Chaplain Services

Chaplain Jon Nienhuis Chaplain Nancy Oliver

It is realized that inmates have spiritual needs and they are offered religious activities and services to help meet those needs. The Brevard County Jail inmates are provided chaplain services by the Jail and Prison Ministry. The Ministry operates with two full-time chaplains and 75 volunteers from different faith groups. The Jail and Prison Ministry can be reached at (321) 690-1500 ext. # 83141.

Inmates are invited and encouraged to participate in religious activities such as Bible studies, discipleship classes, and a variety of religious services offered through the Chaplain’s Office. Chaplains are available to spiritually advise and counsel inmates upon request. Written ministry polices on various topics, such as phone calls, literature requests and religious diets are available to all inmates. All activities are voluntary.

Participation must be made through the inmate’s written request.

Upon an inmate’s release, a list of resources offering potential assistance to inmates is available.

Bible or Sacred Text

Inmates desiring Bibles or Sacred Texts not available from the Chaplain’s office may request and receive such books with the following restrictions:

  • All religious books must be approved by the Chaplain prior to being purchased and shipped to the facility. Religious books shipped prior to an approval by the Chaplain will be returned to the sending source.
  • Religious books received via U.S. Mail, FedEx, or UPS are restricted to the primary religious books of the inmates professed religion. You may receive only one such book. Be certain you have no more than four books in your possession per jail policy.
  • Religious books must have a soft cover (paper or leather) but absolutely no hardbacks covers.
  • Religious books must come from a publisher, bookstore, on-line source, or church.
  • Religious books must arrive in their original container provided by the publisher.
  • All packages containing religious books must be addressed as follows:
    Inmates Name & D.O.B.
    C/O Chaplain
    860 Camp Rd.
    Cocoa, FL 32927