2019 Honored Employees


25 Years of Service

Leonard Alexander
Tim Anliker
Doug Caskey
Mike Charest
Bert Gamin
Kevin Hughes
Mark James
Kristopher Kellerup
Doug McCarty
James McClellan
Richard Otranto
Tawnya Pack
Teresa Revel
Sandy Roblin
Lori Threlkeld

30 Years of Service

Dennis Casey
LouAnn Creasy
Bruce Dowdy
John Ehrig
Brian Guilford
Pam Hibbs
Missy Knight
Christa McKuhn
Terry Myers
Noel Remillard
Glenda Shortridge
Michael Wallace
JJ Woolsey

35 Years of Service

Tola Baum
Frank Flake

40 Years of Service

John Coppola
Rocky Roblin


lucy rossThis award signifies that the recipient has consistently demonstrated throughout their career the same qualities demonstrated by the late Sgt. Lucille (Lucy) Ross during her career. The criteria requirements are:  dedication to community service, excellence in profession, compassion and high level of caring especially concerning children, and being of service to crime victims and their families.





Corporal Kirk Geweniger


This award signifies that the civilian recipient has made a significant contribution to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office by volunteering for the Citizens Observer Program or other volunteer program within our agency.  The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is proud to have 241 active volunteers.

Carol Patrick


This recipient is a member of the community selected for outstanding service and commitment to the citizens of Brevard County and for continued support of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

jerry sinclairIn 2013 the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office created the motto “it takes a community to protect a community,” and in doing so invited our citizens to embrace the concept, that by working together we could make Brevard County not only the safest place in the country to call home but the best place in the country to live.

While everyone in our community realized the value of working together to protect our  citizens, one particular individual decided that their way of helping protect our community was to help take care of those who protect us. With passion in their heart for helping others, this individual decided that he would make sure that our first responders and military heroes knew how much they were appreciated and loved.

So in trying to do his part to help protect our community, this individual a local Publix Store Manager reached out for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office during the recent hurricanes and arranged to feed our Patrol Deputies who were away from their families and patrolling the streets of our community to help keep everyone safe!!  Not only did tonight’s honoree offer to help feed our team members, but he also facilitated having other local Publix stores provide food and supplies for our various precincts.

Now while that gesture alone would be enough to endear tonight’s award recipient to everyone’s heart, it’s not the end of his efforts to help protect our local heroes. A number of year’s ago this individual once again reached out to our agency and asked us to help find deserving veterans who were in need of meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas as there was a surplus of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals at his Publix location.

As such our team was able to work closely with Dorothy Walsh a local Veteran’s Advocate to facilitate having a significant amount of meals picked up from Publix and taken to transitional housing locations to feed our veterans and military heroes. This incredible act of caring didn’t just happen once or twice, but instead has been taking place for a number of years and has led to hundreds of our homeless veterans having a special meal on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day as they are reminded that we are free today in our country because of their service!!

Not only did this incredible member of our community dedicate himself to taking care of those that take care of us, but he has also for years dedicated himself to taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves through his strong work with the United Way and other local charities throughout Brevard County!!

So tonight it gives me great pleasure to announce to you that this year’s Brevard County Sheriff’s Office “Citizen of the Year” is Jerry Sinclair of the Publix Corporation!!


The Courage Award is presented to a person who has overcome a personal tragedy or debilitating injury or illness, shown strength in the face of adversity, and/or courage in the face of peril; often at great personal risk or sacrifice.


This employee consistently demonstrated a willingness to volunteer to serve his/her community with selfless devotion, putting others first, and has always displayed a positive attitude.

Director Noel Remillard


This award signifies that the recipient displayed unusual thoroughness, determination, and/or initiative while carrying out his/her duties. This award is for service rendered in the line of duty where the employee, because of his/her diligence and perseverance, performs a difficult task in which a serious crime is prevented, significant property is protected, human life is protected, or causes the successful closure of a significant criminal case in which the criminal is apprehended.

Agent David Turbeville

Deputies from the West Precinct attempted to conduct a traffic stop on what appeared to be an impaired driver in the area of US 1 and Parkway Drive in Melbourne.  The driver initially stopped before fleeing the scene and continuing to drive north.  A tire deflation device was deployed, however, the subject continued to drive on four flat tires until a PIT maneuver was executed as the vehicle passed Viera Boulevard and came to a stop.  As deputies approached the vehicle to conduct a felony stop, the suspect quickly raised his hands into a “shooting” position as if he were holding a firearm, and began to violently point at the deputies.  Fearing for his safety and the safety of the other deputies, Agent David Turbeville discharged his firearm, fatally wounding the subject.  Agent Turbeville is commended for taking decisive action in this difficult situation in order to protect the safety of himself and his fellow deputies from the threat of bodily harm by this subject.

Agent Justin Wood

Agent Justin Wood and Agent Megan Lane have worked closely with loss prevention personnel at several local gas retailers regarding the problem of fuel thefts stemming from the use of fraudulent credit cards.  Criminals are using fuel bladder vehicles to target the larger gas retail chains to conceal their activity resulting in higher losses from these companies.  Agent Wood collected statistical data from diesel fuel pump transactions as well as surveillance footage to create a visual list of suspected vehicles that contained hidden fuel bladders.  He was able to detect patterns of fraudulent fuel purchases, such as specific dates during the month, days of the week and times during the day that these crimes were likely to be committed.  Using these patterns and tips from loss prevention personnel, Agents Wood and Lane conducted surveillance to catch offenders using fuel bladder vehicles.  From December 2018 through March 6, 2019, the agents arrested ten perpetrators for the unlawful conveyance of fuel.  During these combined arrests, the agents have collected close to one thousand fraudulent re-coded credit cards.  Specifically on March 5th and 6th, 2019, the agents located and arrested five different people for stealing diesel fuel.  The hidden bladders were concealed within two multi-passenger handicap vans, the flatbed of a large work truck, and the containers of a large pesticide truck.  All of the arrests directly assisted the United States Secret Service with their on-going fraud investigation.  Two of the cases have been accepted for prosecution at the Federal level.  Agent Lane was also awarded a Commendable Service Award for her efforts in this investigation.

Agent Justin Wood and Agent Francis Dufresne

Agent Justin Wood and Agent Francis Dufresne have collaborated to create a better way to detect, read and interpret the data from credit card skimmers.  Agent Dufresne developed a method to retrieve the credit card data hidden within the skimmers.  Previous to Agent Dufresne’s discovery, law enforcement was unable to read and/or retrieve any information from Bluetooth skimmers ending the process of the investigation.  Based on this discovery, Agent Wood was able to read and interpret the data to establish leads, develop suspects and notify credit card companies and account holders of the pending fraud.  This early notification to credit card companies was instrumental in the prevention of fraud.  Together, Agents Dufresne and Wood have developed a new prototype device for the detection of Bluetooth skimmers.  This prototype is still in the testing phase but is expected to be an extremely valuable tool for law enforcement.  Both agents were also recognized by the United States Secret Service for their advanced work with gas pump and ATM skimmers.

Communications Officer Nicole Bernhard

In March 2019, Communications Officer Nicole Bernhard answered a 911 call from a male who was in crisis.  The male advised that he was having a nervous breakdown, contemplating suicide and was armed with a weapon.  Officer Bernhard quickly began calming the male down and building a rapport with him.  She obtained information from the male that was crucial to providing safety for the responding deputies.  Every time the male became more desperate in tone, Officer Bernhard would maintain a calm demeanor and address him in a manner that would again calm him down.  This call continued for thirty minutes during which the male had multiple mood swings that Officer Bernhard handled in a very professional manner.   She kept the male talking and assured him the deputies were coming to help.    After the arrival of deputies, Officer Bernhard was instrumental in getting the male to meet with them without his weapon.  The male was safely taken into custody.

Officer Bernhard was instrumental in diffusing this highly volatile situation by keeping the male calm, while providing information to the responding deputies.  Officer Bernhard’s outstanding job ultimately insured that the male met with the deputies unarmed and ended a potentially deadly incident safely.

Agent Thomas Vincelette, Corporal Sean Hawkins and Agent Tim Liston

In late 2018, the Special Investigations Unit began a lengthy investigation into an organization that was importing and distributing large amounts of heroin, fentanyl, and methamphetamine within Brevard County.   Agent Thomas Vincelette was the agent in charge of this complex case, and in working with Corporal Sean Hawkins and Agent Tim Liston, was tasked with the organization of controlled purchases of narcotics and surveillance on the different members of the organization.  In May of 2019, the investigation culminated with over one hundred felony and six search warrants being issued.  Agents seized approximately 13,700 doses of fentanyl, an amount large enough to kill every resident in Brevard County, had it reached the street.  Also seized were 72 firearms and over $121,000 dollars.  For all their thoroughness and dedication in this investigation that dismantled a dangerous drug trafficking organization, Agent Vincelette, Corporal Hawkins and Agent Liston are being awarded a Bar of Merit.

Agent Stacie Moore

In February 2017, Agent Stacie Moore began an investigation of a violent domestic violence case that would take two years to see the victim receive final closure.  The investigation began with a woman who had been held against her will by her husband, horribly beaten and tortured, threatened with being killed and believing that her children were also being physically abused by this suspect.  The victim was able to escape and contact law enforcement with Agent Moore assigned to the case.  Agent Moore worked for months building the criminal case against this suspect, while also assisting this traumatized victim who was battling issues of anger, fear and mistrust.  Agent Moore worked tirelessly in assisting this victim through this process, assuring her that this man would never harm her again.  Finally, after two years, which included numerous legal battles and lengthy challenges over sentencing, the case was concluded.  The suspect was convicted on two counts of Sexual Battery and one count of Kidnapping, receiving a sentence of thirty years in prison to be followed by twenty-five years of Sex Offender Probation. Agent Moore’s thoroughness and determination led to a sentencing of a violent individual, protecting the lives of this victim and her family, ultimately preventing a similar or even more tragic event from possibly occurring again.  For all of her outstanding effort in this case, Agent Moore is receiving a Bar of Merit.

Agent Brad Cervi

In May 2017, Agent Brad Cervi as a member of the DEA Tactical Diversion Squad, began an investigation in to a drug trafficking organization that was distributing large amounts of heroin, cocaine, and prescription narcotics into Brevard County.  The investigation concluded with the Federal indictments of four individuals as well as the seizure of narcotics, U.S. currency, and the residence that was the main distribution point of the organization.   This residence was also the site of three heroin overdoses.

In May 2019, all defendants were sentenced in Federal Court receiving sentences from four to fifteen years in Federal Prison.  Per the order of the Federal Judge, the residence seized was also forfeited as part of the sentence.  For his diligence and thoroughness in dismantling this dangerous drug trafficking organization, Agent Cervi is receiving a Bar of Merit.

Agent Adam Weimer

In December 2018, Agent Adam Weimer began an investigation into a criminal organization that was trafficking heroin and fentanyl within Brevard County.  Agent Weimer organized controlled purchases of narcotics and surveillance of the individual sellers.  He was able to identify the customer base of the organization and the method of operation used to sell these dangerous drugs.  In July of 2019, arrest warrants were served on twenty suspects involved in the sale and distribution of these dangerous drugs for charges up to and including racketeering.  This investigation led by Agent Weiner was successful in taking a large drug trafficking organization off the streets of Brevard County.  For his efforts, Agent Weimer is being awarded a Bar of Merit.

Corrections Sergeant Benjamin Smith, Corrections Corporal April Reaves, Corrections Deputy Patrick Edwards and Corrections Deputy Donalee Jenkins

In August 2019, Corrections Deputy Edwards was fingerprinting a female inmate when she learned that the inmate’s younger brother and sister were left alone.  Deputy Edwards continued to question the inmate in an attempt to ascertain the whereabouts of the children.   His follow-up revealed the children were in an unknown room at the Discovery Beach Resort located in Cape Canaveral.  Corrections Sergeant Ben Smith was notified of the information and also met with the inmate in an attempt to gain the room number to locate the children, however the inmate refused to provide any further information.  Fearing the children might be in danger, Sergeant Smith had Corporal Reaves contact the Canaveral Precinct and deputies responded to the resort in an attempt to locate the children.   This attempt met with negative results as they were advised that the children were not registered by name and they also had no registration in the name of the inmate.  Corrections Deputy Donalee Jenkins, who was working in the female facility at the time, was contacted by Sergeant Smith and tasked with meeting with the inmate in an attempt to obtain further information.  Corrections Deputy Jenkins met with the inmate, who eventually provided the room number where the children could be located.   With this information, the deputies were able to locate the children, ages 9 and 10, who were scared and crying.  The children advised that they had fallen asleep around midnight and upon waking up, found they were alone with no idea where their sister was or if she was coming back.  The inmate was additionally charged with child neglect for not informing law enforcement about the children and leaving them alone without food and in a room with no working air conditioner.  Sergeant Smith, Corporal Reaves and Corrections Deputies Edwards and Jenkins, worked together to gain information that potentially saved the lives of these two young children who were left alone without adult supervision.   For their diligence and determination in this incident, they are being awarded a Bar of Merit.

Deputy Neil Lee and Agent Josh Ellison

In October 2019, Deputies Lee and Ellison responded to two occupied residential burglaries that had just occurred in the area of unincorporated Cocoa.  The deputies learned that the suspect had fled on foot from the residences and although a perimeter search was conducted, the suspect was not located.  Deputies Lee and Ellison processed the scene and located a garbage can that contained stolen items and personal items that belonged to the suspect. The deputies began canvassing the area and through their investigation were able to identify a possible suspect by name.  While conducting surveillance in the area, they were advised that a suspicious female was walking nearby.  Deputy Ellison responded to the area and was able to locate the female suspect.  The suspect confessed to the deputies during the interview; admitting to her involvement in the two residential burglaries.  This information was turned over to investigators who ultimately charged the female in these cases.  For their determination in following through with the investigation, using their knowledge of the area to identify a possible suspect, and obtaining a confession from the suspect, Deputies Lee and Ellison are being awarded a Bar of Merit.

Property Control Agent Barbara Williams

In December of 2019, Property Control Agent Williams was in the reception area of the Brevard County Jail complex assisting a citizen, when a male entered the area carrying a concealed handgun.  Upon seeing Williams, the male placed the handgun onto the ground.   Property Control Agent Williams observed this, and immediately walked over and pushed the firearm behind a door with her foot, that she was able to lock, securing the firearm where it was inaccessible to the male.  She immediately notified additional personnel of the event, while still continuing to assist the citizen and monitor the male until supervision arrived.  Through her actions, Property Control Agent Williams was able to help ensure the safety of the public, her fellow employees and the security of the jail facility.  For her professional and calm actions that may have prevented what could have been a catastrophic event, she is being awarded a Bar of Merit.

Agent Aja Stake

In September of 2019, Agent Stake was online acting in an undercover capacity as a minor child on a social media website.  Agent Stake’s undercover profile was contacted by a male and a month long investigation began with conversations via chat and cell phone.  The male used these conversations as a grooming process, which progressed to the point of requesting the fictitious child to travel to Orlando in October for the purpose of having a sexual relationship.  Agent Stake uncovered that the male was a 47-year-old male who was a convicted and registered sexual predator from Orlando.  The male had a previous conviction of sexual battery on a ten-year-old child.   Agent Stake coordinated a meet with the male using the resources of this agency as well as members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Orlando Police Department.  On October 26, 2019, the male arrived at the predetermined location where he was arrested without incident.  The suspect was later indicted on Federal charges for online enticement of a child and faces a sentence of Life in Prison. This investigation culminated in the arrest of a dangerous sexual predator who now faces a life sentence where he can no longer prey on children.  For Agent Stake’s exceptional work in bringing this dangerous child predator to justice she is being awarded a Bar of Merit.

Investigative Analyst Dana Shabaneh

In August of 2019, Analyst Shabaneh was assigned to Criminal Investigative Services, specifically to provide analytical support for the Economic Crimes Unit.  Shortly after starting her new assignment, it became necessary for Analyst Shabaneh to also assume responsibility for all investigative support duties for Major Crimes.  Within a short time, Analyst Shabaneh was asked to provide in depth analytical support for a major homicide case.  This required her to conduct hours of social media research, analyzing phone records and surveillance videos along with creating a critical timeline of events.  Within weeks of this homicide, the Sheriff’s Office received six additional homicides.  Each of these investigations required significant analytical support notwithstanding completing her assigned duties with the Economic Crimes Unit. As a result of her assistance many of these cases have been closed by arrest.  Analyst Shabaneh diligently worked on these cases, many times working well past her normal duty hours, always providing a superior work product.  Although analytical support is her normal duty function, the amount of cases and these specific requests were above and beyond her normal scope of work. For her efforts, Analyst Shabaneh is being awarded a Bar of Merit.

Agent Carmen Minthorn

In April 2019, Agent Minthorn began an investigation into a case involving a relationship between a sexual offender and a fifteen-year-old female.  The investigation would take several months and present many investigative roadblocks that Agent Minthorn would ultimately overcome.  The first roadblock would be the interview of the alleged victim who denied a sexual relationship was taking place.  Based on this interview and several witnesses, Agent Minthorn believed not only that a relationship had occurred, but also that the offender may have abused other females.  Agent Minthorn was able to examine the victim’s phone and found evidence that the offender was using a phone that he had not registered as required by statute.  Based on this information, a search warrant was obtained for the offender’s phone, however the phone was locked and due to the model, the contents could not be examined.  To further complicate matters, it was learned that the offender was attempting to remotely erase the contents of the phone.  As the investigation continued, the victim came forward and disclosed the sexual relationship with the offender.  With this information, the offender’s phone was sent to a forensic lab who was able to unlock and examine the phones contents.  The examination revealed that the phone contained chats between the offender and victim, as well as videos of the actual sexual relationship.  In addition, the phone contained videos of the offender engaged in sexual relationships with other juveniles, one of which was identified during the investigation.  Using this new information, Agent Minthorn teamed with Agent Aja Stake who would assist in taking the case forward for charges in Federal Court.  With Agent Stake’s assistance, the offender was indicted in August of 2019 on Federal charges ranging from enticement of a minor to production of child pornography.  Upon conviction, the offender will face a sentence that could include Life in Prison.  This case presented unique challenges and obstacles that Agent Minthorn overcame in order to put a sexual offender preying on children behind bars.  For her diligence in this case, she is being awarded a Bar of Merit; Agent Stake is also being recognized with a Commendable Service Bar for her assistance in this investigation.

Lieutenant Robert Cline, Sergeant Kevin Roberts, Sergeant Todd Beuer, FTO William Carrion, FTO Carlos Figueroa, Deputy Paul Phillips

On the night of June 4, 2019, Deputy Paul Phillips responded to Avenida Del Vista in unincorporated Indialantic in reference to a neighborhood dispute.  As Deputy Phillips was investigating the incident, one of the parties became very belligerent and walked away.  Deputy Phillips radioed for backup, asking units to expedite. As units began to respond to assist, Deputy Phillips approached the suspect, who fired at him, striking him multiple times.  Deputy Phillips returned fire as he moved for cover.  Moments later, Sergeant Roberts arrived on scene and finding Deputy Phillips injured, began dragging him behind a vehicle to provide cover from the armed assailant.   Sergeant Roberts learned from Deputy Phillips that he believed the assailant had returned to his residence.  FTO Carrion arrived and immediately began to provide cover and security for Sergeant Roberts who was attending to Deputy Phillips.  Upon the arrival of Lieutenant Cline, FTO Figueroa immediately approached the assailant’s residence where he observed an unresponsive male on the ground next to a rifle.  While FTO Figueroa provided security CPR was initiated on the male, continuing until it became obvious the male was deceased.   Lieutenant Cline took control of the scene, directing efforts to secure the crime scene, direct advanced life support services to the downed deputy and coordinate the efforts of the numerous agencies that had responded to assist. Sergeant Beuer arrived on scene and established a command post and provided assistance in assigning personnel to perimeter locations.  He then took control over the South Precinct in staffing calls for service which provided relief for the units at the scene of the incident.  This call for service was a high risk incident that is not regularly encountered by law enforcement.  All the responding deputies worked seamlessly in this very dynamic and highly stressful situation to not only protect the life of their fellow deputy but the lives of citizens as well.  Their quick response and decisive actions were responsible for this incident being contained and assisted in saving the life of Deputy Phillips.  For injuries sustained by Deputy Paul Phillips in this incident, he is also receiving a Wound Bar.

Agent Timothy Liston and Agent Taylor Barrett

In July 2019, Agent Timothy Liston and Agent Taylor Barrett initiated an investigation into a career criminal who was identified as a major source of illicit drug trafficking in the City of Cape Canaveral.  During the investigation, Agent Barrett gained an informant who was able to introduce Agent Liston into the organization, enabling him to begin purchasing large amounts of narcotics from the target of the investigation.  Agent Barrett used this information to identify the main supplier of the narcotics. Over the next several months, the investigation identified numerous members of the organization and locations where illegal narcotics were being stored and distributed.   The investigation culminated in October of 2019, with over 35 felony arrests and the seizure of large amounts of heroin and cocaine.  The determination and investigative efforts of Agent Liston and Agent Barrett led to the removal of this dangerous drug trafficking organization from the streets of Brevard County.  They are to be commended for this outstanding and thorough investigation.

Agent Thomas Vincelette and Agent Mitch Matthias

During the month of August 2019, Agent Thomas Vincelette and Agent Mitch Matthias began the investigation of an organization that was distributing large amounts of methamphetamine and heroin within Brevard County.  Controlled purchases of narcotics and surveillance of identified members of the organization were used to identify the main source of the drugs.  Over several months, these agents were able to identify the sources of supply, as well as locations where the illegal narcotics were being stored and distributed.  In December of 2019, the investigation culminated with the arrest of nine members of the organization and the seizure of methamphetamine and heroin, along with $8,000 in cash.  Agents Vincelette and Matthias are to be commended for their excellent work in dismantling this organization that was distributing dangerous drugs within Brevard County.

Agent Philipp Urbanetz

In November 2019, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team responded to the Hubert Humphrey Bridge in Cocoa regarding a possible drowning.  Sergeant Al Tolley was first on scene and learned that workers at the bridge had observed a male attempting to climb out of the water onto one of the pilings.  The male fell from the piling and did not surface.  Agent Urbanetz arrived and immediately began donning his gear for entry into the water.  Using a barge that the workers had been operating from, Agent Urbanetz went to the area the male was last observed with the assistance of Lieutenant Simpkins.  Due to the time lapse, and knowing that every minute counted in this search and rescue event, Agent Urbanetz entered the water without a safety rope.  Even with choppy seas and almost zero visibility, Agent Urbanetz located the male and emerged at the surface in less than a minute.  The male was lifted onto the barge and Agent Urbanetz advised the rescue team to take the victim to shore, leaving himself in water.  CPR was immediately started and the male was taken to shore where paramedics immediately transported him to the hospital.  Agent Urbanetz took it upon himself not to use a safety rope in order to try and save a drowning victim, who unfortunately, was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. Although it was later learned Agent Urbanetz also received minor injuries during the incident, his primary concern was expediting the discovery of the victim and getting him medical care as soon as possible.  Agent Urbanetz is to be recognized for his determination and perseverance.

Field Training Officer Bridgette Johnson and Deputy Matthew Rush

In December of 2019, FTO Bridgette Johnson and Deputy Matthew Rush responded to an apartment in Merritt Island in reference to a violent dog that was attacking a person.   Upon arriving at the scene, the deputies were advised that the attack had occurred in an upstairs apartment.  As they reached the apartment, Deputy Rush opened the door and observed a mixed breed dog charging toward his position.  As Deputy Rush raised his rifle to fire, it malfunctioned.  As he transitioned to his handgun, the dog turned back toward the elderly victim, who was screaming for help.  Unable to fire on the dog due to the proximity of the victim, Deputy Rush deployed his Taser, causing the dog to disengage and run to another room.  Deputy Rush followed and fired several rounds as the dog charged him once again.  Although wounded, the dog continued past Deputy Rush, running downstairs into the garage.  As Deputy Rush went to aid the victim, FTO Johnson entered the garage and was also charged by the dog.  FTO Johnson fired her handgun one time, striking the dog, which retreated into a corner.  Deputy Rush joined FTO Johnson in the garage, where they were able to stop the threat. The victim of the attack was transported to the hospital where he received treatment for a broken arm and multiple severe lacerations to his forearms.  An examination of the dog found that it had continued to charge both deputies, even though wounded multiple times.  Were it not for the intervention of FTO Johnson and Deputy Rush, this animal would have very likely killed the victim.  Both deputies are to be commended for their determination and teamwork in this very dynamic and violent event.

Deputy Lee Roth

In July 2019, Deputy Roth was traveling eastbound on the Hubert Humphrey Bridge when he observed a male sitting close to the apex of the bridge with his feet dangling over the edge.  Fearing that the male might be in the process of jumping, he returned to the area after making a U-turn at the base of the bridge.  Upon arriving at the location, Deputy Roth could not locate the male and based on the short amount of time that had elapsed, Deputy Roth believed that he had jumped. Deputy Roth relayed the information and asked for assistance in searching the area for the male.  A search was conducted both on land and by boat, which was hampered by low light conditions of the early morning.  During this time, a witness was located who was able to provide a name and stated the male had made statements of injuring himself.  The search continued for approximately three hours, at which time the male was observed dragging himself out of the water, before collapsing on the shoreline exhausted.  Paramedics transported the male to the hospital where he made a full recovery.  Deputy Roth is to be commended for trusting his instincts and coordinating the response of units to facilitate the rescue of this male.



This award is to recognize those employees, who under true emergency circumstances, act to prevent probable loss of life either by exercising appropriate first aid procedures or by direct intervention. It is awarded to an employee for competent and expedient action that is directly accountable for sustaining or saving a human life. Subsequent death of a victim after release to medical personnel will not preclude nomination.

Correction Corporal Gary Nichols

In February 2019, Corporal Gary Nichols was the Officer in Charge of 200 pod when he heard an inmate calling for help.  The inmate advised while he was talking with his girlfriend by phone, she told him she was having some type of medical distress and was alone, outside the building where she worked.  Immediately thereafter the phone disconnected and all subsequent calls had gone unanswered.  Corporal Nichols obtained the name of the business from the inmate, which was located in Lakeland, FL, and began researching to locate a phone number.  Corporal Nichols was able to contact the owner of the business who was provided the information that this female employee might be suffering from a medical emergency.   The owner checked the last known location of the female and found her on the ground, unresponsive.  911 was called and medical personnel responded to the scene, eventually transporting the female to the hospital.  It was later learned that the female had made a full recovery.  Corporal Nichols’ quick response to the inmate’s request led to this female receiving the urgent medical assistance that ultimately saved her life.

Corporal Jose Santos and Deputy William Carrion

In February 2019, Corporal Jose Santos and Deputy William Carrion responded to a motel in Cocoa regarding a male subject who had called 911 threatening to commit suicide with a handgun.  Upon arrival, the deputies approached the room with a shield and after not receiving an answer at the door, used a master key to enter the room.  Once inside, they discovered the male subject unconscious and laying on the bed.  The male was moved to the floor where his condition deteriorated and he became unresponsive.  The deputies began CPR and after a short time, a slight pulse returned and the male began to breathe.  The male was transported by paramedics to the hospital where he made a full recovery.  If not for the actions taken by Corporal Santos and Deputy Carrion, this man would surely not have survived.

Deputy John Hanigan

In January 2019, Deputy Hanigan responded to a residence in West Melbourne for a suspected drug overdose.  Upon arrival, he found an unresponsive male laying on the kitchen floor.  Deputy Hanigan administered a dose of Narcan, which had no effect on the male.  Recognizing this, Deputy Hanigan immediately began administering CPR and continued until emergency medical personnel arrived to begin treatment.  Deputy Hanigan is commended for his recognition that the administration of Narcan had no effect and CPR was necessary in order to sustain the male’s life until medical personnel arrived.  Deputy Hanigan’s efforts were vital in saving this man’s life.

Communications Officer Nicole Bernhard, Deputy Elliott Edwards, Agent Christopher Streiff, and Deputy Robert Ladwig

While working a phone position in February 2019, Communications Officer Bernhard received a 911 call from a suicidal teenager.  For almost eight minutes, Communications Officer Bernhard kept the male on the phone, gathering vital information.  During the call, she began to develop a rapport with the caller in attempt to keep him on the phone and distract him from jumping off the eighth floor of a building in Merritt Island.  The teenager advised that he had attempted suicide in the past and he was intent on jumping to his death.  During the call, the male stated several times his desire to hang up the call, saying, “If I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it.”  Communications Officer Bernhard continued the conversation providing time for deputies to arrive.   Deputies Edwards, Streiff and Ladwig arrived at the building and observed the male sitting on a high back chair talking on the phone.  The deputies took the elevator up to the floor and as the elevator opened the male immediately stood on the chair and began to throw his leg over the railing.  The deputies quickly ran towards the male and were able to pull him back over the rail to safety.  The male advised that his original plan was to jump as soon as he saw deputies, however the dispatcher kept him talking.  Communications Officer Bernhard’s direct intervention and perseverance in keeping the male talking was able to assist in the prevention of a tragic loss of life.  The selfless and immediate actions of deputies Edwards, Streiff and Ladwig prevented the male from successfully following through with the threat to end his life.

Deputy Tyler Burgess and Deputy Taylor Lakeman

In February 2019, Deputy Tyler Burgess and Deputy Taylor Lakeman responded to the Wal-Mart in Merritt Island in reference to a child who was not breathing.  Upon arriving at the business, they were directed to the rear of the store where they found a frantic mother with an unresponsive child.  Deputy Lakeman began CPR while Deputy Burgess deployed his AED.  Deputy Burgess noticed that the child had a mouthful of vomit that he attempted to clear with a finger sweep.  Both deputies continued with CPR until emergency medical personnel arrived on scene.  The child was transported to the hospital where he made a full recovery.  Hospital personnel advised that without the immediate actions taken by these deputies, the three-year-old child would not have survived.

Deputy Tiffany Pendleton and Deputy Clayton Harrison

In February 2019, Deputy Tiffany Pendleton and Deputy Clayton Harrison responded to a residence in Melbourne in reference an injured person.  Upon arriving on scene, the deputies found a male who was unresponsive and without a pulse.  Deputy Harrison began CPR while Deputy Pendleton deployed her AED.  Two shocks were given with the AED after which CPR was continued for several minutes until the arrival of medical personnel.  It was determined that the male had suffered a massive heart attack and the actions taken by Deputies Pendleton and Harrison were responsible for him making a full recovery.

Deputy Nick Villacres

In March 2019, Deputy Villacres responded to a residence in Cocoa in reference to a female who was attempting to commit suicide.  When Deputy Villacres arrived, he was advised that the female was in the bathroom.  Deputy Villacres opened the door and found the female behind the door holding a large knife with the blade to her throat.  There was blood in the sink, floor and on the female’s clothing.  The female attempted to shut the door as Deputy Villacres grabbed her wrist in an attempt to take the knife.  A struggle ensued during which Deputy Villacres was finally able to gain control of the knife, which he threw outside the room.  Deputy Villacres was able to gain control of the female and found she was bleeding from a laceration to her wrist.  Paramedics entered the residence, and began treatment before transporting her to the hospital.  On the way to the hospital however, the female managed to jump out of the ambulance, breaking her left arm.  The female was placed back into the ambulance and taken to the hospital, where she recovered from her injuries.  Deputy Villacres placed himself in great danger to save the life of a female, who without his intervention, would have successfully committed suicide.

Deputy Neil Lee

In March 2019, Deputy Lee responded to an injured/ill person call at a residence in Cocoa.  As he arrived, he retrieved his AED from the vehicle and was advised the complainant’s brother-in-law was unresponsive in the backyard.  As he reached the male, Deputy Lee found him not breathing and without a pulse.  Deputy Lee applied the AED and was advised to begin chest compressions.  He continued CPR and the AED delivered a shock.  Afterward, Deputy Lee continued chest compressions until fire rescue arrived on scene and transported the male to the hospital.  It was later determined the male had a heart attack.  The immediate life saving measures taken by Deputy Lee were critical in the male surviving this medical event.

Deputy Marc DeLaughter

In March 2019, Deputy Marc DeLaughter was off duty at his residence, when a neighbor came to his door frantically asking for help.  The neighbor had her ten-year-old nephew with her, who appeared to be choking.  Upon observing the boy, Deputy DeLaughter saw that he was unable to breathe or speak, and immediately positioned himself behind the child to perform the Heimlich maneuver.  The maneuver caused a large piece of food to be ejected from the child’s mouth and he began to breathe.  Deputy DeLaughter called for Fire Rescue to respond to further evaluate the child.  Deputy DeLaughter’s quick actions in this case resulted in saving the life of this young boy.

Sergeant Dennis Casey, Deputy Jesse Doucette, Deputy Charles Hill, Reserve Deputy Joseph Jenkins, and Deputy Jafet Santiago

In January 2019, members of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit responded to a male who was swimming approximately a mile off of the Cape Canaveral shoreline.  A family boating in the area had observed the male and attempted to help him, however he refused their assistance and appeared to be despondent.  As the deputies reached the area, they attempted to aid the man with floatation devices but their attempts were repeatedly refused.  The male became combative and began swimming under the rescue vessel in what appeared to be attempts to harm himself.  The deputies momentarily lost sight of the man who then resurfaced a short distance away, facedown and appeared to be unconscious.  Due to the subject’s condition, Sergeant Dennis Casey dove into the water and grabbed the subject.  Sergeant Casey was able swim back to the rescue boat with the male, who was also not breathing.  Once the male was onboard, deputies immediately began life saving efforts.  Deputy Jafet Santiago started resuscitation efforts with an Ambu bag while Deputy Joseph Jenkins deployed the AED and Deputy Jesse Doucette started chest compressions.  After several minutes of chest compressions, Deputy Charles Hill took over for Deputy Doucette.  This continued for approximately eight minutes until the vessel reached the boat dock.  Paramedics met the deputies at the ramp and continued providing lifesaving treatment, eventually transporting the male to the hospital where he made a full recovery.  It was late discovered the male had ingested multiple drugs along with alcohol before entering the water.  If not for the courageous actions of Sergeant Casey entering the water, as well as the lifesaving efforts by Deputies Doucette, Hill, Jenkins and Santiago, the male would most likely have perished.

Corporal Jeffry Bellinger and Deputy Tyler Harrell

In April 2019, Corporal Jeffry Bellinger and Deputy Tyler Harrell responded to a call for assistance regarding an injured/ill person.  The caller advised that she was taking care of an elderly male who was “bleeding to death,” from a port in his arm used for his dialysis treatments.  Upon arriving at the residence, Corporal Bellinger and Deputy Harrell found the male laying on the ground next to several blood soaked towels.  Corporal Bellinger immediately applied pressure to stop the bleeding, while Deputy Harrell applied pressure dressing to help prevent any additional blood loss.  They continued to calm the man’s fears until BCFR arrived and transported the male to the hospital. Due to the efforts of Corporal Bellinger and Deputy Harrell a tragedy was averted.  The male made a full recovery and received additional treatment to prevent a similar incident from occurring again.

Corporal Corey Bertini

In April 2019, Corporal Corey Bertini responded to a call involving an unresponsive male.   Upon his arrival, he found an elderly male who was without a pulse and not breathing.  Corporal Bertini immediately began to administer CPR and after several minutes, was able to regain a pulse.  BCFR arrived on scene and transported the male to the hospital where he was stabilized, making a full recovery.   Medical personnel advised that without the immediate intervention by Corporal Bertini, the male most likely would not survived this medical event.

Deputy Kent Guttebo

In March of 2019, Deputy Kent Guttebo responded to a report of an injured male.  The caller advised that her husband had collapsed and was unresponsive.  Upon arrival, Deputy Guttebo found the victim laying on the kitchen floor.  While family members continued CPR, Deputy Guttebo attached his AED and administered a shock to the victim.  Deputy Guttebo then continued CPR, delivering chest compressions until the arrival of Brevard County Fire Rescue.  The subject was transported to the hospital where he was treated by medical personnel for a massive heart attack and later made a full recovery.

Deputy William Gleason

In March of 2019, Deputy William Gleason responded to the report of an unresponsive male on a bike path located in Titusville.  Deputy Gleason arrived to find an unresponsive male who was not breathing and turning purple.  Deputy Gleason delivered a shock with his AED and then began CPR, which he continued until the arrival of paramedics.  After the victim was transported to the hospital, Deputy Gleason assisted the victim’s wife by arranging for the couple‘s bicycles to be transported for safekeeping, while he provided her with a ride to the hospital.  After his recovery, the victim expressed his deepest gratitude for not only Deputy Gleason’s lifesaving efforts, but for the compassion he showed to his family as well.  Deputy Gleason’s actions resulted in saving the victim’s life.

Field Training Officer Brenden Butler

In March 2019, FTO Brenden Butler responded to a construction area in Port Canaveral regarding an ill worker.  Upon arrival, FTO Butler was advised that one of the workers became unresponsive while working in a pit that had been dug for a building’s foundation.  FTO Butler ran to the area, located the male and immediately began CPR.   He continued CPR while awaiting the arrival of paramedics, which due to the terrain, took several minutes.  The male was ultimately transported to the hospital, where he made a full recovery from his heart attack.  FTO Butler’s quick action and lifesaving aid, resulted in the saving of this man’s life.   

Deputy Laurie Ryba and Deputy Dawneika Brown

In April 2019, Deputies Laurie Ryba and Dawneika Brown responded to a report of a female who was not breathing and unresponsive.  According to the reporting person, it was possible that the female had overdosed on opiates.  Upon arrival, Deputy Brown took over CPR from the reportee and Deputy Ryba administered a dosage of Narcan.  A second dose of Narcan was administered and as Deputy Ryba replaced Deputy Brown continuing CPR, Deputy Brown retrieved her AED, which advised to continue compressions.  CPR was continued until the arrival of paramedics who transported the female to the hospital.  The female was admitted to the hospital, suffering complications from the possible overdose.  According to medical personnel, the actions of Deputies Ryba and Brown were instrumental in this victim having a chance for recovery.

Deputy Justin Winstead and Deputy Jacob Campbell

In May of 2019, Deputies Justin Winstead and Jacob Campbell responded to a report of an injured person.  Upon arrival, they observed a female providing chest compressions for her husband, who was laying on the floor of the residence.  Deputy Winstead assumed chest compressions as Deputy Campbell delivered one shock with the AED.  CPR was resumed and continued until the arrival of paramedics.  The male was transported to the hospital, where it was learned that due to the use of the AED, the male’s heart regained rhythm and he was expected to fully recover from this medical event.  Without the training and experience of Deputies Winstead and Campbell, the victim may not have survived his heart attack.

Corrections Deputy Tyler Smith and Corrections Deputy Domingo Guzman

In June 2019, Corrections Deputies Tyler Smith and Domingo Guzman were assigned as Rovers for the 500 Pod in the Jail Complex when they responded to an inmate who was choking.  Both Corrections Deputies worked together by administering finger sweeps and back blows which were successful in dislodging the obstruction.  The inmate was taken to the Jail Complex Medical Unit and then transported to the hospital where he made a full recovery.   The quick response and emergency aid taken by these two Correctional Deputies was instrumental in saving the life of this inmate.   

Deputy Neil Lee

In June 2019, Deputy Neil Lee responded to a motor vehicle crash on Brockett Road in Mims, where a pedestrian had been struck by a vehicle.  Upon arriving at the scene, Deputy Lee found the victim bleeding severely from a laceration to their arm and immediately utilized his agency issued tourniquet to stop the blood loss.  Paramedics arrived and began to treat the victim who was transported by helicopter to a local hospital.  The victim made a complete recovery.  Deputy Lee’s actions were commended by Fire Rescue personnel, who advised that the application of the tourniquet ultimately saved the life of this victim.  Due to the quick thinking of Deputy Lee, a tragedy was averted.

Corrections Technician Jennifer Butler

In August 2019, Corrections Technician Jennifer Butler was leaving a local restaurant in Cocoa, when she observed an unresponsive male on the ground and another male performing CPR on the victim. Corrections Technician Butler asked if her assistance was needed, and the male advised that he was tiring from the procedure. Corrections Technician Butler immediately began providing compressions to the victim until Brevard County Fire Rescue personnel arrived on scene and took over lifesaving efforts.  Without the immediate response from Corrections Technician Butler, this male would likely not have survived this medical emergency.

Deputy Casey Bratsch and Deputy Susanne Ravn

In August 2019, Deputy Casey Bratsch and Deputy Susanne Ravn responded to a traffic crash in Cape Canaveral, where the driver had suffered an apparent heart attack.  Upon their arrival, the deputies found the driver slumped over the wheel and unresponsive.  The driver was removed from the vehicle and immediate medical aid was given.  CPR was started by Deputy Ravn while Deputy Bratsch readied his AED.  Several rounds of chest compressions and subsequent shocks from the AED were provided to the victim until the arrival of paramedics.  The victim was transported to a local hospital where unfortunately, he later died due to an unrelated medical issue.  Were it not for the efforts of Deputies Bratsch and Ravn, the victim would have died at the scene; not allowing family and friends to spend precious time with him before passing away.

Deputy Dale Craig

In September 2019, Deputy Dale Craig responded to an address in Palm Bay to serve a temporary injunction for protection.  After serving the injunction, Deputy Craig noticed that the male seemed to be in medical distress.  A short time later, the male fell to the ground and became unresponsive.  Deputy Craig called for assistance and retrieved his AED.  After analysis, the AED advised that CPR was necessary.  Deputy Craig began CPR, performing several rounds at which time the male began breathing and started to respond.  Paramedics arrived and transported the male to the hospital for further medical evaluation where he made a full recovery.  Deputy Craig’s actions directly resulted in saving this man’s life.

Deputy Jose Santos

In June 2019, Deputy Santos responded to the most traumatic event a law enforcement officer experiences, the shooting of a fellow deputy.  Deputy Paul Phillips was shot multiple times while investigating a disturbance call in unincorporated Indialantic.  After responding to the scene, Deputy Santos immediately went to Deputy Phillips and began assessing his injuries.  With the assistance of officers from the Melbourne Police Department, Deputy Santos applied tourniquets to Deputy Phillips’ wounds to help slow the bleeding.  Deputy Santos stayed with Deputy Phillips, providing cover, until the scene was secured and paramedics could arrive.  Deputy Phillips was transported to the hospital where he recovered from the incident. The immediate emergency medical care provided by Deputy Santos during this emotionally trying event was instrumental in saving the life of a fellow deputy.

Corrections Corporal Anthony Ryder and Corrections Deputy Michael Kirkpatrick

In September 2019, Corrections Corporal Anthony Ryder and Corrections Deputy Michael Kirkpatrick were alerted to an inmate who could not be woken up.  Upon arriving at the cell, they observed the inmate laying on his bunk, unresponsive, and barely breathing.  Medical personnel were notified and responded with an AED.  Corrections Corporal Ryder and Corrections Deputy Kirkpatrick assisted the nurse with chest compressions and rescue breathing for nearly twelve minutes until paramedics arrived.  Due to their medical intervention, the inmate was responsive and talking upon the arrival of the ambulance.  The inmate was transported to a local hospital for further medical evaluation where he made a full recovery.  Under emergency circumstances, Corrections Corporal Ryder and Corrections Deputy Kirkpatrick displayed excellent teamwork in proving medical care that assisted in saving the life of this male inmate.   

Sergeant Jay Church and Deputy Laurie Ryba

In September 2019, Sergeant Jay Church and Deputy Laurie Ryba responded to a medical call for assistance with an unconscious and unresponsive male.  Corporal Church arrived first and deployed his AED, beginning chest compressions until a shock was advised.  Deputy Ryba arrived shortly after and assisted Corporal Church with CPR and lifesaving efforts until the arrival of fire rescue personnel.  The male was transported to the hospital where he regained his pulse and made a full recovery.  Medical personnel advised that if not for the quick response and lifesaving efforts of the deputies, the male would likely not have survived this medical event.

Deputy Joshua Codding, Deputy Kyle Fitzgerald and Deputy Neill Brooks

In October 2019, Deputies Codding, Fitzgerald and Brooks responded to the Health Sports Fitness Center in Merritt Island in reference to an unresponsive male.  Upon arrival, Deputy Codding retrieved his AED from his vehicle prior to entering the gym.  Upon making contact with the male, Deputy Codding immediately deployed the AED.  Deputy Fitzgerald began chest compressions until the AED advised it was going to administer a shock.  After two shocks were given, Deputy Brooks took over performing the chest compressions until the arrival of fire rescue personnel.  The male was transported to the hospital where he made a full recovery.  Were it not for the ability of these deputies to work together in providing emergency first aid efficiently and effectively, this male would have died at the scene.

Deputy John Hanigan

During the month of October 2019, Deputy Hanigan responded to a motel in West Melbourne where a female was unresponsive in one of the rooms. Fearing a drug overdose, Deputy Hanigan administered a dose of NARCAN without success in reviving the female. Deputy Hanigan deployed his AED, which advised to begin CPR. Deputy Hanigan administered CPR until the arrival of fire rescue. Fire Rescue personnel were able to revive the victim, who was transported to the hospital and made a full recovery. Deputy Hanigan was able to quickly assess the victim and sustain life until the arrival of medical personnel.

Deputy Taylor Dunn and Deputy Kyle Fitzgerald

In November of 2019, Deputies Dunn and Fitzgerald responded to a residence in Merritt Island in reference to a violation of injunction.  As both arrived, the complainant stated that her father-in-law, who was in violation of an injunction, was sitting on her front lawn.  As the deputies approached the male, they observed he had slashed himself on both his neck and left arm.  The also noticed that he had a bag hanging from his neck that contained a box cutter.  Due to the amount of blood loss, Deputy Dunn and Fitzgerald began applying pressure bandages to the wounds.  As the male began to go in and out of consciousness, Deputy Dunn maintained pressure on the wounds and monitored his pulse, while Deputy Fitzgerald applied sternum rubs to keep the male alert.  Fire Rescue arrived and transported the male to the hospital where he made a full recovery.  The quick and decisive actions of these deputies, along with their ability to work together, saved this man’s life.

Corrections Corporal Michael Peterson and Corrections Deputy Mendes Spencer

In December 2019, Corrections Deputy Spencer was doing a fifteen minute watch when he noticed what appeared to be an item wrapped around the neck of an inmate in one of the cells.  Deputy Spencer notified Corporal Peterson of the incident and they both immediately entered the cell.  Upon entering, they found the inmate unresponsive with fabric tied around his neck and the sink.  The inmate was untied and both Spencer and Peterson began to perform lifesaving measures on the inmate until the arrival of medical personnel. The response of Deputy Spencer and Corporal Peterson and the immediate lifesaving actions prevented this inmate from successfully ending his life.   

Corrections Sergeant Richard Otranto, Corrections Corporal Ryan Futch, Corrections Deputy Robert Brown and Corrections Deputy Christopher Malagon

In December 2019, Corporal Futch and Deputy Malagon were alerted to a problem in the recreation yard by loud banging on the recreation door.  Upon entering the yard, they observed an inmate on the ground, unresponsive and suffering from what appeared to be a seizure.  As Deputy Malagon cleared the yard for safety, Corporal Futch assessed the male and found no pulse.  Corporal Futch called for assistance and an AED.  Deputy Malagon retrieved an AED, which was placed on the inmate and advised that a shock was needed.  After the shock, CPR was commenced with Sergeant Otranto, Corporal Futch, and Deputy Brown rotating between compressions and rescue breaths.  Medical personnel responded and assisted until the arrival of fire rescue, who transported the inmate to the hospital where he recovered from the medical event.  The above staff did an excellent job in working together as a team to sustain the life of this inmate until emergency medical services arrived.  For their actions, these members are being recognized with a Life Saving Award.

Lieutenant William Haggerty

In December 2019, Lieutenant William Haggarty responded to a residence in Rockledge and met with the complainant who advised a neighbor had been acting strangely and he could hear a vehicle running inside the closed garage.  As Lieutenant Haggarty approached the residence, he could hear the vehicle running inside the garage.  He attempted to make contact with someone by knocking on the windows and doors without success.  Fearing that the neighbor might be in distress, Lieutenant Haggarty forced a door open and entered the garage. Once inside, he found a female in the driver’s seat of the running vehicle who appeared to be intoxicated.  Lieutenant Haggarty immediately moved the female from the vehicle to a well ventilated area.  While waiting for fire rescue to arrive, the female advised Lieutenant Haggarty that he interrupted her attempt to commit suicide.  The female was transported to the hospital where she received treatment for her severe depression.  The decisive actions of Lieutenant Haggarty saved the life of this female.


The recipient was selected from the 65 Reserve Deputies currently volunteering with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.  This individual will receive a special gift from the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association.

Reserve Deputy Joe Downs


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Communications Office Nicole Bernhard


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Property Control Agent Barbara Williams


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Corporal Gary Nichols


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The recipient was selected from one of the Deputies of the Month for 2019.  This individual will receive a special gift from the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association.

Deputy Paul Phillips