Public Records

    In order to better assist you and provide documents responsive to your request, please complete the information requested below. Public record requests require research / review for any statutory exemptions and cannot be completed the same day as requested. Please refer to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office Public Records Information policy for further details.

    Schedule of Fees for Public Records Reproduction

    Records Check:

    $2.00 / per last name inquiry
    Local record of those persons booked into the Brevard County Jail.

    Case Report:

    $0.15 / single sided copy if request is 10 pages or more
    $.20 / double-sided copy
    By Mail – Add self-addressed stamped envelope


    $1.00 / each (plus service charge if applicable)
    Due to security concerns, we will not accept any CD/DVD, memory stick, or any other device for duplication.

    Service Charge:

    Requestors will be charged for employee’s labor cost when the request takes 15 or more minutes to fulfill. Any specialty costs, to include technological resources or extensive research time will be subject to further expense. Advance deposit may be required for extensive requests.

    Methods of Payment

    Individuals may pay for records reproduction fees by one of the following: Money Order/Cashier Check, Cash, Business Check, Credit Card. (Credit Card fee is 2.95% with a $2.00 minimum). PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.