Dedication, courage and commitment are often words that come to mind when describing the men and women who make up the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT).

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has had a SWAT team since 1977 when the first team was formed in order to respond to critical incidents and situations. This team, made up of highly trained and well-equipped professionals, prevents situations from escalating and resolves problems as quickly and safely as possible.

The SWAT team responds countywide to critical incidents and events as they occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team is a member of the Statewide Region 5 Regional Anti-Terrorism Task Force (RATTF) and stands ready with other law enforcement teams to respond to critical incidents and acts of terrorism throughout the State of Florida.


SWAT Team Members

The SWAT team is a diverse group of law enforcement professionals. Members are assigned to various units within the Sheriff’s Office. There are several elements of the team that work together during incidents to ensure the successful resolution of the mission.

Operational Team Members
Operational members are the backbone of the team. Annually, they must pass screening, a stringent physical standard, and proficiency with specialized weapons. They train bi-monthly in the use of tactics, weapons systems, physical fitness and specialty vehicles and equipment.

Operational team members are highly trained and skilled in the use of sidearms, shoulder fired long-range weapons, specialty impact weapons, chemical agents and electronic control weapons.

Crisis Negotiations Team
The Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) is a critical element of a successful SWAT team. Theses members are tasked with communicating with barricaded and distraught subjects. CNT members are trained in skillful communications and negotiations and have an excellent record of diffusing potentially volatile situations to peaceful endings.

Technical Unit
The Technical Unit members are outfitted with the latest hi-tech equipment available. They assist the SWAT team with remote monitoring devices, cameras, infrared technology and robotics. These devices have proven to be a critical component to the SWAT team by providing real time intelligence to team members in the forward areas of tactical incident.

This Unit is also responsible for the maintenance of armored vehicles. These vehicles, obtained by BCSO through military surplus, provide protection to team members and have been utilized to rescue officers and citizens from dangerous situations.

Tactical Medic
The Tactical Medic is a certified medical professional that accompanies operational team members into the field providing immediate medical care to team members, citizens and suspects who are in forward areas inaccessible to medical response. The medics assigned to the team are certified Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s who work full-time in the medical field. Assignment to the SWAT team is strictly volunteer and is not a paid position.

Tactical Team
The Tactical Team serves specific functions for the agency. This team is responsible for the execution of all high-risk search warrants and assists several local municipal police agencies with the execution of drug and felony warrants. The team works closely with the BCSO Special Investigations Unit addressing street level drug enforcement and arrests. The team also addresses criminal trends, focusing enforcement efforts in areas that require additional enforcement efforts.

Each member of the BCSO SWAT team takes great pride in protecting our community and the lives of our citizens.