Sheriff’s Pet Posse

The Sheriff’s Pet Posse will provide support to the Animal Shelters of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Support provided is for care and medical treatment of animals including food, spay/neuter, medications, wellness, vaccinations and facility improvements. We will support enrichment programs for both the animals, staff, volunteers and the public. The enrichment programs will be focused on behavior, stress management, and obedience training for the animals. Pet Posse will support educating the public on the importance of vaccinations and spay/neutering their pets.

Monetary donations can be made at either BCSO Animal Services Shelter or online.

People standing next to animal services pageThank You AJ Hiers & Boniface Hiers Automotive Group For Your Generous Donation To Feed All Of The Animals In Our Shelters

October 16th we unveiled our new sign at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office South Animal Shelter that includes a thank you to Boniface Hiers Automotive Group for their annual contribution to provide all of the food and nutrient supplies for the animals in our shelters.

AJ Hiers is a member of our newly created “Sheriff’s Pet Posse” who truly loves pets and wanted to do everything he could to support our Animal Services effort. I can’t thank AJ enough for his very gracious donation and for his unwavering support of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. He is a great friend to our community and a hero for our animals!

If you want to become a member of the Sheriff’s Pet Posse contact Lindsey Deaton.