Found Property

The listed Found Property was received by BCSO.  Items will be disposed 90 days from found date, per FS 705.103.  If you wish to inquire about any of the property listed, please call 321.264.5211 or email


MARCH 2018

IPhone w/case

Mongoose bike

Samsung phone

Car tire w/ rim


Apple iPad w/black case




Brown wallet w/misc. cards

Ipad in black case



Old photos/baby book

Auto tags


Garmin GPS

Leatherman multi tool in blk carry case

IPhone 6/otter box

Samsung metal phone w/cracked upper rt corner screen

Cool pad blk plastic case phone w/anchor emblem on back/cracked screen

LG white phone in blk case w/cracked screen

IPod touch w/earbuds/charger w/cable

Next 6 spd bike



Voice recorder

Metal construction bar

Electronic Monitoring Device

Black Drone

Ray Ban case with glasses

Leatherman multi tool

IPhone 6/otter box

Samsung metal phone

Cool pad blk. plastic case phone

LG white phone in blk. case w/cracked screen

IPod touch

Next 6 spd. bike


**Please note wallets are routinely turned in and owners are notified by letter when an address is located.