Animal Tags & Licenses

Why Should I license my pet?

Brevard County ordinances require all owned dogs, cats and ferrets to be licensed and for the license to be attached to the animal.

A license is your pet’s ticket home should it become lost. When a lost animal is found with current identification, our Animal Control Officers can quickly return it or notify its owners that it is safe at the shelter. Pet owners may be fined for violation of this law.

License fees pay for many worthwhile services, such as:

  • Keeping stray animals off the streets and out of danger.
  • Transporting injured animals to veterinarians for medical help.
  • Investigating cases of animal cruelty and neglect, and seeing to a pet’s general welfare.

Brevard County Code: Chapter 14 Sec. 14-52

Failure to obtain an Animal License Tag for your cat or dog can result in a fine of $120 for each animal not in compliance. Animal License Tags must be renewed annually.

Animal License Tag Fees

  • Spayed/Neutered Dogs or Cats – $10.00/Year
  • Unaltered Dogs or Cats – $16.00/Year
  • Puppies or Kittens Less Than 1 Year Old – $10.00

Online Animal License Tags