Livestream Court

Brevard County Jail Complex – Live Court

Most courts in Brevard County are fully accessible to citizens. The courtroom located inside the Brevard County Jail limits public access due to legitimate security concerns. To overcome these limitations, the Sheriff’s Office has implemented a video streaming capability so the public can watch the proceedings at the jail live. The Judge having authority over the jail court has the authority to, and may at their discretion, temporarily disallow video/audio streaming to prevent information exempt from public record from being aired.

If you need any additional information regarding this process, please contact the Brevard County Jail Complex (321) 690-1500 or access our website at

Initial Proceedings
Monday – Friday: 1:15 pm*
Saturday-Sunday and Holidays: 9:30 am*

Plea Court
Wednesdays: 10:00 am*

*Periodically, juvenile court proceedings take place before jail initial appearance proceedings. This will delay the start time of the video stream until after all juvenile proceedings are complete.