2005 Honored Employees

Deputy of the Year Award

Deputy Shannon Griffin, Corporal Brian Adams, and Deputy Barrett BrightIn 2005, BCSO recognized 3 Deputy Sheriffs with the 2005 Deputy of the Year for their heroic actions. Deputy Shannon Griffin, Corporal Brian Adams, and Deputy Barrett Bright were selected to receive this prestigious award for the incredible efforts to save three accident victims who had been trapped underwater in a canal along the Sarno Extension. Not hesitating, the deputies who were the first emergency responders to arrive, dove into the frigid, zero visibility water of the canal to attempt to extricate the trapped parties from the submerged and overturned vehicle. At significant personal risk to themselves, these deputies made continuous efforts to break out the windows of the vehicle, enter into the submerged car and attempt to locate the remaining victims. All three of the trapped victims were ultimately located and removed from the car. In addition to being selected as our 2005 Deputies of the Year, each Deputy was also recongnized with the Agency’s highest honor…the Medal of Valor.

Corrections Officer of the Year Award

Glenn StoutGlenn Stout

While enroute home at the end of his long shift Officer Stout observed an armed female in the Canaveral Road and East Railroad area attempting to kill herself. She discharged the firearm in an unsuccessful attempt to kill herself. She was in the process of placing the gun back to her head to attempt another shot when Stout intervened. Using excellent negotiating and communication skills, he was able to talk this individual into putting the weapon down. After which, he was able to safely take her into custody without harm to himself or the young lady.

In addition as being selected as the 2005 Corrections Officer of the Year, he also has been recognized as the runner-up for the 2005 Corrections Officer of the Year for the entire State of Florida by the Florida Sheriff’s Association; and as Police Officer of the Year by the Brevard County Association of Chiefs of Police.

Employee of the Year Award

Eryn Kelsey-AdkinsEryn Kelsey-Adkins

In March 2005, Eryn was asked to convert the old jail training records, which were located on floppy disk, to a computer program that would streamline entry and retrieval information of the training records at the jail complex. In a very short period of time, she created and designed a very user-friendly computer program. With this program, training information can now be entered faster with less work, certificates for attendees can be automatically printed, class rosters generated and individual and class records accessed …all with minimal work by the person needing the information. If not for the improvement created by this individual, an additional position would have been needed costing citizens’ money unnecessarily. Eryn is widely recognized by those that work with her as one who is always kind, always friendly and always gives 100 % to help others.

Lucy Ross Award

Lt. Mike QualterLt. Mike Qualter

The Lucy Ross Award is presented to the employee (sworn or non-sworn) who best exemplifies the outstanding qualities and spirit of our lost family member, Sergeant Lucille Ross. Throughout her career, Lucy demonstrated an unwavering dedication to community service and excellence in her profession. Lucy was a genuinely compassionate person who never hesitated to assist others in need, regardless of her relationship to them or their station in life. This quality was most prevalent when dealing with crime victims or their families. Despite the rigors and demands of her work, Lucy could always be counted on to arrive with a cheerful disposition and work without complaint. Lucy can most adequately be described as possessing the unique quality that allowed her to make people feel better, regardless of their circumstances. This award recognizes the BCSO family member, who throughout this year, has best honored Lucy’s memory by demonstration of these same qualities and has been nominated by his or her co-workers.

Lieutenant Qualter has devoted most of his 20-year career to handling child abuse issues and investigations. For 10 years now, Mike and his wife Vicki have been involved with Helping Innocent Kids End Abuse Today H.I.K.E. A.T.

Mike and Vicki have hike 200 miles up the Appalachian Trail each year for a total of 2,167 miles. All proceeds go to abused and at-risk Children, Camp Chance and Children’s Advocacy Center. As stated by Cmdr Waller, “Mike is not only an outstanding employee, but a true emissary for this agency. He represents all the finest attributes Lucy exhibited.”

Reserve Deputy of the Year Award

Deputy David LewisDeputy David Lewis

For several months in 2005, the West and Canaveral Precincts experienced manpower shortages for various reasons. Reserve Deputy Lewis never hesitated to work extra hours to assist in the coverage. Since June 2005, Deputy Lewis has volunteered 454 hours to cover shortages on the road in West and Canaveral Precincts. He has issued 181 citations, 93 written warnings and arrested 20 individulas for various violations. In an effort to better his patrol capabilities, David has recorded an additional 40 hours of training. All this is being done in addition to him working full time at his civilian job. Deputy Lewis comes to work with enthusiasm and without complaint. He is truly dedicated to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Robert "Bob" ToranoRobert “Bob” Torano is a citizen volunteer at the West Precinct. He has been involved with the Sheriff’s Office since 1999 and has dedicated hundreds, if not thousands of hours to this office. Bob spends the majority of his time working the desk, but very capably performs a variety of important tasks in the community and around the precinct. According to his co-workers, West Precinct has become somewhat reliant upon Bob and when he infrequently takes “approved” time off, he is truly missed.

Citizen of the Year Award

Jan LokayEach year BCSO recognizes a special person in our community who has dedicated their life in Brevard County to reduce crime, reduce juvenile delinquency and provide a better a safer Brevard County for our children.

Jan Lokay, President of Crosswinds Youth Services was selected for this year’s Citizen’s Award. She has served as the President/CEO of Crosswinds for many years.

Crosswinds was recognized two years ago as then best organization in America serving runaway, homeless, and other youth in crisis. Crosswinds was further honored by Governor Jeb Bush two years ago as “a rare type of non-profit organization. It runs itself with the precision and efficiency of a business while staying true to its core mission to help young people and their families… with life changing and life saving services.” Last year alone, Crosswinds provided services to about 4,000 Brevard County youth. The real key to the tremendous success of Crosswinds is the incredible leadership of the president of the organization. There is no doubt many children, most likely thousands, have been kept out of prisons or protected from harm because she is at the helm of this wonderful organization.

Community Service Awards

  • Debbie Edwards
  • Corrections Officer Debra Sherrod
  • Deputy Raonel Barrial

Commendable Service Award

  • Deputy Todd Holland
  • Deputy James HamanCorporal Terry Bartnik
  • Deputy Wendy Miller
  • Deputy Adam Pearson
  • Deputy Jason Speece
  • Deputy Christopher Shephard
  • Deputy Marc DeLaughter
  • Deputy David Felker
  • Field Training Officer Deborah Rainey
  • Deputy Jonathan Kent
  • Deputy Marl Medley
  • Correction Officer John Cornelius
  • Deputy Jason Cooper
  • Deputy Justin Gould
  • Corrections Officer Noel Remillard
  • Deputy Frank Sarivola
  • Deputy Jason Hart
  • Corrections Officer Bobby Gardner
  • Sergeant Rocky Roblin
  • Deputy Raonel Barrial
  • Corrections Officer Michael Brickner
  • Deputy Brian Fearon
  • Deputy John Hall
  • Field Training Officer Michael Bieri
  • Deputy Darryl Osbourne
  • Pam Rios
  • Telecommunicator Angelina Velten
  • Deputy Kelly Simpkins
  • Alan Romeo
  • Reserve Deputy David Lewis
  • Sergeant Scott Behringer
  • JoLynn Dempsey
  • Field Training Officer Aja Stake
  • Corporal Robbie Stokes
  • Deputy Sara Kane
  • Field Training Officer William Haggerty
  • Deputy Orlando Vecchio
  • Michelle Torres
  • Corporal Mitchell Boshnack
  • Deputy Robert Williams
  • Agent Jason Dymond
  • Corporal Mitchell Boshnack
  • Deputy John Whigham
  • Deputy Joanna Ross
  • Lieutenant Toni Merritt
  • Deputy Jason Cooper
  • Deputy Tola Baum
  • Corporal Brenda Deans
  • Agent David Madsen
  • Jennifer Moore
  • Deputy Mike Matteson
  • Deputy Ryan English
  • Deputy JJ Cooper
  • Deputy Marl Medley
  • Corporal Jason Diogo
  • Deputy Scott Pikus
  • Deputy Ken McClenahan
  • Deputy Sylvester Harris
  • Corporal Kelly Smith
  • Deputy Steve McNatt
  • Deputy Carl Sangeleer
  • Agent Brad Thomas
  • Deputy Greg Richter
  • Deputy John Cizmadia
  • Deputy Jason West
  • Corporal Brett Moore
  • Deputy John Cizmadia
  • Eryn Kelsey-Adkins
  • Agent Gary Harrell
  • Deputy Christian Bear
  • Deputy Jeffrey Ludwig
  • Sergeant Bruce Barnett
  • Deputy Eric McClellan
  • Deputy Charles Levi
  • Deputy Aja Stake
  • Deputy Danial Wuchte
  • Agent Paolo Donisi
  • Agent Jacqueline Hearon
  • Deputy James Haman
  • Deputy Marie Clark
  • Deputy Todd Holland
  • Agent Scott Molyneaux
  • Agent Todd Calhoun
  • Deputy Anthony Cettina
  • Agent Randy Holliday
  • Agent Kevin Roberts
  • Field Training Officer Jeff Harper
  • Agent Dan Singleton
  • Deputy Barry Liford
  • Corporal Ross Torquato
  • Director Orville Clayton
  • Corporal Jack Ehrig
  • Field Training Officer Alan Confreda
  • Deputy Raonel Barrial
  • Corporal Brett Moore
  • Deputy Robert Kramer
  • Corporal Gene Hope
  • Corporal Mike Green
  • Deputy Todd Holland
  • Deputy Brian Bomba
  • Deputy Todd Beuer
  • Lieutenant Victor DeSantis
  • Deputy Sean Fontaine
  • Deputy Raonel Barrial
  • Corporal Anthony Montuori
  • Agent Marlon Buggs
  • Deputy Christian Williams
  • Judicial Support Officer Susan Etling
  • Agent Scott Molyneaux
  • Deputy John Whigham
  • Telecommunicator Sarah Arias
  • Sergeant Kent Sellers
  • Corporol Mike Green
  • Commander Paul Drinkwater
  • Deputy John Jeffreys
  • Deputy Barbara Pill
  • Deputy Ken McClenahan
  • Deputy John Jeffreys
  • Deputy Ken McClenahan
  • Joanne Homer
  • Deputy Edwin Rosado
  • Deputy Anthony Cettina

Merit Bar Awards

These recipients were awarded Bar of Merit for outstanding duty performance. They have displayed unusual thoroughness, determination, and initiative while carrying out thier duties.

  • Deputy Brian Greene
  • Agent Kraig Hupfer
  • Agent Brian Guilford
  • Deputy Adam Pearson
  • Lieutenant John Coppola
  • Deputy Charles Weaver
  • Deputy Gregory Richter
  • Deputy Barbara Pill
  • Deputy David Felkner
  • Crime Prevention Officer Pam Connor
  • Deputy Ben Wheeler
  • Deputy Paul Roman
  • Crime Prevention Officer Kelly Sattley
  • Deputy Todd Beuer
  • Agent Anthony Brannon
  • Crime Prevention Officer Julie Torpy
  • Deputy Craig Carson
  • Deputy Joseph Martin
  • Corrections Officer Glenn Stout
  • Deputy Jerry Shealy
  • Deputy Mike Helms
  • Corporal Tisha Drinkwater
  • Corporal Ray Seigel
  • Corporal Ross Torquato
  • Field Training Officer Gary Lyons

Wound Bar

  • Lieutenant Alan Moros

Life Saving Award

Recipients of this award have helped members of our community when thier lives were at risk.

  • Deputy Robert Cline
  • Deputy Mike Helms
  • Corporal Ray Seigel
  • Field Training Officer Mike Bieri
  • Agent Jackie Hearon
  • Deputy James Board
  • Field Training Officer Victor Velez
  • Sergeant Ronnie Crane
  • Sheriff Jack Parker
  • Deputy Harry Cieszynski
  • Deputy Brian Lancaster
  • Corporal Geri Barringer
  • Corporal Terry Bartnik

Unit Citations

Canaveral “B” Squad

Sgt. Mike Bradshaw, Cpl. Mitch Boshnack, Deputy John Moore, Deputy Pete Germosen, Deputy Brian Lancaster, Deputy Steve Fernez

West Precinct General Crimes Unit

Sgt. Terry Worthy, Agent Steve McNatt, Agent Paolo Donisi, Agent Ron Little, Agent Vince Ziccardi, Agent Don Dalton

South Precinct “C” Squad

Sgt. Rob Lape, Cpl. Thomas Mosebach, Deputy Paul Roman, Deputy Justin Gould, Deputy Gregory Richter, Deputy Bradley Fairman

South Precinct “C” Squad

Sgt. Rob Lape, Cpl. Thomas Moseback, Deputy Paul Roman, Deputy Justin Gould, Deputy Gregory Richter, Deputy Bradley Fairman

East Precinct “D” Squad

Deputy Cynthia, Deputy Fernando, Deputy Darryl Osborne, Deputy Natasha Daddow

Transportation Unit

Deputy Erik McClellan, Deputy Charles Levi, Deputy Dan Wuchte, Deputy James McClellan, Deputy David Kenworthy

Warrants Unit

Mary Ann Hinkle, Kimberly Benson, Robyn Rasch, Barbara Hensley, Linda Carter, Nichelle King, Barbara Dail

Warrants Unit

Paul Miller, Suzzie Ascosta, Wendy Milano, Doris Jackson, Rebecca Wallen, Nena Carmany, Julie Freeman

East Precinct “C” Squad

Sgt. Jenkins, Sgt. Chambers, Cpl Seigel, Deputy Johnson, Deputy Bosnyak, Deputy Whigham, FTO Confreda, Deputy Cooper, Deputy McCarty, Deputy Matteson, Deputy J. Ross, Deputy Charest

Booking Team “A”

C/O James Cochran, C/O Brock Maggie, C/O Anthony Maiorino, C/O Ronda Popelka, C/O Kimberly Freeman

Canaveral Precinct “D” Squad

Deputy David Lewis, Sgt. Pat Deen, Cpl Dan Gibbons, Cpl. Jan Van Meir, FTO Victor Velez, Deputy Tracy Morell, Deputy Rod Stewart

Aviation Unit

Lt. John Coppola, Sgt. Mitch Young, Deputy David Altman, Deputy Chris Sands, Deputy Michael Ryle

Agriculture/Marine Unit

Sgt. Randy Goodyear, Cpl. Gene Hope, Deputy Byron Grosse, Deputy Evan Hightower, Deputy Scott Harris, Deputy Jim Troup, Deputy Ken Willis, Secretary Sunshine Miller

Aviation Unit

Lt. John Coppola, Sgt. Mitch Young, Deputy David Altman, Deputy Chris Sands, Deputy Michael Ryle

Agriculture/Marine Unit

Sgt. Randy Goodyear, Cpl.Gene Hope, Deputy Byron Keck, Deputy Keith Grosse, Deputy Evan Hightower, Deputy Scott Harri, Deputy Jim Troup, Reserve Deputy Ken Willis, Secretary Sunshine Miller

South Precinct “E” Squad

Lt. Diane Clark, Cpl. Brett Moore, FTO Stephen Fernez, Deputy Jennifer Smith, Deputy Harold Weaver, Deputy Brian Bomba, Deputy Ben Wheeler and Dustin, Deputy Justin Gould, Deputy Greg Richter

Crime Scene Unit

Hope Spadafora, Lisa Saylor, Candace Matthews, Celia Mahler

Dive Team

Cmdr. Stephen Salvo, Sgt. Alex Fischback, Sgt. Randy Goodyear, Sgt. Eric Daddow, Cpl. Scott Pikus, Agent Douglas McCary, Deputy Todd Beuer, Deputy Tammy Beuer, Deputy Cliff Webster, Deputy Michael Biecker

South Precinct “E” Squad

Lt. Diane Clarke, Cpl. Brett Moore, FTO Stephen Fernez, Deputy Paul Roman, Deputy Danielle Kolves, Deputy Justin Gould, Deputy Brian Bomba, Deputy Sylvester Harris, Deputy Gregory Richter, Deputy Bill Hammer, Deputy Michael Doyle

Investigative Support Unit

Director Bruce Parker, Analyst Kristin Asbury, Analyst Melissa Knight, Agent Thomas Mulligan, Analsyt Pam Rios, Analyst Michelle Torre

Crime Scene Unit

Hope Spadafora, Lisa Saylor, Candace Matthews, Celia Mahler

Jail Complex, Evening “A” Squad

Lt Greg Robertson, Sgt Ronald Tomblin Jr., Sgt Alan Rainey, Sgt Edward Ansell, Sgt Robert Lough, Cpl Debra Brouillette, Cpl Jimmy Fielding, FTO James Culver, FTO Charles Banks, FTO Gary Lyons, FTO Tawyna Pack, FTO Richard Zimmerman, FTO Jesse Birch, CO Carol Bachynski, CO Carol Mitchell, CO Allen Drayton, CO Bertrand Dunlop, CO Freha Durrance, CO Stephanie Farrell, CO Joseph Larsson, CO Edward Medbery, CO Michelle Patrick, CO Sharonda Cannion, CO James Cochran, CO Kimberly Freeman, CO Brock Maggie, CO Anthony Maiorino, CO Rhonda Popelka, CO Jerome Arandia, CO Katie Bash, CO Ryan Futch, CO Cynthia Lewis, CO Judy McStay, CO Dalia Ned-Mills, CO Pamela Parker, CO George Reed, COT Dixie Corriveau, CT Jeanette Henry, CT Crystal Ankrum, CT Linda Hearns, CT Antonietta Loguidice, CT Sherry Miller, CT Shirlene Ananayo-Rawlik, CT Bredgetta Davis, CT Chris Cooper, CT Cindy Gamache, IIC Jennifer Moore, IIC Thomas Parrott, IIC Holly Hendricks

Jail Annex 2nd Shift

Sgt Rodney Richter, Cpl Preston McCabe, FTO John Kanzlemar, CO Marcu Rayburn, CO Robert Calloway, C/O David Buonocore, CO Steve Orndorff, CO Ed Milligan

South Precinct General Crimes Unit

Sergeant Clifton “Dan” Singleton, Agent Scott Molyneaux, Agent Kevin Roberts, Agent Randy Holliday, Agent Barbara Pill


Canaveral Precinct

Jail Complex, Evening “B” Squad

Special Investigations Unit (3 Awards)

35 Years of Service Award

  • Deputy Wayne Tenant

25 Years of Service Award

  • Deputy Dana Doucette
  • Gloria Brinson
  • Lieutenant Elizabeth Canada
  • Lieutenant Toni Merritt
  • Linda Dankowski
  • Sgt. Larry Cline
  • Lieutenant Mike Wong

20 Years of Service Award

  • Helen Phillips
  • Lana West
  • Marvin Davis
  • Lieutenant Mike Qualter
  • CO Brian Earles
  • Sgt. Robert Cullen
  • Sgt. Scott Armstrong
  • Commander Paul Chalko
  • Corporal Christopher Hendrix

Employee of the Month, Year 2005

  • January: Pam Rios
  • February: JoLynn Dempsey
  • March: Joanne Homer
  • April: Angelina Velten
  • May: Eryn Kelsey-Adkins
  • June: Pam Connor, Kelly Sattley & Julie Torpy
  • July: Alan Romeo
  • August: Glenda Crowson
  • September: Jennifer Moore
  • October: Orville Clayton
  • November: Sharon Hereford
  • December: Sara Arias

Corrections Officer of the Month, Year 2005

  • January: Field Training Officer Deborah Rainey
  • February: Sergeant Gregory Buttrick
  • March: Moises Quinones-Mat
  • April: Corporal Wayne Doler
  • May: Corporal Kelly Smith
  • June: Michael Brickner
  • July: Heidi Crim
  • August: Veronica Shinholster
  • September: Corporal Tommie Lewis
  • October: Glenn Stout
  • November: Corporal Bobby Gardner
  • December: Shelly Senter

Deputy of the Month, Year 2005

  • January: Corporal Brian Adams, Deputy Barrett Bright, Deputy Shannon Griffin
  • February: Deputy Jerry Shealy, Deputy Charles Weaver
  • March: Field Training Officer Robert Cline
  • April: Corporal Ray Seigel, Field Training Officer Mike Bieri
  • May: Deputy Mike Helms
  • June: Agent Jackie Hearon
  • July: Sergeant Ronnie Crane, Coporal Terry Bartnik
  • August: Deputy Todd Beuer, Deputy Craig Carson
  • September: Coporal Geri Barringer
  • October: Field Training Officer Victor Velez, Deputy Harry Cieszynski
  • November: Corporal Ray Seigel, Deputy Mike Helms
  • December: Corporal Ross Torquato