2017 Honored Employees


25 Years of Service

James Culver

Karen Dennis

Bruce Dowdy

Donald Eggert

John Ehrig

George Fayson

Ronald Forknall

Michael Green

Tamara Gross

Margaret Hargis

Michael Hatton

Barbara Hensley

John Hudgens

Robert Lape

Kristy Moore

Jack Osborn

Lee Wenner

Cynthia Young

Thomas Young

30 Years of Service

Gary Anderson

Donald Barker

Ronald Barker

Patricia Bestwick

John Boyd

Jimmy Fielding

Bonnie Herman

Darrell Hibbs

Donalee Jenkins

Dianne Lathem

Robert Lough

Charles Nash

Greg Purden

Alan Rainey

Robyn Rasch

Dolores Scott

Michael Van Slyke

Douglas Waller

35 Years of Service

Michael Lewis

James Troup

40 Years of Service

David Fitch

Fitch David


This award signifies that the recipient has consistently demonstrated dedication to strengthening the relationship of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office with the community it serves through loyalty, honor, professionalism and community involvement. Dr. Desmond K. Blackburn and Captain John W. Murray are this year’s recipients.

Desmond K. Blackburn, Ph.D., has led improvement to education and performance as Superintendent of Brevard Public Schools since July 2015. During his tenure, BPS has worked to foster stakeholder relationships, increase instructional time, standardize discipline, expand technical and industrial education, increase school choice and improve social and emotional support for students. The district’s graduation rate is the highest among Florida’s largest school districts. BPS has partnered with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office to provide and improve districtwide security – a partnership that has grown increasingly important.

Due to his collaborative reputation, Dr. Blackburn was recently appointed by Gov. Rick Scott to serve on the newly formed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission. Before that, he participated in Gov. Scott’s emergency meetings to help develop the just-passed Marjory Stoneman Douglas public-safety act. He is a member of the national Chiefs for Change nonprofit organization a group of more than 30 innovative district and state education committed to policy that puts students above politics. Dr. Blackburn describes himself as a Christian, husband, father, son, brother, student, Florida Gator and member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Captain John W. Murray joined the Canaveral Port Authority (CPA) in February 2016. A highly respected maritime executive, Capt. Murray brings a wealth of maritime experience to his role as Chief Executive Officer and Port Director for one of the world’s most dynamic ports. Prior to joining CPA, Capt. Murray was president and chief executive officer of a leading global liner shipping company. A 40-year maritime industry veteran, Capt. Murray has held numerous positions of responsibility, rising through the management ranks.

Capt. Murray is at the helm of Port Canaveral, one of Florida’s fastest growing seaports. With a staff of more than 200 Port employees, he manages a world-class gateway for cruises, cargo, recreation and logistics, as well as a gateway to new frontiers, including space. Through his dedication and leadership, he continues to strengthen the relationship with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office as well as the community and the port tenants they so proudly serve. Capt. Murray is constantly fostering partnerships with the community, the port tenants, the cruise industry, the space industry, the fuel industry, the fishing industry, the boating industry to ensure that the unique makeup of the port’s existing multi-use signature is recognized.


Moseman MaryThis employee consistently demonstrated a willingness to volunteer to serve his/her community with selfless devotion, putting others first, and has always displayed a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

This year’s recipient is Mary Moseman.

Mary Moseman is an incredible member of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and never misses an opportunity to give back or volunteer for anything our agency is involved in. Mary even convinces her husband to dress up as Santa every year at the Handlebars for the Holidays event where we give away around 200 bikes to children that are in need. Mary volunteers for every Parade we participate in and almost every event as well. Mary also is in charge of placing American flags at the American Police Hall of Fame for Police Memorial Week to honor our Fallen Officers.

You will never hear Mary complain about anything she is asked to do, as she always wants to go above and beyond to make sure everything is the way it needs to be. She never does not have a smile on her face and always asks others how they are and if there is anything that they need as she always puts others first as she is probably the most selfless person you will ever meet. Anyone who knows her would describe her as the friend you are lucky to have and the person who would give you the shirt off her back to make sure no one goes without and the friend who is always there for those she knows.


Hutchinson Lorenzo

This award signifies that the recipient has consistently demonstrated throughout their career the same qualities demonstrated by the late Sgt. Lucille (Lucy) Ross during her career. The criteria requirements are: dedication to community service, excellence in profession, compassion and high level of caring especially concerning children, and being of service to crime victims and their families.

This year’s recipient is DeputyLorenzo Hutchinson

As a former Harlem Globetrotter, Corporal Lorenzo Hutchinson uses his basketball and communication skills to mentor children of all ages and backgrounds. Hutch has created many successful programs that through teaching basketball skills he can boost self-confidence and give the participants a positive alternative to life on the streets. The platform to mentor, encourage, and teach life skills to our youth is basketball. Hutch has positively impacted the lives of thousands of children from all backgrounds through the building of their self-esteem while teaching them self-discipline, accountability, and healthy life choices.

In addition, Hutch also organized” Daddy Daycare—Celebration of Good Fathers”. This event used basketball to encourage fathers to be positive role models and active participants in their children’s lives. He plays a vital role in the success of the Police Athletic League (PAL), where his participation has served to strengthen relationships between law enforcement and the community and enhanced the lives of everyone involved. If all of that isn’t enough, he serves as a Coach for the JV and Varsity basketball team at Astronaut High School and at The Field of Dreams Sports Complex where he works autistic children. Corporal Lorenzo Hutchinson’s tireless efforts and unlimited energy in his commitment to our youth and our communities, serving as an example for all to emulate, and proudly representing the true spirit of Sergeant Lucy Ross.


Keeler HarleyThis award signifies that the civilian recipient has made a significant contribution to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office by volunteering for the Citizens Observer Program or other volunteer program within agency. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is proud to have 218 active volunteers.

COP Coordinator Harley Keeler is this year’s recipient.

Harley Keeler has been a member of the Sheriff’s Office, Citizens on Patrol, since 2014 and currently serves as the COP coordinator for Barefoot Bay. Harley has volunteered in excess of 1200 hours each year for the past three years. As a result of his service to the Sheriff’s Office, he has earned the Gold Presidential Volunteer Award, three years in a row. COP Keeler has brought an in-depth knowledge of law enforcement procedures to the COP program due to his previous career as a Massachusetts State Trooper. COP Keeler coordinates with the South Precinct Lieutenants on community events that need support and he has received numerous accolades from citizens and neighbors alike who have expressed appreciation for the friendly smile visibility he brings to the neighborhoods. COP Keeler has taken it upon himself to ensure everyone feels that they are a part of the BCSO family. These are just some examples of the dedication, leadership and teamwork that COP Harley Keeler demonstrates on a daily basis.


This recipient is a member of the community selected for outstanding service and commitment to the citizens of Brevard County and for continued support of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

This year’s recipient is Darcia Jones-Francey.

Darcia Jones-Francey has lived in Brevard County her entire life, and was raised by parents who showed her the importance of giving back. Darcia began her life of giving when she was in her 20’s as she was recruited by the Community Foundation for help, she has never turned back and has helped raise millions of dollars for countless organizations including our very own Brevard County Public Safety Charity. I am sure if you ask Darcia she will tell you it isn’t her who does so much; as she is very humble and does not like the spotlight but she has made it her and her husband John’s mission to volunteer, raise money and give back to non-profits throughout Brevard County.

There is no way to even get a list of every organization that Darcia has helped as I am sure at some point in her life she has helped about every organization in Brevard County.

Darcia has been an incredible help for our team and those organizations that help first responders and we could never thank Darcia for everything she does for our Community every day.


Corporal Jeremy Flake

Corporal Jeremy Flake was monitoring Police Dispatch when an active shooter call was dispatched to Parrish Hospital. Upon arrival, Corporal Flake was informed that a shooting had occurred, and that the shooter’s location was unknown, but potentially on the third floor. Corporal Flake immediately organized two teams consisting of Deputies and Titusville Police Officers and directed them to enter the main hospital lobby to begin securing the facility while searching for the shooter. After arriving on the third floor, it was observed that hospital security had detained a male suspect, however, it was still unknown at that time if a second suspect was involved. Corporal Flake began assigning deputies to maintain cover on multiple stairwells while other teams under his direction cleared the remaining floors and rooms. Corporal Flake then directed the safe evacuation and search of persons on the third floor. Upon the arrival of additional supervisors, Corporal Flake was given the task of dividing deputies into two teams, to cover North Zones and all calls for service in the city of Titusville. Corporal Flake demonstrated the utmost in leadership, bravery, and professionalism while involved in this critical incident.

Agent James Landen and Deputy Michelle Sweet Caporizzo

Beginning in December 2016, Deputy Michelle Sweet Caporizzo was assigned to South GCU to assist with felony investigations. During her assignment, Deputy Caporizzo was tasked with assisting Agent Jim Landen with a federal investigation relating to child pornography / sexual enticement of a child. Deputy Caporizzo was initially tasked with monitoring and documenting tips and leads and spent countless days and hours meticulously documenting investigative details. Through her efforts, she gathered substantial evidence indicating that the suspect was involved with sexual crimes against children. In early 2017, Deputy Caporizzo discovered a cooperating witness. The witness allowed Agents to essentially assume her identity in order to contact the suspect. During this portion of the investigation Agents were able to introduce Deputy Caporizzo to the suspect in an undercover capacity. Ultimately, the investigation led to a federal prosecution of the suspect for multiple counts of sexual crimes against children where he was sentenced to 24 years in federal prison.

Deputy Nathaniel Kirk and Deputy Juliann Mangrum

In January 2017, Deputy Nathaniel Kirk and Deputy Juliann Mangrum responded to a motel to locate a female wanted for a felony warrant. Upon arrival, the Deputies learned where the suspect was possibly located. Deputy Kirk and Deputy Mangrum made contact with a male at the room that informed the deputies that the suspect was in the bathroom. Deputy Kirk and Deputy Mangrum knocked on the bathroom door and received no response. Believing the suspect could be causing harm to herself, they forced the bathroom door open. Deputy Kirk then observed a woman with a knife slicing deeply into her left wrist. Deputies Kirk and Mangrum immediately entered the bathroom in order to gain compliance of the subject who was still armed and bleeding profusely from her self-inflicted wounds. While attempting to secure the female in the very small bathroom, the subject swung her arm and intentionally cut Deputy Kirk with the knife. Deputy Kirk utilized his Taser and the subject dropped the knife. Deputy Kirk and Deputy Mangrum were able to gain control of the subject who was transported to receive immediate medical treatment.

Deputy Dion Jarrells and Deputy John Jeffreys

In July 2017, Deputy Dion Jarrells and Deputy John Jeffreys responded to a residence reference a domestic violence call. Deputies Jarrells and Jeffreys arrived on scene and approached the residence observing a female through an open window. Deputy Jeffreys knocked on the door several times and announced his presence. The front door opened and a small framed female was in the doorway with a large male behind her. The male then pulled her inside the residence as the door was closing. Deputies Jeffreys and Jarrells breached the doorway and addressed the male and observed that the female had black eyes and other injuries about her face. The victim was then escorted outside for medical attention. The investigation determined the victim had been abused throughout the night by the suspect who was charged with eighteen counts of Sexual Battery, Battery, Domestic Violence by Strangulation and Attempted Murder.

Deputy Jeff Cook, Deputy Joshua Hardy, Deputy Kristopher Matthews, and Deputy Eric Thompson

In October 2017, Deputy Jeff Cook responded to a residence in reference to a Domestic Violence call. Upon arrival, he made contact with witnesses who advised that the suspect had battered his girlfriend and tried to drown her in the ditch in front of the residence. Deputy Cook then made contact with the victim, who was found unresponsive. He observed a large wound to her forehead and she was soaking wet and covered in mud. Deputy Cook immediately summoned BCFR and provided medical treatment until they arrived. Deputy Cook determined the suspect had fled the scene and had armed himself with several large knives. As Deputy Cook was processing the crime scene, he was advised the suspect was in the back yard. Deputy Cook advised this information and several other units responded to the location, to include, Deputy Kristopher Matthews, Deputy Joshua Hardy, and Deputy Eric Thompson. As they arrived in the backyard, the deputies observed an RV on fire and they could hear the suspect yelling from within. The RV doors were locked from the inside and the flames had now spread throughout. Deputy Thompson retrieved a Halligan bar and forced a door open. Deputy Cook and Deputy Matthews entered the RV, located the suspect, and dragged him to safety. The deputies acted courageously in the face of danger and did not consider their own safety in taking action to arrest a violent felony suspect, as well as preserving his life and the life of his victim.

Agent Francis Dufresne

In October 2017, a suspect was convicted of fifty counts related to Capital Sexual Battery, Lewd and Lascivious Molestation, and Possession of Child Pornography. The charges stemmed from an arrest by the Satellite Beach Police Department in 2014. The investigation relied heavily on the BCSO’s Digital Forensics Unit for extensive computer forensic analysis. The analysis uncovered images and videos of horrific abuse from files backed up to his computer from a personal cellphone that had never been recovered. The state expressed this case would have been extremely difficult to prove without the digital evidence, coupled with the two-day expert testimony of Agent Francis Dufresne. The BCSO Digital Forensics Unit has become the go-to unit for all of the municipalities and our Federal partners when digital forensics are needed to support and prove criminal acts in all types of cases. The experience and professionalism exhibited by Agent Dufresne represented the best of what the BCSO does every day.

Deputy Arnold Smith

In October 2017, Deputy Arnold Smith was off duty and observed a male walk up to another male standing near gas pumps. Suddenly, the male struck the other male in the face with a closed fist. Deputy Smith entered the parking lot and watched the suspect run towards a female and grab her purse, dragging her approximately 6 feet across the pavement as she held on. Deputy Smith exited his vehicle and ran toward the suspect as he attempted to flee in a vehicle. Deputy Smith identified himself as a law enforcement officer and challenged him at gun point. He directed the suspect to exit the vehicle and get on the ground. The suspect complied after several more verbal commands. Deputy Smith then attempted to direct the other parties involved to stay on scene, but they refused and fled the area. Deputy Smith held the suspect at gunpoint until back up deputies and Titusville Police officers arrived to assist. Deputy Smith assisted in handcuffing the robbery suspect and giving the investigating officer a detailed account of the events he witnessed. Deputy Smith bravely put himself in the face of danger in order to follow his oath as a Deputy Sheriff to protect our citizens.

Corporal Zach Brown

In October 2017, deputies responded to an injured/ill person. Upon arrival, Corporal Zach Brown took control of the scene and rescue efforts. BCFR responded and through everyone’s participation, the victim was revived and transported. Corporal Brown then established rapport with a resident and not only located heroin inside the house, but obtained the description of the suspect who may have sold it to the victim. Corporal Brown then coordinated the investigation to identify the suspected drug dealer. After several hours, Corporal Brown located the suspect who then fled on foot. During the chase, Corporal Brown’s pant leg tangled in a fence causing him to fall and strike his face on a wooden post. Corporal Brown suffered a cut by his eye and the blood was impairing his vison. Without hesitation, he continued the chase for approximately 500 yards, over three fences, where he apprehended the suspect.

Deputy Kimone Edwards

In December 2017, Deputy Kimone Edwards was starting her shift when she noticed three juveniles walking down Parrish Road. Due to the time of day and the suspicious actions they were displaying, she stopped the suspects. Deputy Edwards noticed that one of the suspects refused to remove his hands from his pockets. When he finally started to remove his hands, she observed a bulge in his pocket and conducted a weapons pat down. The pat down led to the seizure of a loaded 9mm handgun. Deputy Edwards interviewed the subject and obtained a confession of an armed vehicle burglary. The victim was then located who advised there were additional weapons taken from the car. With the help of Deputy Timothy Harris, the weapons were recovered unsecured in a residential area.


Deputy Heather Bivins and Deputy Lee Roth

Deputy Raonel Barrial, Deputy Nathaniel Kirk, and Deputy Adam Weimer (Merit bar)

In 2017, the Sheriff’s Office received an emergency call concerning an individual who had been shot. As patrol units responded to the call, an inner perimeter was established, and units responded to render aid. Deputy Lee Roth and Deputy Heather Bivins assessed and cleared the scene and began rendering first aid to the victim who had multiple gunshot wounds. Deputies Bivins’ and Roth’s quick actions and critical aid included cutting away clothing, calming the victim, locating the wounds, and applying pressure to stop the bleeding. The deputies continued their lifesaving measures until Brevard Fire Rescue arrived on the scene to relieve them.

Deputy Adam Weimer and Deputy Nate Kirk then observed a vehicle matching the description and conducted a felony traffic stop. The deputies quickly determined this was in fact the vehicle involved in the shooting and located a .380 caliber handgun in the vehicle, which matched the casing recovered at the scene. Agent Raonel Barrial responded and assumed the investigation where he conducted several search warrants and obtained a statement about the shooting that determined that the victim was mistaken for a rival gang member. If it was not for the actions of Deputy Lee Roth and Deputy Heather Bivins, the victim may not have survived the incident; for their actions they are receiving a Life Saving Award. Agent Raonel Barrial and Deputies Nate Kirk and Adam Weimer are awarded a Bar of Merit.

Deputy Thomas Kelly

In November 2016, Deputy Thomas Kelly was dispatched to a traffic crash involving a pedestrian. Upon arrival, he observed a male laying on the ground in front of a vehicle. Deputy Kelly noticed the male had his left foot completely amputated and was bleeding profusely. Deputy Kelly immediately took his trauma tourniquet and applied it to the upper left thigh of the injured leg to stop the loss of blood as he checked the victim for any additional wounds. Deputy Kelly then discovered that the victim had a broken arm and leg with severe cuts to his forehead. BCFR arrived on scene and took control of the lifesaving efforts. BCFR worked roadside to stabilize the male before he was life-flighted to a local hospital. The emergency room doctor advised that the patient had come into the emergency room with a BCSO tourniquet applied and that the quick thinking of Deputy Kelly had saved the man’s life.

Deputy Keaton Mauldin and FTO Kevin Stanton

In January 2017, FTO Kevin Stanton and Deputy Keaton Mauldin responded to a report of an injured/ill person. The caller stated a frantic male had advised a neighbor that his wife was dying. FTO Stanton arrived first and made contact with the husband. FTO Stanton was led to a back bedroom of the residence where he observed a female laying on her back. He recognized the female was not breathing and had no pulse. FTO Stanton began CPR as Deputy Mauldin entered the room with his AED. Deputy Mauldin attached and activated the AED while FTO Stanton continued CPR efforts. The AED then administered a shock and the victim regained a pulse. BCFR soon arrived, assumed critical life care and transported the victim to a local hospital. Eventually, the female did pass away as a result of the medical event, but the ER doctor stated FTO Stanton’s and Deputy Mauldin’s actions prolonged her life by an additional 8 hours, allowing family to gather with the victim to share those final moments.

Deputy Matthew Murphy and Agent Randy Truitt

In February 2017, Agent Randy Truitt and Deputy Matthew Murphy, responded to a call of an injured/ill person. When they arrived on scene, the victim was found unresponsive. The husband informed them that his wife had been unconscious for approximately eight minutes. They checked the female’s vital signs and did not detect a pulse. Deputy Murphy and Agent Truitt administered CPR until BCFR arrived on scene and took over life saving measures. The hospital staff stated that the quick response and lifesaving measures administered by Agent Truitt and Deputy Murphy directly aided in the woman’s life being saved.

Agent Garrett DeWind, Sergeant Brett Lockhart, and Deputy Gregory Matthews

In February 2017, Sergeant Brett Lockhart observed a male motorist traveling on I-95, waving his arms frantically. Sergeant Lockhart initiated a traffic stop at which time a female passenger exited the vehicle and ran toward a ditch. The panicked male driver stated, “She cut her wrist!” Without hesitation, Sergeant Lockhart immediately gave chase. As Sergeant Lockhart attempted to calm the female, he observed deep lacerations on her left wrist and forearm. The female was bleeding and she attempted to flee causing Sergeant Lockhart to restrain her for her own safety. Acting quickly, he continued to calm the victim while utilizing a towel to apply direct pressure to her wounds. Agent Garret DeWind and Deputy Gregory Matthews arrived on scene with a tourniquet. While restraining the victim, the three deputies applied the tourniquet, which immediately mitigated the heavy loss of blood. The deputies continued to calm the victim and moved her back to the roadway until BCFR arrived on scene. Due to the quick response of these deputies, the victim is alive and receiving assistance for the issue that led her to harm herself.

Deputy Joshua Ruth

In March 2017, Deputy Josh Ruth responded to an injured or ill person. Upon arrival, Deputy Ruth made contact with the victim. The victim was lying motionless on the floor, his face was blue and he was not breathing. Deputy Ruth determined that he did not have a pulse and immediately began performing CPR until he was relieved by BCFR. The victim was given medication for a possible overdose and was transported to Cape Canaveral Hospital. Deputy Ruth responded to the hospital where the man was now alert. Hospital staff credited Deputy Ruth’s timely actions with saving the individual’s life.

Deputy Benjamin Nemeth

In March 2017, Deputy Ben Nemeth was on a business patrol when he noticed a fire in the wooded area to the north of a business. Deputy Nemeth went to investigate and discovered an intoxicated male laying on the ground in front of a tent. The male was unable to move and the fire had surrounded him. Deputy Nemeth noticed the victim’s right trouser leg were on fire as well. Deputy Nemeth dragged the male away from the flames and to safety until BCFR arrived on scene. The male was transported to the emergency room, where he was treated for burns and smoke inhalation and was expected to make a full recovery.

Sergeant Christopher Ferrante and FTO Christopher Little

In April 2017, Sergeant Christopher Ferrante and FTO Christopher Little responded to a heavily wooded area in response to a report of a possible suicide in progress. Upon arrival, the deputies found an adult male who had affixed a section of air conditioning duct from the exhaust pipe of the subject’s truck to the interior of the truck. The subject had also taken sleeping pills to help facilitate his death. Sergeant Ferrante and FTO Little quickly removed the unconscious male from the vehicle and FTO Little applied a sternum rub in an attempt to have the subject regain consciousness. Sergeant Ferrante also facilitated the medical attention by BCFR. The subject was hospitalized, and ultimately survived the incident while also receiving the medical assistance needed to address his despair.

Deputy Christopher Maloy and Corporal Alicia Miller

In April 2017, Corporal Alicia Miller and Deputy Christopher Maloy responded to a suspicious incident concerning a male with a ripped shirt and covered in blood attempting to flag down a motorist. Upon arrival, Corporal Miller and Deputy Maloy located the male who was now unconscious lying under some bushes and bleeding profusely from apparently self-inflicted deep lacerations to his wrists. Without hesitation, Corporal Miller and Deputy Maloy applied direct pressure to the victim’s wounds while elevating his arms above his head to stop the blood loss. The male then regained consciousness and became combative. The deputies were able to restrain the male until BCFR arrived. Upon arrival at the hospital, the victim’s blood pressure was critically low and he required a blood transfusion due to the loss of blood. The attending emergency room doctor attributed the life saving measures of Corporal Miller and Deputy Maloy with saving the man’s life.

Deputy Shawn Hanigan and Deputy Christina (Kane) Jenkins

In April 2017, Deputy Christina Jenkins and Deputy Shawn Hanigan responded to a residence in reference to a report of a possible suicide. Deputy Jenkins arrived on scene and located the male. The male was displaying distressed breathing with intermittent gasps for breath. The male was unconscious and the skin on his face and lips were blue. Deputy Jenkins began CPR and communicated with the other responding deputies. Deputy Hanigan established an open airway while Deputy Jenkins initiated chest compressions. As Deputy Jenkins and Deputy Hanigan worked together to provide lifesaving care for the victim, his condition improved, and he began breathing. BCFR personnel arrived shortly after took over emergency medical care for the male. He was transported to a local hospital where he received both medical and mental health treatment.

Deputy Kaylee Nutting and Deputy Ernie Plaza

In June 2017, Deputy Ernie Plaza and Deputy Kaylee Nutting responded to a residence to perform a well-being check for an elderly male. Upon arrival, the deputies were unsuccessful in locating the victim who had numerous medical issues. Concerned for the male’s safety, Deputies Plaza and Nutting found the doors and windows secured; however, Deputy Plaza was able to see through a small opening and observed the victim lying unresponsive on the floor in desperate need of help. Deputy Plaza forced entry, so the deputies could render aide. It was later determined the victim had suffered from a major stroke and was unable to move or speak. The deputies worked to calm the victim and provide reassurance until BCFR responded. The attending physicians at the hospital stated that had it not been for the quick response, the victim would surely have perished. Additionally, Deputies Nutting and Plaza re-secured the victim’s residence until it could be repaired.

Deputy Brent Haptonstall and Deputy Tyler Harrell

In September 2017, Deputy Haptonstall and Deputy Harrell responded in reference to a male who had possibly overdosed. Deputy Haptonstall located the address and made entry where he found a male unresponsive, not breathing, and blue in the face. Deputy Haptonstall immediately began CPR and continued until Deputy Harrell arrived. Deputy Harrell brought a breathing apparatus with him to assist in the life saving efforts. Deputy Harrell and Haptonstall then continued CPR until the male had a pulse; however, he still was not breathing. BCFR arrived and assumed lifesaving efforts while administering medication and the male eventually began breathing again. The male was transported to a local Hospital for follow up care. If not for the actions of Deputy Haptonstall and Deputy Harrell, the male would likely have died as a result of the overdose.

Deputy Anthony Pena and Deputy John Vaughn

In August 2017, Deputy John Vaughn and Deputy Anthony Pena were dispatched to an injured/ill person. Upon arrival, both deputies found the victim unconscious. The victim was taking sporadic shallow breaths and the pulse was fading. Deputy Vaughn and Deputy Pena conducted CPR for approximately 10 minutes until relieved by CCFR. CCFR administered medication to the victim who began to respond positively and began breathing normally, eventually regaining consciousness. The victim was transported to a local hospital and made a full recovery. The victim later responded to Cape Canaveral Precinct where he met with the deputies to personally thank them. Deputy Vaughn and Deputy Pena’s quick actions provided vital lifesaving medical care that significantly impacted the victim’s ability to recover from a traumatic medical incident.

FTO Robert Rowell

In July 2017, FTO Robert Rowell responded to a residence in reference to an unresponsive male. Upon arrival, the male was located with no pulse, was not breathing, turning blue and had possibly overdosed on an unknown narcotic. Once on scene, FTO Rowell entered the residence and immediately began CPR. FTO Rowell was then able to locate a faint pulse at which time the victim began breathing. Cocoa Fire Rescue arrived on scene and took over medical treatment for the victim. Cocoa Fire Rescue Lieutenant Silverman commended FTO Rowell personally for saving the man’s life.

Sergeant James Haman

In September 2017, Sergeant Haman responded to residence in reference to a report of a victim who had overdosed on an unknown substance. Upon arrival, Sergeant Haman located the victim with no pulse and unresponsive on the floor. He immediately began CPR and continued until BCFR arrived and assumed medical treatment. The victim was transported to a local hospital for further treatment and made a full recovery. There is no doubt that the timely and effective lifesaving efforts by Sergeant Haman made the difference between life and death.

Deputy Norma Castillo, FTO Sean Cronin and FTO Patrick Hanigan

In July 2017, FTO Sean Cronin, FTO Patrick Hanigan, and Deputy Norma Castillo responded to a residence in reference to performing a well-being check on a resident who had not been seen in several days. The responding deputies were unable to make contact with the resident. Fearing for the occupant’s safety, the deputies were able to locate a neighbor who had a key to access the home. Upon entering, the deputies located the male breathing, but unresponsive. Demonstrating teamwork, FTO Cronin, FTO Hanigan and Deputy Castillo immediately contacted BCFR and continually assessed his vital signs. The victim was transported to a local hospital where it was determined he suffered from a serious and previously unknown medical condition. If not for the determination and persistence of these deputies, the victim would likely have passed away.

Corporal Michael Matteson

In August 2017, Corporal Michael Matteson responded to an emergency medical situation where the victim was unresponsive and possibly deceased. Upon Corporal Matteson’s arrival, he found the victim laying on the floor. The victim had a pulse, but was not breathing. Corporal Matteson immediately began to deliver rescue breaths and chest compressions until BCFR arrived to continue lifesaving efforts. It was determined that the victim had overdosed and after being administered medication, he began to breath and was transported to a local hospital. Due to his timely response to the scene, Corporal Matteson was able to quickly assess the victim and sustain the victim’s life until Brevard County Fire Rescue arrived.

Deputy Brent Haptonstall and Deputy Herbert Smith

In August 2017, Deputy Haptonstall and Deputy Herb Smith responded to a residence relating to a possible suicide. While responding, they were further advised that the victim was actively slashing her wrist. Upon arrival, the deputies located a female inside a vehicle continuing to stab herself with a knife. Deputy Smith tried to talk with the female in an attempt to stop her from harming herself; however, the doors were locked and the female ignored all requests. Deputy Smith then broke a window and entered the vehicle. Deputy Haptonstall and Deputy Smith then worked together to extract the critically injured victim from the vehicle and observed puncture wounds to her arm and wrists. The deputies applied pressure to the most serious injuries to slow the loss of blood until CFR and BCFR arrived. The victim was transported to a local hospital where she made a full recovery.

FTO Taylor Barrett

In August 2017, Deputy Taylor Barrett responded to an injured or ill person. The caller stated the victim had passed out in the kitchen. Upon arrival, Deputy Barrett discovered the unresponsive victim, not breathing and with no pulse. Deputy Barrett immediately began performing CPR and continued until BCFR arrived. BCFR assumed lifesaving efforts and transported the victim to a local hospital where the medical staff was able to revive the victim. Unfortunately, the next day the victim succumbed to his previously unknown medical condition. Deputy Barrett’s actions demonstrated his dedication to duty as he remained calm in a critical situation. Deputy Barrett utilized his training and medical skills, prolonging the victim’s life and allowing the family to gather with him before he passed.

Deputy Joel Hernandez and Deputy Breean Lewis

In September 2017, Deputy Breean Lewis responded to a residence reference a medical condition. The caller had advised the victim possibly overdosed and was turning blue in color. Deputy Lewis entered the residence and located the victim. Deputy Lewis observed the victim unresponsive, however, the door could not be opened due to the victim’s body. Deputy Lewis opened the door enough to roll the victim on his side and drag him to the bedroom where she determined the victim did not have a pulse and was not breathing. Deputy Lewis immediately began CPR as Deputy Joel Hernandez arrived and assisted. The deputies continued CPR until they felt a pulse and he began breathing. BCFR arrived on scene, assumed medical treatment, administered medication and transported the victim to a local Hospital for follow-up care. Deputy Lewis and Deputy Hernandez acted quickly in a critical incident involving an unresponsive person. Their actions displayed exemplary performance, utilizing lifesaving skills and were instrumental in saving the victim’s life.

Agent Daniel Genova and Deputy Scott Stewart

In September 2017, Deputy Scott Stewart and Agent Daniel Genova were conducting Hurricane Irma security operations, when they responded to an injured/ill person call. Deputies were attempting to locate a female who was believed to have overdosed and walked into the ocean in an attempt to commit suicide. Deputy Stewart and Agent Genova responded to the beach where the victim was last seen walking towards the ocean. The deputies observed the victim lying face down in the water. Deputy Stewart and Agent Genova immediately ran to her location and pulled her from the ocean away from the dangerous tides and rip currents caused by the passing storm. The victim was barely breathing and incoherent. Canaveral Fire Rescue was unable to dispatch an ambulance due to the storm conditions and downed powerlines. Without hesitation the deputies contacted Deputy Donald Eri and placed the victim into the back of Deputy Eri’s canine truck along with a CCFR EMT. Deputy Eri then drove to Merritt Island where an ambulance was waiting. Deputies Stewart, Genova and Eri worked as a team with Canaveral Fire Rescue to overcome obstacles and do what was required to save the victim’s life.

Sergeant Robert Manley

In September 2017, a victim was found unresponsive and not breathing at a local hotel by a citizen. Sergeant Robert Manley responded and found a citizen performing CPR on the victim. Sergeant Manley checked the victim’s vitals and found that he had no pulse and was not breathing. Sergeant Manley then assumed CPR, and after approximately six minutes the victim began gasping for breath and a pulse was detected. BCFR then arrived and administered medication to the victim who was then transported to a local hospital for additional medical care where he made a full recovery. We would like to also commend the citizen who located the victim and performed CPR until the arrival of Sergeant Manley.

Deputy Lauren Hannon and Deputy Tyler Habart

In September 2017, Deputy Hannon, Deputy Habart, and Deputy Lakeman responded to an unresponsive male. Upon arrival, the deputies observed the victim making gasping sounds in an attempt to breath and had a faint pulse. The victim then stopped breathing and the deputies were unable to locate a pulse. Deputies Hannon and Habart immediately began CPR. After several minutes of CPR, the victim regained a pulse and began taking shallow breaths. CCVFR arrived moments later and continued the rescue efforts. The victim was transported to a local Hospital where he made a full recovery.

Deputy John “Jack” Hanigan

In September 2017, Deputy Hanigan responded to a call reference an injured/ill person at a local hotel. A citizen had frantically called advising that her friend was unconscious and not breathing. Deputy Hanigan responded to the hotel and located the victim unresponsive. Deputy Hanigan initiated CPR until BCFR arrived on scene to continue the lifesaving efforts. It was determined that the victim had overdosed and, after being administered medication, was revived and transported to the hospital. Due to his timely response, Deputy Hanigan was able to quickly assess the victim and sustain the victim’s life until Brevard County Fire Rescue arrived.

FTO Patrick Hanigan

In October 2017, FTO Patrick Hanigan responded to an Injured/Ill Person call, where it was advised the victim was unresponsive and not breathing. Upon arrival, FTO Hanigan found the victim on the floor, with no pulse, not breathing and blue in color. Deputy Hanigan started CPR, continuing until BCFR arrived. When BCFR arrived, they relieved FTO Hanigan and determined the victim now had a pulse and was breathing. The victim was then transported to a local hospital in stable condition. Due to FTO Hanigan’s efforts, the victim regained a pulse and began breathing on his own. If it were not for the quick action and life- saving efforts of FTO Hanigan, the victim would not have survived this incident.

Lieutenant Bert Gamin

In October 2017, Lieutenant Gamin, while off-duty, was a passenger in a car as they traveled through a desolate area. Lt. Gamin observed what appeared to be headlights approximately one thousand feet into the swampy flooded area. Believing that it could possibly be a car that had driven off the roadway, they turned around. Upon arrival, Lt. Gamin determined that it was a vehicle and he could hear the vehicle’s horn. Fearing that there was someone trapped in the vehicle, Lt. Gamin began running to the vehicle. It was apparent that the vehicle had left the roadway and been involved in a rollover crash, as there was significant damage and it was resting on the driver’s side. Lt. Gamin located what was later determined to be a 72-year-old female lying between the front seats in distress. Lt. Gamin broke through the sunroof, identified himself and quickly assessed the woman for injury. The woman was disoriented, but otherwise had not suffered any serious injuries. Lt. Gamin assisted the woman out of the vehicle and carried her back to the roadway as emergency personnel were arriving. The crash investigation determined that the victim was unable to escape from the wrecked vehicle on her own and had it not been for the actions of Lt. Gamin, it is highly possible the victim would have perished.

Deputy Amanda Eichner

In December 2017, the Sheriff’s Office received an emergency call in reference to an injured/ill person. Upon arrival, Deputy Amanda Eichner was able to locate the victim although multiple addresses were provided, complicating the response. The citizen who had called was crying, shaking, and unable to perform CPR prior to the deputy’s arrival. Deputy Eichner determined the victim had no pulse and was not breathing. Without hesitation, Deputy Eichner began CPR while calming the citizen and walking her through rescue breaths. Deputy Eichner continued this process until BCFR arrived. BCFR then instructed the citizen to move aside so they could ask her various medical questions about the victim. During this time Deputy Eichner continued to provide CPR until BCFR took over. The victim ultimately regained a pulse and began breathing. BCFR advised that the victim’s survival was attributed to the quick response, instructions, and the lifesaving measures conducted by Deputy Eichner.

Deputy Josh Ellison

In November 2017, Deputy Josh Ellison responded to a residence reference an unresponsive 86-year-old female with dementia. The caller advised she was in the process of taking her mother to the hospital when her mother fell and was unresponsive, but breathing. Upon arrival, Deputy Ellison checked the victim’s vitals and discovered she was no longer breathing and had no pulse. Deputy Ellison conducted CPR until he was able to obtain a pulse. BCFR responded and the victim was transported to a local Hospital where she was stabilized. Due to Deputy Ellison’s lifesaving aid, the 86-year-old was saved.

Deputy Lauren Hannon

In November 2017, Deputy Lauren Hannon responded to an injured/ill person where she located a victim unresponsive. The victim was taking shallow breaths and had a faint pulse. While waiting for Cape Canaveral Fire Rescue to respond, the victim stopped breathing and had no pulse. Deputy Hannon observed this and immediately started administering CPR. Shortly after, the victim regained a pulse. CCVFR arrived to continue the rescue efforts and victim was transported to a local hospital where he made a full recovery.

Deputy Peter Chamberland

In December 2017, Deputy Peter Chamberland responded to a disturbance. While attempting to resolve the disturbance, a resident advised her 52-year-old son was not breathing. Deputy Chamberlain quickly located the victim, unresponsive, not breathing, and having no discernable pulse. Deputy Chamberland then requested BCFR and began CPR as the family became very emotional and reinitiated the disturbance. Deputy Chamberland remained calm, utilized his training, and continued performing CPR. After several minutes he was still unable to detect a pulse. Deputy Chamberland continued CPR for approximately four minutes until Deputy Chamberland was relieved by BCFR. The victim was transported to a local hospital once he had a sustained pulse with labored breathing where the victim made a full recovery.

Deputy Steve Gjermo

In December 2017, a potential juror in the jury assembly room at the Moore Justice Center was eating when she suddenly started gasping for air while holding her hands to her throat. Deputy Steve Gjermo observed the commotion and immediately stepped in and gave the woman a series of strikes between the shoulder blades in an attempt to dislodge the obstruction. When that failed, he positioned himself behind her to apply the Heimlich maneuver. On the third upward thrust, the obstruction was removed, allowing the victim to make a full recovery.

Deputy Jorge Lopez

In December 2017, Deputy Jorge Lopez and Melbourne Police Department Officer Robida were at a restaurant when Deputy Lopez observed a juvenile choking on food. Deputy Lopez identified the behavior as an obstructed airway. Deputy Lopez rushed to the juvenile who was gasping for air and pointing at his throat. Deputy Lopez began measures to help the juvenile clear his airway by applying a series of abdominal thrusts and back blows, which dislodged the obstructed food from his airway. Officer Robida advised the lifesaving efforts by Deputy Lopez were instrumental in averting tragedy. Once the airway was cleared, the juvenile was able to breathe again and made a full recovery.


Deputy Paul RingThe recipient was selected from the 55 Reserve Deputies currently volunteering with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. This individual will receive a special gift from the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association.

Deputy Paul Ring is this year’s recipient.

Commander Paul Ring retired from the BCSO in May 2016 and immediately joined the Reserve Unit to continue his service to Brevard County. In 2017, Reserve Deputy Ring volunteered 450 hours to include 13 special details for charity fund raisers, parades, security operations, and provided post hurricane assistance and support after Hurricane Irma. Additionally, the Reserve Unit conducted a series of saturation patrols to assist Precinct patrol and visibility, where Deputy Ring worked every detail. Deputy Ring has consistently stepped up and volunteered to provide an invaluable service to our citizens at absolutely no cost. After proudly serving over 30 years with our agency, Paul now volunteers hundreds of hours each year that could be spent with his family and friends, yet his incredible efforts are always without hesitation, completely genuine and greatly appreciated. No matter what the task may be, Paul enthusiastically executes the Sheriff’s Office mission. Deputies throughout the agency have overwhelming communicated their appreciation as he often assists in answering service calls with his trademark smile!


The recipients were selected from the 44 Communications Officers who handle all emergency radio dispatch for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

January – Communications Officer Kristin Babb

In January 2017, Communications Officer Kristin Babb received a call for service in which the victim of a burglary was in pursuit of the suspect. She dispatched multiple units including a K9 and checked the availability of STAR. Officer Babb initiated emergency traffic and documented updates from the units on scene. She relayed the suspect description to Cocoa Police Department and subsequently patched West with Countywide. She was diligent and efficient in documenting transmissions for over an hour while units attempted to locate the suspect. In addition to Communications Officer of the Month, Kristin has also been awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

February – Communications Officer Zachary Samland

In February, Officer Zachary Samland was working the West Radio during an hour long incident where multiple deputies were conducting surveillance on a wanted person, Officer Samland corrdinated the activities to include specialized units as they ultimately concluded the event with an arrest.

March – Assistant Shift Supervisor Monica Mahl

In March 2017, Titusville Fire Rescue ordered the emergency evacuation of the BCSO Communications Center due to the very strong, noxious odor coming from a server room. Assistant Shift Supervisor Monica Mahl, who was serving as acting shift supervisor, made immediate notifications to First Responders of the emergency evacuation. The radio personnel made voice notifications over their primary radio channels that all radios were going to be patched as one channel. Taking only the necessities, Monica Mahl directed dispatchers to relocate to the Titusville Police Department, which serves as the primary backup location for our Communications Center. Upon arrival, she provided guidance in setting up the temporary work center, and ensured all dispatchers had the required equipment and materials to maintain county-wide dispatching operations with minimal impacts to service. Further investigation determined the source of the odor to be a battery leaking acid in the server room.

April – Communications Officer Violetta Yazlovskaya

In April 2017, Communications Officer Violetta Yazlovskaya relieved the dispatcher on the North Radio channel. This channel had Emergency Traffic in reference to a barricaded male. She quickly became familiar with the call and maintained emergency radio traffic for approximately four hours while SWAT strategized how to safely get the male out of the house, Yazlovskaya documented units’ positions along the perimeter. During the call, she kept everyone updated until the suspect was in custody. This demonstration of her efforts is a credit to her Unit and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Communications Officer Yazlovskaya has also been awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

May – Communications Officer Zachary Samland

In May, Officer Samland was working West Radio while monitoring the GameOver Task Force on a specialized channel. Officer Samland provided support throughout the operation, which included a foot pursuit, two suspect apprehensions, and the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

June – Communications Officer Alicia Robin

In June 2017, Officer Alicia Robin was working West Radio. During her shift, Alicia received a priority call regarding a subject waving an AK-47 around threatening to shoot people. The suspect was reportedly chasing a victim and an onslaught of deputy information requests ensued. Alicia expertly filtered through the information ensuring the responding units were updated with the most pertinent information all while accurately documenting the locations and comments of all involved. The incident lasted over four hours and Alicia’s calm demeanor and professional handling of the call was a positive reflection on the BCSO. Communications Officer Robin has also been awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

July – Communications Officer Zachary Samland

In July, while working East Radio, Officer Samland was asked to run a tag. When the tag came back on a stolen vehicle, he confirmed the tag with the deputy and then initiated “emergency traffic”. As the deputies followed the vehicle through multiple precinct jurisdictions, Officer Samland quickly notified that dispatcher who made sure her units were prepared to assist if needed. With confidence and efficiency he maintained emergency traffic for over an hour until the deputies were able to detain the suspect. Communications Officer Samland will also be awarded a Commendable Service Bar for each of these incidents.

August – Supervisor Cheryl Pelletier

In July 2017, Supervisor Cheryl Pelletier was working East Radio when she dispatched an Armed Robbery that had just occurred. She quickly relayed vital information to the responding units as they canvased the large area for the suspects. As she continued to update the units conducting the robbery investigation a burglary was reported that may be related to the robbery. Cheryl expertly dispatched the burglary in progress and the detailed information allowed the responding patrol deputies to locate and arrest the suspects within minutes of arrival.

September – Communications Officer Tadisha Samuel

In September 2017, Officer Tadisha Samuel was working the West Radio position as the East Radio dispatcher was still preparing to begin the shift. As a result of the delay, Officer Samuel observed that a disturbance call reference an extremely irate subject. Officer Samuel then continued to address her respective responsibilities and assumed the urgent responsibilities of east Radio as well. Officer Samuel is in her first year of service as a Public Safety Telecommunicator, having just completed her training on September 1, 2017. Even though she is a relatively new in tenure, her confidence, knowledge and commitment was clearly demonstrated. Communications Officer Samuel has also been awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

October – Communications Officer Peggy Human

In October 2017, Communications Officer Peggy Human was working the South Radio when she began receiving multiple priority calls. Two of those calls came in within 1 minute of each other. The first call was regarding an armed male who was battering subjects to include having critically wounded his girlfriend. The call included a structure fire where the suspect had locked himself inside. Through the teamwork of all involved, both the victim and suspect were safely recovered and transported for medical treatment with critical injuries. While working this call she also received a call reference to 3 people aboard a small vessel taking on water. She coordinated contact with Indian River County S.O. as BCSO deputies working the call from Brevard County. After nearly an hour, the boaters located and rescued. IRCSO called to advise after the incident that “Whoever is working South Radio did a great job!” Communications Officer Human has also been awarded a Commendable Service Bar for her outstanding efforts.

November – Communications Officer Alicia Robin

In March 2017, CTO Alicia Robins was working East Radio when she received a call reference to an armed robbery. She dispatched multiple units to the location while relaying vital information including the suspect’s description. Shortly after Emergency Traffic was initiated a responding deputy’s emergency radio activation was initiated. Officer Robins made numerous attempts to raise the deputy and check on his status without success; all while multiple deputies were advising “shots fired.” Officer Robins maintained complete control trying to ascertain information from the heavy radio traffic. With no idea of what was occurring on the other side of the radio communications, she continued to seek the locations and wellbeing of everyone on scene. Officer Robin’s demonstrated confidence during this highly stressful incident. Her dedication is a credit to her unit and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office as a whole. Communications Officer Alicia Robin has also been awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

December – Communications Officer Tadisha Samuel

In December 2017, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office requested our agency to assist with a domestic violence call involving shots fired. Officer Samuel was working North Radio when this call for service was received. Once the VCSO Communications Supervisor patched the channels, Samuel worked the call from our agency keeping everyone updated. The communications patch then lost effectiveness at which time Officer Samuel stayed on the telephone with VCSO Communications and updated her units as she received information. Officer Samuel accomplishing her duties with radio communications between agencies challenging at best. Communications Officer Tadisha Samuel has also been awarded a Commendable service bar.


Zachary SamlandThe recipient was selected from one of the Communications Officers of the Month for 2017. This individual will receive a special gift from the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association.

Communications Officer of the Year – Zachary Samland

Our Communications Officer of the Year for 2017 is also the Communications Officer of the month for February, May and July. In February, Officer Zachary Samland was working the West Radio during an hour long incident where multiple deputies were conducting surveillance on a wanted person, Officer Samland corrdinated the activities to include specialized units as they ultimately concluded the event with an arrest.

In May, Officer Samland was working West Radio while monitoring the GameOver Task Force on a specialized channel. Officer Samland provided support throughout the operation, which included a foot pursuit, two suspect apprehensions, and the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

In July, while working East Radio, Officer Samland was asked to run a tag. When the tag came back on a stolen vehicle, he confirmed the tag with the deputy and then initiated “emergency traffic”. As the deputies followed the vehicle through multiple precinct jurisdictions, Officer Samland quickly notified that dispatcher who made sure her units were prepared to assist if needed. With confidence and efficiency he maintained emergency traffic for over an hour until the deputies were able to detain the suspect. Communications Officer Samland will also be awarded a Commendable Service Bar for each of these incidents.


The recipients were selected from the 438 civilians who serve in numerous capacities throughout the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

January – Crime Scene Investigator Emily Chretien

In June 2015, the BCSO received a call reference to a deceased male located on the side of the road. Homicide Agent Wayne Simock and Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Emily Chretien responded and began their investigation. It was discovered that the victim was shot and then dumped. Agent Simock was able to identify the victim and then located the original crime scene at a local hotel where the victim had attempted to check into a hotel room with an unknown female. Agent Simock located a business where recent purchases were made by the suspects to include items used to clean and conceal blood, while CSI Chretien processed the hotel room and a vehicle associated to the suspects. The processing located several weapons and other evidence. The evidence, along with admissions, allowed Agent Simock to formally charge four suspects with the homicide.

In the next several days, Agent Simock was able to use the information obtained from the interviews and evidence to locate additional critical evidence. This evidence, which was collected and processed by CSI Chretien, and additional interviews, allowed Agent Simock to charge the fifth suspect in the homicide. By 2017, three of the suspects pleaded guilty and one suspect was found guilty after a trial. CSI Chretien and Agent Simock invested hundreds of hours over a two-year period to include over 200 items of evidence from two motel rooms, one house and two vehicles. Their meticulous processing, organization, work ethic, and attention to detail during this multifaceted and difficult investigation were exceptional and provided the necessary physical evidence to assist in the successful closure of this case. Crime Scene Investigator Emily Chretien as well as Agent Wayne Simock were awarded Bars of Merit for their actions in this case.

February – Corrections Technician Pamela Rogers

When the Jail’s sewing program was first implemented in 2007, Corrections Technician Pamela Rogers was assigned and single-handedly built the program into a full-scale manufacturing center, which has saved the Sheriff’s Office hundreds of thousands of dollars since its inception. CT Rogers was responsible for designing the patterns for all inmate uniforms, and implementing the process of acquiring fabric, precisely measuring and cutting materials, and finally manufacturing the fabric into serviceable uniforms for both male and female inmates. In this capacity, she performed hands-on training to hundreds of female inmates to enable them to perform sewing and alterations. The training she has conducted over the past ten years has served to use inmate labor to perform this vital function, saving thousands of dollars in tax payer money, as well as teaching unskilled inmates a trade, which can be utilized upon their release resulting in decreased recidivism rates. She displays the highest level of confidence and efficiency in every task and special project she undertakes. Her initiative and commitment reflect highly upon herself and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. She is truly deserving of this recognition. Corrections Technician Rogers is also awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

March – Investigative Support Specialist Olivia Franz

Investigative Support Specialist Olivia Franz works with the Special Victims Unit, which is comprised of ten agents and one Sergeant. Along with processing all of the SVU/DV reports, assisting the agents with special requests, assisting the other Inv. Support Specialists and answering phones she is always willing and volunteers for additional duties.

Olivia has proven to be an excellent team player who not only accepts anything she is asked to do, but embraces the challenge. She has been given several responsibilities assisting the Senior Staff Assistant and always completes the tasks not only in a timely manner, but ahead of schedule and produces an excellent product. She has taken an active role this year in assisting with charity fundraisers, coordinating the raffle and t-shirt sales. Her dedication is reflected in the Division’s success. Support Specialist Franz is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar for her accomplishments.

April – Dr. Robert Edwards, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

On January 19, 2016, DVM Robert Edwards was hired by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office as a second Staff Veterinarian, primarily serving the BCSO South Animal Care Center. Since being assigned to the center, DVM Edwards has proven to be a valuable asset to the Animal Services Unit in multiple ways. In addition to his normal veterinary duties, DVM Edwards has taken on the responsibilities of addressing the animal neglect and cruelty cases originating in Brevard County, including both county and city criminal investigations. DVM Edwards has spent countless hours, including days off, conducting examinations and preparing his reports. Without his dedicated efforts, many of the involved animals would continue to suffer and die at hands of the abusers. DVM Edwards’ demeanor, willingness, and drive has served to elevate and inspire those around him. Because of his efforts, many criminals have been held accountable for the mistreatment, neglect, and cruelty of animals which otherwise would have escaped prosecution. Based on the exemplary actions, over an extended period of time, DVM Robert Edwards is being presented a Bar of Merit Bar Award.

May – Training Coordinator Diane Giordano

Coordinator Diane Giordano has been quick to implement changes to help in productivity and effectiveness and is always looking for ways to improve the agency. One of the many ways she helped the agency become more efficient is in the way we administer promotional exams. Coordinator Giordano was instrumental in helping implement our digital law enforcement and correctional promotional exams. Her input in this area alone has resulted in reducing errors that have caused issues on prior exams and has led to a substantial cost savings to the agency. Coordinator Giordano has also played an integral part of the nationally recognized Self Defense through Tactical Shooting course offered at the agency. There is no doubt her role with the course has helped lead to its great success. Coordinator Giordano is also being recognized with a Bar of Merit for her actions.

June – Analytical Support Specialist Jennifer Martinez

Analytical Specialist Jennifer Martinez has taken the initiative to document and identify the gang related criminal element throughout the county. In striving to improve her overall work product, Analyst Martinez attended the Law Enforcement Analyst Academy. This is a limited enrollment program of college level coursework that requires attendance over a six month time period. Analyst Martinez was committed and pursued a project paper and presentation. Her instructor complimented her on the thoroughness of the project as it was considered the most comprehensive presentation she has seen. Analyst Martinez is an incredible asset to the organization and is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar for her efforts.

July – Support Specialist Jaimee Sellers

Support Specialist Jaimee Sellers was assigned to the Accreditation and Administrative Services Units, but has assisted all operations at the Parkway Complex. She has developed a proficiency in the requirements of Accreditation as it applies to law enforcement and corrections. Specialist Sellers has a keen understanding and knowledge of policy, training and requisite information. She has greatly developed a skill set much like that of a technical writer and editor in support of the Accreditation Unit relative to compliance, legal references as well as Policy and Procedure. She has developed a proficiency in the Policy, Procedures, forms and has completely modernized, and made consistent, the majority of agency DMS trainings to include a” new” Training Module System which, incorporates not only narrative training but also, interactive audio and video components to make the content more applicable to the viewer. In concert with the Human Resource Unit, Specialist Sellers developed a” New Hire” orientation on the DMS platform and has proven to be an energetic staff member who through her hard work and dedication to professionalism, has greatly modernized the Accreditation Unit. Support Specialist Sellers is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

August – Analytical Support Specialist Lisa Church

In June 2017, a burglary occurred where five electronic control modules and three ignition switches were stolen. The next evening another burglary occurred at the business where three Polaris ATVs were stolen. During the subsequent investigation, two of the stolen ATVs were recovered and the suspects were arrested. However, the burglary and theft of the control modules and ignition switches remained an open investigation. Analyst Lisa Church used every analytical technique possible and was able to identify information where the suspects were going to retrieve the stolen modules and plant them on the property belonging to a witness. The accomplice would then make anonymous tips to crime line to report the stolen property on the witness’s property. The suspects believed this would result in the witness being a suspect where his credibility would be in question. Due to efforts of Analyst Church, agents were able to identify the plot to frame an innocent witness and recover the stolen property. Analyst Church is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

September – Licensed Mental Health Specialist Brittany Bodnick

In September 2017, Specialist Brittany Bodnick recognized her fellow coworker was in distress while eating lunch. Specialist Bodnick observed that the victim was in respiratory distress due to an obstruction of her airway. Fearing for her coworker’s safety, Specialist Bodnick administered the Heimlich maneuver. After a few thrusts, the obstruction was cleared and the victim was breathing normally. Brittany’s quick actions and willingness to administer emergency aid to help avoided a serious medical emergency and most likely saved the life of a friend and co-worker. For her actions, Specialist Brittany Bodnick is being presented a lifesaving bar.

October – Dr. Sarah Boyd, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Dr. Sarah Boyd is a compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled veterinarian and leader, who regardless of the circumstance, improves the lives of the animals under her care each and every day. Dr. Boyd is tireless, performing daily rounds, medical exams, surgeries, and fielding questions from the public daily. Dr. Boyd displays a positive attitude and a smile, despite the tremendous pressure of managing the care and well-being of our animals. With over 6,000 animals coming into the care center each year, most veterinarians would be overwhelmed by such a daunting task. Dr. Boyd’s expertise, leadership and commitment to the welfare of the animals in Brevard, is not only valued, but was instrumental in the achievement of a no kill status. She has proven to be a tremendous asset to our agency, one that goes above and beyond each and every day. Dr. Boyd is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

November – Accounting Clerk Samir Shah

Accounting Clerk Samir Shah continually looks for new and innovative ways for improving processes with all financial aspects at the Jail Complex. His day-to-day attention to detail and precise accounting practices were highlighted as he was reconciling the inmate financial reports when he discovered a discrepancy with an inmate’s account. Clerk Shah immediately notified his supervisor and began researching the discrepancy. The concern was turned over to the Economic Crimes Unit and a criminal investigation was initiated. The investigation resulted in the arrest of an individual who was charged with the Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card. Clerk Shah’ s quick response indirectly prevented the suspect from further criminal activity and aided in ensuring the public that Brevard County Sheriff s Office personnel will be held to the highest standards of performance and accountability. Accounting Clerk Samir Shah is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar.


Senior Human Resources Officer Ron ForknallThe recipient was selected from one of the Employees of the Month for 2017. This individual will receive a special gift from the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association.

Senior Human Resources Officer Ron Forknall

Senior Human Resources Officer Ron Forknall has been with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office over 25 years, with the last 10 plus years working in Human Resources as a Senior Human Resources Officer, providing guidance to employees related to all of their benefit needs. Each and every year over 1350 employees have an opportunity to choose their insurance benefits during two weeks of open enrollment. Ron coordinates open enrollment with the county and has a vast knowledge of the medical, dental, vision, short-term and long-term insurance plans offered to BCSO employees, their spouses and dependents. During open enrollment, Ron responds to hundreds of telephone calls, emails, questions and concerns, where he explains the pertinent information to the employee and answers their questions. During unforeseen circumstances related to illness, injury or death, Ron is called upon to offer assistance to the employee or their family members, to ensure their benefits are explained and received and always handles each situation with privacy, kindness and compassion. Ron is an exemplary employee that always goes above and beyond to help his coworkers, friends and family. He is a caring and dedicated professional that you can always count on. Ron is also receiving Employee of the Month for December and a Bar of Merit for his efforts. Congratulations to Senior Human Resources Officer Ron Forknall as the BCSO 2017 Employee of the Year.


The recipients were selected from the 321 Corrections Deputies who serve in the Jail Complex.

January – Corporal Sherri Austin

In January 2017, Corporal Sherri Austin received information that an inmate was sharing and or possibly selling cocaine to inmates in her cell block. Corporal Austin proceeded to investigate all the information and quickly pulled the inmate out of the cell block to place her in the body scanner. Unfortunately this technique was not possible to use as the inmate was pregnant, preventing the use of the body scanner. While conducting a strip search Corporal Austin saw what appeared to be plastic within a body cavity. The item was removed by the inmate. The confiscated item appeared to be crack cocaine. For her thoroughness, determination and initiative while carrying out her duties. Corporal Sherri Austin is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

February – Corrections Deputy Kelly Caporizzo and Corrections Deputy Shauna Dankins

In January 2017, Corrections Deputy Shauna Dankins observed an officer safety bulletin regarding a female who was committing felony theft and fraud. Deputy Dankins consulted with Corrections Deputy Kelly Caporizzo and working together, the two were able to identify the unknown suspect as a former inmate. In addition to the identifying a felony suspect, the information the two Corrections Deputies supplied ultimately led to the identity of an additional suspect who was responsible for multiple residential and vehicle burglaries, along with several fraud cases. Both Deputy Caporizzo and Deputy Dankins are valuable members of the Jail team and their talents contribute to the outstanding accomplishments at the Jail Complex. Corrections Deputy Kelly Caporizzo and Corrections Deputy Shauna Dankins are each being awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

March – Corrections Deputy Shannon Popielarczyk

In March 2017, Corrections Deputy Shannon Popielarczyk observed a female inmate that had fallen down in the court holding cell. Responding immediately, Corrections Deputy Popielarczyk assessed the situation and determined the female inmate was unresponsive and had stopped breathing. Corrections Deputy Popielzrczyk ensured Jail Complex medical personnel were notified and immediately began CPR. As Nurse Angela McHugh conducted chest compressions, Corrections Deputy Popielarczyk performed rescue breaths until Brevard County Fire Rescue arrived on scene. The victim was stabilized and transported to Holmes Regional Medical Center via Life Flight. Based on her actions, Corrections Deputy Popielarczyk will be presented a Life Saving Bar.

April – Corporal Tawnya Pack

In March 2017, Corporal Tawnya Pack, Corrections Deputy Mariah Biddle, and Corrections Deputy Alisha Woods responded to the Sally Port to assist a patrol deputy with a combative prisoner. Corporal Pack immediately took control of the situation and using her extensive years of experience was able to de-escalate the intoxicated prisoner. The prisoner was searched prior to being brought into the booking area and became irate again. Corporal Pack recognized that the inmate was becoming more combative. The inmate then refused to change into a jail uniform and had to be assisted. It was during this process, Corporal Pack observed a clear plastic bag in the inmate’s body cavity. The clear plastic bag containing a controlled substance was retrieved by Corrections Deputy Biddle and was given to the arresting patrol deputy. Corporal Pack’s attention to detail led to the discovery thus preventing the contraband possibly entering the Jail Complex. Corporal Pack is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

May – Corporal Timothy Fay

In March 2017, Corporal Timothy Fay was departing his residence for work when he was alerted to a suspicious man at his neighbor’s residence. Corporal Fay watched the suspect cover his head with a sweatshirt to avoid detection, and proceed to the parked van in the driveway. Corporal Fay approached the suspect directly to question him when he opened the driver’s side door, turned his cellphone light on and began to search through the vehicle. Corporal Fay then identified himself to the suspect, who turned toward Corporal Fay and attempted to flee. Corporal Fay without hesitation detained him and instructed the homeowner to call the local law enforcement agency. Satellite Beach Police Department then responded and arrested the suspect. Corporal Fay is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

June – Corrections Deputy Jonathan Lopez-Hilerio

In June 2017, Corrections Deputy Jonathan Lopez-Hilerio was off duty when he heard a disturbance outside of his home. Corrections Deputy Lopez-Hilerio heard a female yelling for help. As he responded, he witnessed the male aggressively striking the female prior to throwing her down. Corrections Deputy Lopez-Hilerio confronted the male by identifying himself and ordered him to stop. The suspect refused and continued to strike the female. Fearing for the female’s life, Corrections Deputy Lopez drew his weapon and once again ordered the male to stop striking the woman and to lie on the ground. The male then complied until Melbourne Police Department arrived and took control of the scene. The male suspect was arrested for aggravated felony battery on a pregnant person. Corrections Deputy Lopez-Hilerio’s quick actions are to be commended and prevented serious injury to the expectant mother and her unborn child.

Corrections Deputy Lopez-Hilerio will also be receiving a Bar of Merit for his actions.

July – Corrections Deputy Mariah Biddle, Corrections Deputy Lonita Collins and Corrections Deputy Carissa LaRoche

In July 2017, Corrections Deputy Carissa Laroche and Corrections Deputy Lonita Collins were alerted to an inmate having a seizure in the cell block they were working in. The inmate was blue in color, unresponsive and did not appear to be breathing. Corrections Deputies Laroche and Corrections Deputy Collins did not hesitate to get the inmate on a flat surface and started administering CPR. Corrections Deputy Mariah Biddle assisted both Corrections Deputy Laroche and Corrections Deputy Collins with chest compressions and rescue breathing. The immediate life-saving actions by the deputies took place for over seven minutes until medical personnel took over. The inmate was revived and transported to a local hospital in stable condition. Medical staff noted that had it not been for the quick response of these deputies, the inmate surely would have perished. Each of the Corrections Deputies demonstrated the highest level of dedication and teamwork in all aspects of their duty performance. Corrections Deputy Laroche, Corrections Deputy Biddle and Corrections Deputy Collins will all be receiving a Life Saving Award for their actions.

August – Corporal Sherri Somers

Corporal Sherri Somers is the director of Inmate Programs and coordinates, schedules and tracks over 30 volunteers and approximately 580 inmates taking part in various educational, life-skills and self-improvement courses at the Brevard County Jail Complex. She serves as the liaison between the Jail Complex and the community as an advocate to secure needed training, employment opportunities and court mandated services for inmates to reduce recidivism rates. She communicates daily with judges, court services, probation officers, the Department of Children and Families, Brevard County Public Schools, Adult Education, Career Source, Goodwill and various other community outreach organizations to ensure the successful integration of recently released inmates back into the community. Her actions served to strengthen the partnership between law enforcement and the community by highlighting the programs, job skills, life skills and expectations of inmates to ensure their successful transition from inmate to productive citizen. Corporal Somers consistently demonstrates the core values of integrity, professionalism, excellence and dedication on a daily basis in everything she does. Corporal Sherri Somers is also being awarded a Commendable Service Bar for her outstanding accomplishments.

September – FTO Brian Claudius and FTO Arther Cole

In September 2017, Corporal Shelly Gardner responded to assist an inmate who was in medical distress. Once Corporal Gardner arrived, she immediately assessed the situation and discovered an inmate having a seizure. Corporal Gardner observed the inmate’s face and lips turning blue and sprang into action by swiftly retrieving the AED. Once the nurses and FTO Arther Cole arrived, they confirmed the inmate was unresponsive and having difficulty breathing. The inmate was in such distress, he received multiple shocks from the AED while FTO Cole continued to apply rescue breaths. FTO Brian Claudius responded with BCFR and assumed rescue breaths until the inmate was transported to the ambulance. Once the inmate was inside the ambulance, FTO Claudius continued to perform rescue breaths until the inmate was administered a medication by BCFR, where the inmate regained consciousness. Corrections Deputies Claudius and Cole are receiving Life Saving Awards as their efforts likely saved this inmate’s life.

October – Corrections Deputy Mark Halfhide and Corrections Deputy Carissa LaRoche

In September 2017, Corrections Deputy Linares was escorting inmates into the booking area when he noticed an inmate was unconscious and unresponsive. Correction Deputy Halfhide and Corrections Deputy LaRoche were first to respond with Booking Nurse Michael McIntire. Together, Corrections Deputy LaRoche, Corrections Deputy Halfhide and Corrections Deputy Linares removed the inmate who was still located within the van and properly positioned him onto the ground. They quickly assessed and realized that he did not have a pulse. Corrections Deputy LaRoche instantaneously started rescue breathing while Corrections Deputy Halfhide began chest compressions. After five minutes of intense CPR by both Corrections Deputies, the inmate was reassessed and had regained his pulse. BCFR then arrived, assumed control of his treatment and provided medication to stabilize and counteract the effects of his self-induced drug overdose. Booking Nurse McIntire commented on the outstanding performance of the Corrections Deputies, who saved the inmate’s life by their exhaustive efforts. Their actions reflect greatly upon themselves and the highest standards of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Corrections Deputy Mark Halfhide and Corrections Deputy Carissa LaRoche are receiving lifesaving awards for their actions.

November – Sergeant Karl Pischinger and Corporal Edward Shear

In September 2017, The Brevard County Jail Complex’s Facility Maintenance Unit was responded to the onslaught of Hurricane Irma. Due to the strong winds and flooding, the Jail Complex water pump stations suffered a catastrophic failure, preventing water from sinks and toilets. This immediately increased the potential for severe health hazards associated with no drinking water and the inability to remove human waste for over 1,800 inmates and staff. Facility Maintenance staff soared into action by utilizing large trash cans and laundry bins to collect water from a retention pond. They continually supplied this emergency water source to flush toilets. The maintenance staff delivered potable water continuously throughout the night, which served to maintain the health and well-being of the inmates as well as maintaining a “calming effect” during this critical situation.

The innovative actions taken by the Facility Maintenance team at the Brevard County Jail Complex were instrumental in maintaining operations and mitigating thousands of dollars in potential damages due to Hurricane Irma. Sergeant Karl Pischinger and Corporal Edward Shear are each awarded a Commendable Service Bar for their leadership and efforts.

December – Corrections Deputy Steven Tilley

In October 2017, Corrections Deputy Steven Tilley responded to the Melbourne Police Department and began to transport prisoner for transport. As he was checking the property, he noticed a dollar bill rolled up with a rubber band around it. The bill was listed as “Novelty dollar” on the property card. Deputy Tilley opened the property with the officer present and pulled the dollar out and unwrapped it and unrolled it to inspect it. When the bill was unrolled, he discovered that it contained more drugs. Deputy Tilley’s actions demonstrate his attention to detail, which resulted in preventing drugs from being transported to the Jail Complex. Corrections Deputy Tilley is also awarded a Commendable Service Bar.

Corrections Deputy Carissa LaRoche2017 CORRECTIONS DEPUTY OF THE YEAR

The recipient was selected from one of the Corrections Deputies of the Month for 2017. This individual will receive a special gift from the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association.

Corrections Deputy Carissa LaRoche

Corrections Deputy Carissa LaRoche is assigned to the Jail Complex and has been a member of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office since July 13, 2009. She consistently demonstrates the highest level of dedication and professionalism as recently highlighted in multiple incidents where acts of heroism were displayed that directly resulted in lives being saved. In July 2017, Corrections Deputy LaRoche maintained her calm and focus and began CPR with chest compressions and rescue breathing. She continued to provide CPR for over seven minutes until emergency medical personnel arrived and took over care. The inmate was transported to a local hospital in stable condition due to Corrections Deputy LaRoche’s quick and decisive actions.

Corrections Deputy LaRoche’s exemplary performance was also demonstrated in an emergency situation that occurred in August 2017. An inmate suddenly fell to the ground having what appeared to be a seizure. Corrections Deputy LaRoche immediately provided assistance to the victim. The nurse attempted to revive the inmate; however, the inmate was unresponsive. Corrections Deputy LaRoche then began administering chest compressions in order to revive the victim. CPR continued for approximately 15 minutes until Brevard County Fire Rescue arrived and transported the victim by ambulance to a local hospital. Although the female victim later succumbed, Corrections Deputy LaRoche’s quick response and level-headed actions in a stressful situation demonstrated her commitment to saving lives.

In September 2017, Corrections Deputy LaRoche demonstrated heroic action in the saving of another life. Being the first deputy to respond to the scene, Corrections Deputy LaRoche assisted in removing the inmate from the transportation van and positioned the inmate on the ground. Corrections Deputy LaRoche assessed the victim and determined he was not breathing and did not have a pulse. Corrections Deputy LaRoche and a fellow deputy immediately began CPR. After five minutes of CPR, the victim regained his pulse and was once again breathing. It was later determined the victim had swallowed a large amount of heroine prior to his arrest.

Corrections Deputy LaRoche epitomizes the essence of care, custody and control. The heroic actions detailed above are consistent with her daily performance. Her dedication and pride of the corrections field is unparalleled; and her demonstrated technical expertise in day-to-day operations serve as a role model for all corrections deputies to follow. Her commitment to service has resulted in her being presented with two Lifesaving Awards. She was also recognized as the State of Florida Corrections Officer of the Year for 2017 by the Florida Sheriff’s Association, The Brevard County Chief’s Association Corrections Deputy of the Year, and is now recognized as the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Deputy of the Year.


The recipients were selected from the 536 Sheriff’s Deputies who work as Patrol Deputies, Court Deputies and Investigative Agents throughout the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

January – Deputy Ryan Carpenter and Deputy Thomas Vincellette

In January 2017, Deputies Thomas Vincelette and Ryan Carpenter were conducting foot patrol when they heard a female screaming for help. After locating a female victim, she appeared to be very disorientated and crying. As the deputies were able to calm the victim, she told them that she was staying with another female and a male. The victim then explained the suspect had forced her to ingest controlled substances and conduct sexual acts. The Deputies were able to identify the male, who was wanted for a home invasion warrant. The female victims advised they had been forced to stay in the room after responding for prostitution in other locations in Florida and they were then brought against their will to this location and forced to work for the suspect out of fear of physical abuse.

The suspect is a violent subject who has been carrying out illegal prostitution activities throughout Florida and is a suspect in an out of county homicide investigation. Thanks to Deputies Vincelette and Carpenter, the suspect was charged federally for the crimes. For their actions, Deputies Vincelette and Carpenter will each be awarded a Bar of Merit.

February – Lieutenant Steve Fernez

In February 2017, Lieutenant Steve Fernez responded to a traffic crash. Dispatchers advised that a vehicle had struck a cement barricade and was on fire with a person trapped inside. Lieutenant Fernez arrived within seconds of Sergeant T.J. Wright of the Titusville Police Department and they immediately located a vehicle fully engulfed in flames. Without hesitation, Lieutenant Fernez broke a window of the vehicle in an attempt to look for passengers. As he was searching, he heard someone yelling from a wooded area near the crash. Lieutenant Fernez entered the woods and located an injured male. The fire was quickly spreading from the vehicle to the wooded area, Lieutenant Fernez and Sergeant Wright carried the seriously injured male away from danger. The two men worked together to create a new exit point through the brush due to their original entry point being cut off by fire. Just as the two men passed the burning vehicle with the victim, the vehicle exploded. Once out of the woods, Lieutenant Fernez and Sergeant Wright were able to successfully transport the injured male to safety, where they were able to render first aid until Brevard County Fire Rescue arrived on scene. Lieutenant Fernez and Sergeant Wright’s swift lifesaving actions prevented the man’s death. Lieutenant Fernez will be awarded a Life Saving Bar.

March – Lieutenant Michael Green

In March 2017, the Sheriff’s Office received a report of an attempted armed home invasion/robbery. The victim reported that an unknown male brandished a firearm, demanded money and then attempted to enter the victim’s residence. The victim was able to secure the door and prevent the suspect’s entry.

Lieutenant Mike GreenLieutenant Mike Green, along with other members of his squad, responded. The deputies took immediate action and initiated a search of the apartment complex. During the search for the suspect, Lieutenant Green observed a male who matched the physical description of the suspect. Lieutenant Green observed the suspect had a cellular telephone in his left hand and a black semi-automatic handgun in his right. Since the suspect had not yet noticed him, he attempted to step back to use the corner of the stairwell as cover while he notified the other deputies, however, the suspect looked up and saw him. Lieutenant Green observed the suspect immediately put his right hand behind his back to conceal the weapon. Lieutenant Green ordered the male to drop his firearm and ordered him to keep his hands where he could see them. Despite the order, the suspect moved towards him. Without warning, the suspect charged toward him, leaving the firearm on a stairwell step. Although given the opportunity to submit to comply or flee, the suspect chose to charge and engage Lieutenant Green, leading him to believe the suspect was intending to harm him. The suspect turned, and with his arms outstretched, lunged back towards the handgun. As the suspect reached the firearm, Lieutenant Green fired his duty weapon, effectively neutralizing the suspect’s actions. A number of squad members arrived on scene and began lifesaving efforts. Despite their efforts and efforts of fire rescue, the suspect succumbed to his injuries.

On this night Lieutenant Green was called upon to make a life or death decision few of us in law enforcement have had to make. Despite being alone, Lieutenant Green recognized that he had no choice other than to confront this violent offender and make all attempts to take him into custody. Lieutenant Green refused to retreat and allow the possibility of this violent offender to escape to victimize others.

Lieutenant Green displayed courage by placing himself in imminent danger to prevent the escape of this violent individual. For his actions, Lieutenant Green is receiving the Medal of Valor.

April – Corporal Alicia Miller and Agent Marissa Wright

In April 2017, Deputies Marissa Wright and Alicia Miller responded to a subject who was acting erratically and assaulting citizens with a metal pole. One of the victims was the security guard who maintained visual contact with the suspect until Deputies Wright and Miller arrived on scene. Upon their arrival, Deputy Wright and Deputy Miller located and observed the suspect brandishing a metal object, approximately three to four feet in length as a weapon. The suspect turned and rushed towards Deputy Wright while swinging the weapon at her head. Deputy Wright had no room to retreat and drew her firearm while giving verbal commands for the suspect to stop. As the suspect raised the metal pole above his head, preparing to strike Deputy Wright, she used deadly force, successfully neutralizing the violent attacker. Deputies Wright and Miller immediately secured the scene and began trauma care for the suspect until Brevard County Fire Rescue arrived on scene Deputy Wright and Deputy Miller are commended for their exemplary actions and both hare being awarded a Bar of Merit.

May – Deputy Taner Primmer

On May 15, 2017, Deputy Primmer was enjoying time with his family on his regular day off work. While socializing with his family, Deputy Primmer noticed a female at the table beside him who appeared to be choking. The male she was dining with got up and attempted to help her stand. As the female stood, she collapsed to her knees, holding her throat and was unable to speak or breathe. Deputy Primmer approached the female and immediately performed two abdominal thrusts, successfully dislodging the obstruction. The female immediately was able to begin breathing until medical treatment arrived. Deputy Primmer did not identify himself as a law enforcement officer, he quietly retreated to his table and family.

June – Agent Michael Spadafora

In April 2017, Agent Mike Spadafora began an on-line internet investigation where an unknown male expressed his desire to sexually abuse young children. The male was communicating in a part of the internet that allowed his identity to be unknown. Through conversation and investigative means, Agent Spadafora believed the male was from another country. As the investigation progressed, the male expressed his interest to travel to the United States where he desired to physically and sexually abuse a child. The male disclosed in great detail his intent to humiliate and inflict severe pain on the child for his sexual gratification.

In the beginning of June, the male made arrangements to travel to Brevard County from Switzerland in order to meet with Agent Spadafora and his intended victim. The suspect was arrested and identified as a 55-year-old German citizen who was residing in Switzerland. It is believed, based on his conversations, that the suspect used his international travels to sexually abuse children around the world. The suspect made a full confession and even wrote an apology letter to the fictitious child. During a search of his luggage, items to inflict pain and torture on the child were located. During later court proceedings, the suspect plead guilty and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

This investigation was very in depth and extremely difficult, which required local, national and international coordination with law enforcement. As a result of this investigation, an International Child Predator will never again sexually abuse a child. This was the most significant sentence ever handed down from a District Judge in the Middle District of Florida related to the charge. Agent Spadafora is also being awarded a Bar of Merit.

July – Sergeant Gregory Smith

In April 2017, Sergeant Gregory Smith was driving home on State Road 528 when he was flagged down by two females stopped on the side of the roadway. Sergeant Smith stopped to assist what he thought was a disabled vehicle. Sergeant Smith immediately learned a two-year-old child had stopped breathing as the family was heading home from the beach. Sergeant Smith immediately assessed the child’s condition, determined the child was unresponsive and had stopped breathing. Sergeant Smith quickly began administering rescue breaths to the child, who appeared to have heat exhaustion or heat stroke. As the child began breathing again, Sergeant Smith poured water over the child in an attempt to lower the child’s body temperature while awaiting Brevard County Fire Rescue’s arrival. The child has fully recovered from what doctors believe was heat exhaustion. For his actions, Sergeant Smith is receiving a Life Saving Bar.

August – Agent Alexander Sorokin

In February 2016, Detective Erskine with the Cocoa Police Department contacted Agent Sorokin regarding a possible sexual offense regarding a sixteen-year-old female. According to Detective Erskine, a reliable source contacted his department regarding a male trying to prostitute out a female. When the female arrived at the source’s room, he realized that she was a juvenile and possibly a runaway. Cocoa Police Department responded to the location where the juvenile was located as was the male who allegedly was trying to market her for prostitution. Cocoa Police Department was able to identify the female and her status as a runaway juvenile.

The juvenile was taken to Cocoa Police Department where, during an interview, the victim stated she had recently had sex with an older male at a location in the Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction. Once this information was obtained, Agent Sorokin initiated his investigation and made arrangements for the child to be interviewed forensically, as well as be examined for possible sexual assault. The Sheriff’s Office agents who responded to the location where the assault occurred were able to obtain a possible identity of the suspect through a credit card receipt. Additionally, the juvenile’s purse was located in the room. With this information in hand, the victim was able to positively identify the suspect via a photographic lineup.

As the investigation was unfolding, Agent Sorokin did a superb job of seeking out and utilizing investigative resources that were available to him. While the assistance of his coworkers being rendered was tremendous, even more so was Agent Sorokin’s tenacity. The success of this case rested on Agent Sorokin’s skill, tenacity, and dedication. The foundation of those traits was his overwhelming positive attitude. .Agent Sorokin’s efforts ultimately led to the arrest of both suspects. Agent Sorokin is being recognized with a Bar of Merit. It should be noted that Agent Sorokin was also recognized by the United States Attorney’s Office with a 2016 Outstanding Law Enforcement Award for his efforts.

September – Deputy Jesse Doucette

In January 2017, Deputy Jesse Doucette, Deputy Ben Fisher, and Deputy Robert Bennett responded to a house fire on Merritt Island. Deputy Doucette was first on scene and observed thick, black smoke coming out from all openings of the residence. Two neighbors were standing next to the doorway and kept repeating, “She’s in there, she’s there!” Deputy Doucette observed a female inside the burning residence, slumped over in her wheelchair. Deputy Doucette assumed a low crawl position and went to her aid. Deputy Doucette was able to pull the woman from the house and into the driveway. She was unresponsive and barely breathing. Deputy Fischer assisted Deputy Doucette in placing her in the recovery position and monitored her until Brevard County Fire Rescue arrived. She was subsequently transported to Cape Canaveral Hospital due to smoke inhalation and made a full recovery. Were it not for the actions of Deputy Doucette, it is very likely that the woman would have died in the fire. It should be noted that Deputy Jesse Doucette, Deputy Ben Fisher, and Deputy Robert Bennett were recognized by the Governor and his cabinet in Tallahassee for their heroism For Deputy Doucette’s actions, he will be receiving a Life Saving Bar.

October – Sergeant Jacqueline Hearon

In August 2016, the Sheriff’s Office Economic Crimes Task Force initiated a criminal investigation after the Brevard County Public School District (BPS) was contacted by the newly appointed treasurer of a local entity. BPS advised that the treasurer had concerns that a suspect had embezzled money from their Association while serving as the former treasurer. There were also concerns that she might be comingling funds between accounts from other entities where she was also employed as a bookkeeper. BPS conducted a two-year audit that resulted in irregularities and concerning transactions, at which time BPS contacted the Economic Crimes Task Force and a criminal investigation was initiated.

Task Force Supervisor Sergeant Jacqueline Hearon assumed the lead investigator duties in this case with the assistance of Fraud Analyst Brooke Hines. During the course of this lengthy and complex investigation, dozens of individual victims were identified. The investigation revealed the suspect had embezzled over $170,000 while acting as treasurer. During the course of the six-month investigation, Sergeant Hearon found the suspect used various methods to avoid detection such as diverting cash received from athletic contests and fundraising efforts by making smaller deposits into multiple accounts. The suspect also falsified receipts in order to issue checks, which she deposited in her personal accounts.

After her arrest, the State Attorney’s Office subsequently filed 95 felony counts against the suspect. For her hard work and dedication that directly resulted in the successful conclusion of this case, Sergeant Hearon is being recognized with a Bar of Merit.

November – Deputy Breean Lewis and Deputy Caleb Pinkham

In February 2017, Deputies Breean Lewis and Caleb Pinkham responded to a Cocoa residence in reference to an injured/ill person. Prior to their arrival, dispatchers advised that a male had accidentally cut his arm and was bleeding profusely. The caller advised she could not treat her husband’s wounds because of the significant blood loss as the male was slipping in an out of consciousness. Deputy Pinkham arrived on-scene and observed the male lying on his back, bleeding extensively from his arm. The blood was being expelled at such a rate and pressure, there were splatter marks on the walls, ceiling and floor. Deputy Pinkham immediately assessed the situation, and determined the victim had a severe arterial hemorrhage. Without hesitation, Deputy Pinkham retrieved his agency-supplied Combat Application Tourniquet and applied the tourniquet to the male’s arm which stopped the bleeding almost immediately. Deputy Lewis applied direct pressure to the wound site and then covered the exposed wound area with sterile dressings.

Brevard County Fire Rescue then transported the male for further treatment. The Emergency Room doctor on staff advised the male had received a life-threatening cut to his artery. The quick actions of Deputies Lewis and Pinkham prevented the victim from losing additional blood and ultimately saved his life. For their actions, Deputy Lewis and Deputy Pinkham will each be receiving a Life Saving Bar.

December – Agent Jason Roberts

In July 2017, Agent Roberts began investigating a multi kilogram cocaine organization. Agent Roberts identified the leader of the criminal enterprise, who was responsible for distributing kilograms of cocaine. Agent Roberts coordinated surveillance details, controlled purchases through a confidential informant, and eventually facilitated an undercover agent infiltrating the organization. During the next several months Agent Roberts worked around the clock, identifying various aspects of the suspect’s organization to include his customer base and sources of supply. Agent Roberts then authored several wiretap orders and began intercepting the suspect’s phone calls. The investigation culminated with several search warrants being executed and numerous arrest warrants being served. Assistant State Attorney Justin Keen filed drug trafficking and conspiracy charges on the ringleader and all of his co-conspirators. Agent Roberts’ diligent actions led to an illicit drug trafficking organization being dismantled. Agent Roberts is also being awarded a bar of Merit for his incredible efforts.

Deputy Taner Primmer2017 DEPUTY OF THE YEAR

The recipient was selected from one of the Deputies of the Month for 2017. This individual will receive a special gift from the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association.

Deputy Taner Primmer

Deputy Taner Primmer is about as humble a man as you could ever meet. He doesn’t seek or expect credit for his actions. He is proud to be a Deputy Sheriff, and do what he can to make Brevard County a wonderful place to live and raise our families.

Deputy Primmer began his career with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in July 2008 as a Public Service Aide and entered the Law Enforcement Academy the following year. In July 2015, Deputy Primmer was assigned to the Agriculture/Marine Unit, where he remains today.

On March 11, 2017, Deputy Taner Primmer was conducting an outbound cruise ship escort for the Carnival Magic and was notified by the Canaveral Pilot in Command, Captain Doug Brown, of a potentially dangerous situation. Captain Brown advised Deputy Primmer via VHF radio, that there was a personal watercraft (jet-ski) on the northern edge of the channel. Captain Brown advised that it appeared that one of the three occupants had fallen off and was having difficulties climbing back on board. Captain Brown also stated that the winds and tidal currents were pushing them dangerously close to the main channel. Upon this notification, Deputy Primmer quickly navigated his patrol vessel around the bow of the Carnival Magic and observed that three young women were desperately trying to climb aboard the jet-ski as the ship approached. Deputy Primmer the quickly maneuvered his patrol vessel alongside the overturned watercraft and maneuvered the people to the side of the patrol craft.

By now, the three women in the water and the jet-ski were almost in the center of the channel and directly in the path of the outbound Carnival Magic. Captain Doug Brown slightly altered the ship’s course to provide an additional few seconds before impact with very little room in the channel to navigate. One woman was able to climb onto another jet-ski being operated by a family member who had also responded to help. Deputy Primmer then quickly pulled the second female aboard his patrol boat, followed immediately by the third female. Upon recovering the women from the water, Deputy Primmer quickly backed his patrol vessel away as the passenger ship narrowly missed the patrol vessel and pulled the overturned jet-ski under the hull of the ship.

Exhausted from pulling wet adults from the waterway, Deputy Primmer ensured the women received medical attention and returned to his Port Security assignment. The immediate evasive maneuvers performed by the Canaveral Pilot, Captain Doug Brown, allowed the few seconds and distance needed to safely pull these boaters from harm’s way. Without the combined actions of both Deputy Primmer and Captain Brown, the events would have been tragic.

On May 15, 2017, Deputy Primmer was enjoying time with his family on his regular day off work. While socializing with his family, Deputy Primmer noticed a female at the table beside him who appeared to be choking. The male she was dining with got up and attempted to help her stand. As the female stood, she collapsed to her knees, holding her throat and was unable to speak or breathe. Deputy Primmer approached the female and immediately performed two abdominal thrusts, successfully dislodging the obstruction. The female immediately was able to begin breathing until medical treatment arrived. Deputy Primmer did not identify himself as a law enforcement officer, he quietly retreated to his table and family.

For his actions in the choking incident, Deputy Primmer is being recognized as Deputy of the Month for May and is awarded a Life Saving Bar. For his actions at Port Canaveral he is being awarded the Medal of Valor.

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