Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Unit has the primary responsibility for Traffic and D.U.I. Enforcement throughout the entire county. They also conduct Special Details such as parades, several types of traffic escorts, traffic control, and civic benefits, etc. This unit’s goal is to reduce the traffic fatalities on Brevard County Roadways and Interstate with aggressive traffic enforcement.


The number one complaint the Sheriff’s Office receives from citizens is that we need to write more traffic tickets. The number two complaint is that we write too many tickets. Each year, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office issues thousands of citations and warnings to drivers not to raise money for the Sheriff’s Office, but solely to protect the citizens and visitors who are using our roadways. It is the duty of each Deputy Sheriff to enforce posted speed limits and the traffic laws and we are committed to do our duty to the highest level possible.

Sheriff’s Deputies do not have quotas for traffic citations, and we fully support our Deputy’s decision to give warnings in lieu of citations at their discretion depending on the circumstances. It is also a common misconception that the Sheriff’s Office receives all of the money from traffic fines. The great majority of the money collected goes to the State of Florida.

Only a small portion (about 4 dollars) is put in a State fund for training law enforcement personnel.

The lion’s share of the money collected goes to the State of Florida. As a result, we do not write tickets for the money. We write tickets to enforce the law and most importantly, to save lives.

We want our citizens to know that we are absolutely committed to their safety and we will continue to do everything within our power to ensure Brevard County roadways are as safe as possible.


Unit Contact Information

For more information call 321-454-6643.