He displays excellent communication skills, exceptional initiative and has proven to be a valuable asset to the Jail Complex.

August: Corrections Corporal Christopher Spencer

Corporal Spencer received a Merit Bar earlier this evening regarding a case he worked with partner K9 Cletus, Field Training Officer Conaway and K9 Koda. Corporal Spencer and K9 Justice, one of two blood hound puppies that joined the Sheriff’s Office team in 2015, were instrumental in another arson case in Rockledge in which they tracked from the crime scene to the home of the suspect.

September: Corrections Deputy Bridgette Johnson

Corrections Deputy Bridgette Johnson works in the booking section of the Jail Complex and during the month of July 2015, processed 345 inmates along with serving 18 additional warrants. This was accomplished with a high level of professionalism and attention to detail while also dealing with combative inmates during the booking process.

October: Corrections Corporal Crystal McClung

Through Corporal McClung’s diligent effort, a large amount of nuisance contraband was located and removed from the housing unit. She was also instrumental in obtaining a passing rating during an Accreditation inspection. Cpl. McClung’s attention to detail and interpersonal skills are truly an asset to the Jail Complex.

November: Corrections Deputies Alison Blazewicz and Kiesha Bullard.

For their outstanding performance in identifying an inmate under the influence of some type of intoxicant, located an illegal liquid narcotic, contained in a bottle marked as a contact lens solution during a search.

December: Corrections Corporal Blaine Patterson

Corporal Patterson did an excellent job rendering aid and providing assistance after arriving on the scene of a traffic accident. He assessed the injured, called 911, provided victim support, and directed traffic until additional deputies arrived.

Corrections Deputy of the Year

Allende-Villafane, MarcosOn May 31, 2015, approximately 3:30 am, Corrections Deputy Allende-Villafane was off-duty and driving home when he noticed what appeared to be lights in a ditch located along on US-1 near Compass Drive in Rockledge. Corrections Deputy Allende-Villafane slowed to a stop and positioned his vehicle so his headlights would provide better lighting. After immediately seeing a vehicle flipped upside down in the ditch and partially submerged in water, he knew he may only have seconds to act. When he yelled out and did not receive a response, Corrections Deputy Allende-Villafane entered the ditch to see if any

occupants may still be trapped inside the vehicle. He attempted to enter the vehicle but all the doors were locked. It was at this time he heard a female voice from inside of the vehicle, screaming she was drowning. Corrections Deputy Allende-Villafane knew the vehicle was quickly taking on water, and needed to calm her down to get her assistance in unlocking the door. Corrections Deputy Allende-Villafane was able to accomplish this task and after several unsuccessful attempts, was finally able to force the driver’s side door open and remove the trapped victim, carrying her to safety.

Corrections Deputy Allende-Villafane’s life-saving actions and unwavering dedication are certainly a credit to this agency and to the community he so proudly serves. Our 2015 Corrections Deputy of the Year, Allende- Villafane.


As you will see the efforts of these deputies and agents are truly extraordinary and many times they have risked their own safety to save the lives of another or protect a person or their property from being victimized. It is with great pleasure in recognizing the Deputies of the Month:

January: Deputy Randy Truitt

Deputy Truitt was asked to conduct a well-being check on an elderly woman, who was renting a room to a younger female. Deputy Truitt’s excellent investigative skills while at the residence discovered inconsistencies in the renter’s story. Further follow-up by Deputy Truitt discovered the victim had been murdered and her body stored in a shed behind the home. Deputy Truitt’s excellent observation skills and attention to detail, combined with his diligent work ethic in handling what many would have considered a “routine” call, proved paramount in uncovering a homicide and identifying the suspect of this crime. He has been awarded a Bar of Merit for his actions.

February: Sergeant Jacqueline Hearon, Deputy Andre w Johnson, Deputy Nicholas Worthy

Deputies Johnson, Worthy, and Sergeant Hearon, rescued the victim of an attempted murder by arson as they forced entry into a burning building and carried the victim to safety. Due to the quick actions of these deputies, they were able to enter a burning residence, whose main entry and exit points were blocked, and save the life of the occupant. They have each been awarded a Life Saving Bar.

March: Deputy Nicholas Worthy

Deputy Worthy responded to assist the Cocoa Police Department regarding a report of an armed subject discharging a firearm in a residential area. Due to Deputy Worthy’s quick response and actions, he was able to identify the suspect and neutralize the threat.

April: Deputy David Turbeville, Deputy Douglas Postlethweight

These deputies responded to a report of an apartment fire. Upon arriving on scene, they broke a sliding glass door and entered the smoke filled apartment. With limited visibility, they were able to save both occupants. For their actions, both are awarded Life Saving Bars.

May: Agent Mike Spadafora and Agent Vince Ziccardi

Through the efforts of Agent Spadafora and Agent Ziccardi, a small child that was being sexually abused by his father was rescued from further abuse. They have each been awarded a Bar of Merit for their actions.

June: Agent Joe Martin

Agent Joe Martin diligently investigated, identified, and successfully charged the suspect of a homicide and sexual battery of a female which occurred nearly 28 years ago. This reopened cold case investigation is a testament to Agent Martin’s perseverance and dedication in bringing a murderer to justice and closure in the case for the victim’s family. The suspect pled guilty and will spend the rest of his life in prison. Agent Martin has been awarded a Bar of Merit for his actions.

July: Agent David Kolker

During an investigation, Agent Kolker learned one of the suspects routinely disciplined his two dogs by hooking their collars to a chain attached to a rope that hung from a rafter on his carport. The suspect admitted to Agent Kolker that recently while he was “disciplining” one of his dogs in this manner, it was left alone for approximately five hours, and when he returned, he found his dog deceased. Agent Kolker located a neighbor who also witnessed this act of animal cruelty and had even took photographs of the deceased dog as evidence. When the suspect became aware of the incriminating photographs, he forcefully took them from his neighbor. Through Agent Kolker’s outstanding investigative effort, in addition to arresting the primary suspect in the case for Animal Cruelty, Robbery, Grand Theft and Cultivation of Marijuana, Agent Kolker also arrested and charged a second suspect for his role in the case. For his actions, he has been awarded a Bar of Merit.

August: Agent Jason Roberts, Agent Casey Smith, Agent Peter Stead, Sergeant Todd Beuer, Sergeant Brenda Deans, Lieutenant William Haggerty, Judicial Services Chief Mike Lewis

In August 2015, the Special Investigations Unit was investigating criminal activity. On August 20th, at approximately 9:15 P.M., Agent Jason Roberts, Agent John “Casey” Smith, and Agent Peter Stead responded to a residence for follow-up investigation regarding the case. After making contact with the female suspect at the front of the residence, the agents attempted to take her into custody. The female began calling into the residence at which time Agent Smith observed a male in the doorway and exiting the house with a handgun. Agent Smith made his presence known and alerted the other agents that the suspect was armed. The male quickly began firing his gun at the Agents despite their clearly identifiable attire labeling them as Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Agents, as well as their verbal commands to drop the firearm.

During this highly volatile encounter, Agent Smith was struck twice from rounds fired by the male suspect. The male suspect also received wounds during the exchange of gunfire. Upon recognizing the suspect was “down” and Agent Smith was shot, Agent Roberts maintained his composure and was able to notify the Communication Center of what had occurred and requested assistance. As the agents continued returning fire, they dragged Agent Smith out of the line of fire to a corner of the yard where they administered first aid, all the while being pinned down as the suspect continued firing on them.

When the call for assistance went out over the radio, patrol units from North Precinct, Cape Canaveral Precinct, West Precinct, and East Precinct responded. At this point, the male suspect then sat up and fired several more times at the agents and fled back into his residence. Agent Roberts and Agent Stead then focused on emergency medical treatment of Agent Smith, not knowing if the male suspect would come out of the residence for another confrontation. While performing lifesaving measures, Agent Roberts positioned himself between the shooter and Agent Smith in an effort to shield him from being struck again while Agent Stead provided cover. The Agents administered lifesaving medical care to Agent Smith, to include CPR, while additional patrol units arrived on scene. Judicial Services Chief Mike Lewis, who resides in the area was awoken by the sound of gunfire, grabbed his ballistic vest and duty weapon, and ran to the scene. Chief Lewis provided cover to the agents as they continued to move Agent Smith out of the line of fire.

Once additional units arrived on scene, Chief Lewis assisted Sgt. Beuer and Lieutenant Will Haggerty with positioning perimeter units. Lieutenant Will Haggerty was one of the initial deputies on scene and assumed the role of Incident Commander. He coordinated the officer rescue of Agent Smith; positioned other responding units to perimeter points in order to contain the scene; and along with Chief Lewis, addressed the arrest of the suspects. Sgt. Beuer was one of the initial deputies on scene as it was still evolving and positioned his patrol vehicle between agents and the suspect’s residence in order to provide a barrier between the agents and the shooter.

Sergeant Brenda Deans was also one of the initial deputies on scene and assisted Sgt. Beuer and Lieutenant Haggerty in the coordination of the immediate officer rescue of Agent Smith. Sergeant Deans volunteered to ride in the ambulance to the hospital as a security element for Agent Smith, comforting Agent Smith on the way to the hospital.

As Agent Smith was being transported to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, he “coded” in the ambulance. Medical personnel were able to revive him, and made an emergency stop at Wuesthoff Medical Center. While at Wuesthoff, surgeons were able to stabilize Agent Smith and save his life.

The outstanding teamwork and heroic actions of all personnel involved without question saved the life of Agent Smith. Sergeant Tod Beuer, Sergeant Brenda Deans, Lieutenant Will Haggerty and Chief Mike Lewis have been awarded both Merit and Life Saving Bars. Agent Jason Roberts and Agent Peter Stead are receiving Life Saving Bars.

September: Deputy Justin Hope

Deputy Justin Hope responded to a domestic battery call for service and observed through a window the suspect choking the victim with both hands while yelling, “I’m going to kill you!” Fearing for the victim’s life, Deputy Hope entered the residence, challenged the suspect at gun point and took him into custody.

Due to Deputy Hope’s immediate action and intervention, he was able to save a victim from being beaten and strangled. He has been awarded a Merit Bar for his actions.

October: Deputy William Hammer

Deputy Hammer located a stolen vehicle from Orange County occupied by two suspects which fled upon seeing him. A short time later, Deputy Hammer observed the suspects in front of a residence with one attempting to carjack a victim in her driveway with an infant child in the backseat. Deputy Hammer arrested the suspect before he could flee the area or harm the female. His quick thinking certainly averted a serious crime from becoming a tragedy.

Deputy Hammer’s quick thinking and vast geographical knowledge of an area enabled him to locate suspects and avert a serious crime from turning into a tragedy. He has been awarded a Merit Bar for his actions.

November: Deputy Brandon Phillips and Deputy Brandon Sellers

While conducting a DUI investigation, these deputies displayed an excellent example of vigilant police work, which led to the safe recovery of an abandoned 4-year old. For their actions, both are awarded Merit Bars.

December: Deputy John Vaughn

After hearing a female yelling for help from inside an apartment, Deputy Vaughn made forced entry and arrested a suspect for felony domestic violence which had occurred several days earlier. Deputy Vaughn’s actions prevented the female, who was in fear of her life, from becoming injured further and is receiving a Merit Bar for his actions.


Agent Jason Roberts, Agent Peter Stead and Agent Casey Smith.

While encountering an armed subject with deadly intent is something we pray no deputy ever faces, unfortunately, it is happening more and more. In August 2015, these deputies were involved in a courageous gun battle for their very lives. They summoned all their training, skills and courage to emerge successful. For their efforts, they are each awarded the Medal of Valor.

Agent Smith is additionally awarded a Wound Bar, an award we happily don’t present very often. Casey fought hard to survive in the weeks following that incident and we are so incredibly proud that he is still with us and able to be standing on this stage to receive this award.


On February 6, 2015, our recipient was one of three deputies who responded to a residence in Cocoa regarding a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, they found a vehicle in the driveway fully engulfed in flames. The fire had also spread to another vehicle in the carport and onto the eaves of the home. Due to the size of the fire coupled with the unstable and explosive contents within the carport and vehicles, the deputies were unable to reach the front door of the residence. As deputies ran to the rear of the house, they discovered a burning gas can under a natural gas line, as well as fire at the rear door.

With fire blocking all entry and exit points to the home, the three deputies began banging on windows to try to notify any occupants. They broke out one of bedroom windows and worked together to locate and carry the only occupant to safety. An inspection by Fire Investigators determined the fire was arson and intentionally set with the intention of trapping the occupant inside the residence. Without the quick actions of these deputies, the victim would have surely perished. For this incident, our recipient is being awarded a Life Saving Bar.

On March 9, 2015, our recipient responded to an area in Cocoa to assist the Cocoa Police Department regarding the report of an armed subject discharging a firearm as he walked throughout a residential area. The original emergency 911 caller stated the suspect was repeatedly shooting from across the street and at least one projectile had entered their home, which was occupied by two adults and children.

Nick WorthyThe deputy was the first to arrive on scene. As he approached the intersection, he observed a male subject matching the description of the armed suspect. He stopped his patrol unit in the middle of the roadway and activated his emergency blue-lights, at which time the suspect began advancing and discharging a semi-automatic pistol directly at our deputy. The deputy then exited his patrol unit as rounds were penetrating into his passenger compartment, all while undergoing heavy gunfire from the suspect. The suspect continued to aggressively advance towards the deputy following him to the rear of the patrol unit during the continued exchange of gunfire. During the exchange, the deputy experienced a double feed weapon malfunction, but he immediately conducted a tactical reload and continued to exchange gunfire with the suspect. At the rear of the patrol unit as the two were merely feet apart, the deputy was able to target and neutralize the deadly threat.

Our recipient’s actions were truly an act of courage and heroism. He placed himself in imminent danger to protect lives, without any hesitation. His actions exemplify the highest degree of honor and the ideals at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Prior to his service with the BCSO, Nick is a decorated combat veteran where he served this great nation with several tours overseas as a US Army Ranger Sergeant and Team Leader, where he was recognized with the Bronze Star Medal of Valor in combat for his heroic actions in Afghanistan. Nick is also the son of Deputy Terry Worthy, a 35+ year member of our agency.

It is my pleasure to recognize this exceptional deputy sheriff by presenting him with the Medal of Valor and introducing Deputy Nicholas Worthy as your 2015 Deputy of the Year.