Homicide Unit

The Homicide Unit aggressively investigates all death cases including accidental deaths, suicides and natural death cases.

Unsolved Homicides

Unit Contact Information

If you have information on any homicide case, please contact us at:

Brevard County Homicide Unit
340 Gus Hipp Boulevard
Rockledge, FL 32955

Phone: (321) 633-8413

Or contact the Central Florida CrimeLine at 1-(800)-423-TIPS, you can remain anonymous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I get a copy of the death investigation report from the Sheriff’s Office?
A: In approximately 6-8 weeks after the initial notification to the Sheriff’s Office reports are available from the Records Unit. The Homicide Unit rarely closes an investigation until the Medical Examiner’s Office completes their report and forwards the information to the Sheriff’s Office. The normal delay is the toxicology tests that are performed on every death, which take several weeks to obtain.

Q: How can I get a copy of the Homicide Agent’s report?
A: A copy of all reports can be obtained through the Records Unit in Titusville, you can reach that office at (321) 264-5214.

Q: Why can’t I get a copy of the Medical Examiner’s Report?
A: A copy of the Medical Examiner’s Report is available from the Medical Examiner’s Office or call (321) 633-1981.

Q: Why hasn’t an investigator contacted me about a death in my family?
A: Investigators are responsible by law for contacting the next of kin during a death investigation. They will attempt to find the nearest adult that is directly related by blood to notify them of the death. There are instances when agents are unable to locate the next of kin. Agents will usually speak to witnesses that are pertinent to the investigation. Please contact the case agent if you have any questions regarding an investigation by calling the Homicide Unit at (321) 633-8413.

Q: What about my loved one’s property?
A: Depending on the location of the death, property is usually left at the home of the decedent. Agents do not take property from the decedent unless it is evidence for the investigation or for safekeeping. Items that are taken can usually be released to the next of kin by calling the case agent at (321) 633-8413. A property receipt accompanies any evidence that is taken by Sheriff’s Office personnel. A copy of the property receipt is made available to the next of kin to identify the items taken during the investigation. An original suicide note left by the decedent cannot be returned to the next of kin. A copy of the note will be made for the family. The original note is retained as evidence and is processed as needed for forensic evidence.